26 December 2002

hi. my name is lonely.
written by me

in the midst of pain
a porkupine longs to be loved.
she longs to be hugged.
but to hug a porkupine only causes pain.
she cant recieve,
and she cant give.
thoughts of pulling out her quills
is what runs through her mind.
the porkupine seeks physical pain
to cure emotional pain,
because her quils only cause unintentional pain
either pain to others
or pain to herself.
"rip out my quils!
i just want a hug!
there is nothing i can do
because i was born this way.
to inflict pain
is the last thing i want to do.
why was i born this way
with these cursed quills?
what is my purpose?
i only feel worthless.
hi. my name is lonely"

25 December 2002

mornin. yea so christmas was interesting this year. ill focus on the good parts. i got to see all the fam and i got some awesome presents that i really wanted. i was really blessed. so the rest of the details i hope will be forgotten. night.

24 December 2002

happy christmas eve. it doesnt feel as if it is christmas eve. i guess ..i duno. as i get older i dont get as excited as i used to get about christmas morning. hmm. well tonight i am staying home in my house watching movies w/ myself. i just finished watching 'amelie'. it was as good as every one has told me it was goin to be. i really liked how it was filmed and the story line. and amelie is really cool..just the things that she is amused by and the whole way she went about doing things. i duno cant explain it. that guy too was interesting. the one who had the picture album of ppl who threw away their pictures at the photo booths. yea i definately recommend seeing that movie. it quickly might become one of my favorites. even tho i had to read the subtitles b/c it was all in french. it was still amazing. each and every character with in itself. yea. see it. next movie to watch. 'the divine secrets of the ya ya sisterhood.' this is a movie that i have always wanted to see. i have all the books too but i havent read them. next. ill be back to respond later probly most definately. mwah

23 December 2002

this was a good past weekend. friday night was the cantata at my church which was amazing. and then we went to the farinos and played games w/ like ten of us. we played taboo. that was great and halarious. saturday was gpop dauria's birthday so our fam went to norfolk to this italian restaurant called 'reginos' yea it was crap. dont ever go there. how will you know where it is? well look for the old pizza hut building with the neon sign that says reginos on little neck rd. so yea after that i got dropped off at the airport and met the farinos there b/c we were pickin up marna. she was flyin in from new york from seein her boyfriend and i wanted to be there to see her. also that night we picked up her other sister michelle from the airport. she was comin in from costa rica. she was gone for like 3 months. that was so awesome to see her. on the way home michelle told us some stories from the trip and then i had to go home. but sunday i went back over to there house and hung out w/ her and the fam and heard bout the trip more. and she hooked me up w/ some costa rican jewelry that rocks. she got me this necklace that is made out of these orange beans. and bracelet that is red and black beans and bamboo. and she got my these really sweet ear rings that are made out of cocanut. they rock tho. you have to see them to know how they look i cant really explain them.trust me ,they rock. sunday night was a welcome home party for my two other friends who just got back. one from england and one from kansas city and their dad from utah. so everyone just came home. that was aewsome seein everyone and hanging out. we were there pretty late. then me and marna road all over town tryin to find hair dye for her. she wanted to dye her hair dark brown. and she has never dyed her hair before in her life. so i felt special that she let me do it for her. so yea we were up really late cuz i dyed hers then she bleached my hair for me. her hair turned out lookin amazing. im glad that she is happy w/ it. so then we watched 'the thomas crown affair' and ate lots of food. [ofcourse] then we fell asleep on the couch and then slept till 11 cuz her sister called and woke us up. arg. but then we went downstairs and i fell asleep after watchin the rest of the 'thomas crwon afair' i fell asleep until 4 oclock pm. thennn we went to dinner at la tol teca. yum. chicken quesa dia and churos and chips and cheese dip. mmm. oh yea did i mention that i am goin to kansas city for a bit. there is a end of the year conference at mike bickle's church [www.fotb.com] and 'the call KC' [www.thecallkc.com i actually have a link on the right side of this page under links] so i am really excited about that. i fly out of baltimore and while i am in baltimore i get to see my favorite teacher that retired from my highskool that now lives there. and yea im excited to get away from the burg.i havent been on a trip in awhile. i have been on a plane since i went to italy 2 years ago. which is weird cuz usually we fly alot. i have traveled alot these past two years but it has been all drivin. so yea im out. mwah

21 December 2002

when i look around i think, this is good enough. and i try to laugh at whatever life brings. cuz when i look down i miss all the good stuff and when i look up i just trip over things::ani
here goes anothe long night. last night i fell asleep at 6 in the morning..when my sister was gettin up for skool.but today was fun. i played w/ my new cell phone more. its so fun. you can program my voice to call someone...so i can be even more lazy then typing in the number or goin to the address book. you can send text messages. it has a color screen where you can change the wall paper. you can put different rings for each person if you want...i just am in awe of this phone. have you ever had a sweet potato with butter and brown sugar. well go to the store and get one now. they are so incredibly good. you know what else is fun. playing taboo. hollywood squares is on. night kids.

19 December 2002

so the past two nights i havent been able to fall asleep until 530 in the morning. my body is messed up. atleast i have been able to sleep in tho. 230 seems like the average time. tuesday i got to hang out w/ my dad. we went out to dinner and then we shopping at the mall. it was great hanging out w/ him. i dont get to very often but when i do i love it. im so lucky to have such a great dad. wednesday me and my sister and her boy went to spca and then we went to pick my car up from gettin the headlight fixed. then i went to church and then after mark and adam came over and we hung out and played pool. [colin powell says that they are doing everything to avoid war] gotta go. a new phone awaits me.

17 December 2002

great story for you kids. tonight...my first night home was great. i got home around 630 and went to meet my family at shaklefords cuz they were eating dinner there. then i went by starbucks..picked up some caramel fraps for me and joy and then went to the farinos to then go to the other farino house. it was girls night. there were like 15 girls...more or less there. and we played catch phrase and scatigories. it was really fun. then at 945 we went to see 'maid in manhatten' it was cute chick flick. i liked it. the guy in it tho i cant see him in any other movie except red dragon. but yea. so after the movie we went back to shannons and played more games. we left there around 230 and i made my way home. i was on 199 and i had on my brights..b/c yea there arent any cars out at 230 in the morning. i was off day dreamin or somethin and i guess i forgot to turn off my brights..this car turned around and was behind me all the way to rt 5. i didnt really suspect anything tho. i just was tired and want to come home and go to sleep. so yea by the time i got to williamsburg crossing the cops lights went off so i pulled over...ha now listen to this, this is halarious. she walked up and asked for my license and registration and i gave her my license and had to ask her what my registration looked like...ha. so she asked me if i had been drinking and i was acting tired and nervous i guess so she thought i was drunk. so she told me to get out of my car and she made me do all these drug tests. one of them was i had to say my abc's starting from c and go to p. and i forgot what was after k...haha. so that great. so i did like 4 other tests. and i was scared b/c i obviously hadnt been drinkin but i was just really nervous anyways cuz just being in the presence of a cop questioning me...just freaked me out. so then she walkie talkie her other cop friend and he came. he was this cool asian dude. so she searched my car and he shined a flash light on me. yea i was shakin cuz it was freezing out and i asked him if i could put my hands in my pockets and he asked me if he could search me first...ha. so yea thennnn the lady came back and she said that she was gonna let me off and asked me once again if i had been drinkin and even tho she was lettin me off she told me she thought i had been drinkin. haha so i went home laughing. and yes i waved to them on my way out...how great of a story is that to tell the grandkids. what i learned from this situation: i now know what a registration looks like, and man those tests are rediculous. night po po's

14 December 2002

hi. the countdown is about. 2 days till im done for christmas break. well tomrrow ill be studying all day and then monday i take the exam for art history. yea i definately dont feel like studying. this whole week i have been doing absolutely nothing that has to do with skool so im not in the studying mood. plus knowing that im done for a whole month afterwards...i just want to skip it. but i did have a dream that i got an 'a' on it. so thats good. tonight is the last midnight movie at byrd. they are playin 'the christmas story' im excited. i havent seen it in awhile and i like midnight movies...well i have only been to one other one before this one. but it is cool b/c everyone is really loud and talks and cheers and just gets really into the movies. i like that. i mean why be quit at a good movie? yea so anyways. i dont know what to write. ive been doin bad on writin everyday. sorry kids. visualize whirled peas.

10 December 2002

yea so i havent really been home in a few days. friday night i went to dinner w/ the girls for emilys birthday. then i came home for a bit and then went to hang out w/ meaghan and mike. i had been in a bad mood pretty much that night and it was fun hangin out w/ them. i love hangin out with those two. we watched the silence of the lambs. the other night i went and saw red dragon and so i wanted to see the other two. so now i still have to see hanibal but i will eventually. so that night we went to bed at 4 in the morning and the next day we woke up at 3. so we went to hibbs at 430..got togo food and then came back at 5 and got dinner. saturday my parents came to richmond to go to dinner w/ their friends...so me,mike, and meaghan drove over there to meet them. [the trouple met the parents] thennn we went to see the matrix at the byrd theater. late night..bout 3 am bed time. church the next morn at 11 and then a long night ahead. me and meaghan stayed up all night studyng and talking. we went to bed at 830 am. it was a really fun night. memories. good times. once we fell asleep-the maid came to vacuum the hall. i never knew a vacuum was so loud until then. then meaghan had to go to class so i walked back to my dorm at 1130 and slept till 4. thennn i got up went to eat..talked to dave for a bit and then went to meaghans. then we went to hot topic and got hair bleach. we bleached my dreads and put blond streaks in her hair. thennn we went to the commons and ate some food and thennn i went back home to work on art projects for today. today is i think easier then i thought it was goin to be. we are basically just turning in our portfolios. im eating speghetti and meatballs. peace. update for now

06 December 2002

it snowed wednesday!!! whoo so much fun. basically the whole skool was outside playin in the snow in monroe park. i was out until 2 in the morning. and when i went in there was still like atleast 100 ppl outthere. i was first out there w/ my roomates and then i met up w/ meaghan, kat, mike and meaghans roomate. i had fun takin pictures and attacking ppl to the ground, putting snow down the hole in mikes pants, snow angels in the middle of the road, watching ppl pelt the plow trucks w/ snow balls, drew a pig in the snow on a cop car...and then stood there saying "look someone drew a pig on a cop car, oh my gosh!" drew out our names in the snow in a big empty untouched parking lot, kicking around a lost shoe. it was great. usually i dont play out in the snow cuz there is nothin to do except goin sledin down the same old hill in my neighborhood but this time it was different...there was actually ppl older then the age of 10 to hang out w/. when it was too late, meaghan told me that i was suposed to move my car under the roof in the parking garage.. so we went to see my buggy and it was covered...the next day when we went to see it it was frozen over w/ ice...so i pulled it under the roof to maybe help it thaw out...im glad there was a spot like really close by under the roof b/c i couldnt see anything. oh yea and by the way...if ya didnt figure it out...skool was canceled on thursday [there.snow.skool]. i was so excited but not. i was b/c i didnt do my homework for drawing studio but i wasnt b/c i really wanted to go to c&p class. last night i spent the night at kats house b/c i didnt have any classes today either b/c english last day was wednesday...i want to see if i can move into rhoads dorm. my pink converses got wet in the snow and so i wore my moms duck boots. yea im tired and happy there was sweet potato pie at lunch today.

02 December 2002

back to good ol vcu. yesturday i got back here really early cuz i was gonna be working on a paper all day. well guess what happened. i got here..fell asleep..got on the computer...fell asleep until 530 then went to eat w/ kat and her mom and heard them talk russian..then went to kats dorm and hung out around there until around 830 then came back here..got on the comp...ate some birthday cake that erika made for claire....2...peices...then watched the movie "o" that came on hbo...then started my paper....by then it was 11:30 at night. ha. then i got on the computer and talked to ppl...got offline for a bit...wrote one page...talked to meaghan on the phone...ran around my dorm screaming and fake crying and doing everything except writing me paper. then around 2 i finished another page of my paper and went to bed at 2:30. yes the paper was suposed to be 4 pages...but i figured my teacher would extend the due date until atleast wednesday..and yes i was right....whoo hoo now i have to worry bout the paper again tuesday night at midnight when ill try and finish it. farewell.

30 November 2002

so today was the first time that i have actually sold my artwork. me and emily sold our stuff at starbucks. it was a really good turn out. i made 105 dollars. i sold 3 of my photography and 2 watercolors. interesting. it was a really good experience. i was actually surprised that i sold that many because i wasnt that organized. but yea so we were sitting in there for about 4 hours and it was really busy the whole day so alot of ppl looked at our stuff. there was also another lady in there that was selling her stuff too. i really liked alot of them and i bought a small print of one of her oil paintings. so my break is almost over. boo. it was great tho. last night i got to see all the girls and we had a real fun time. we did a scavenger hunt around town taking pictures. ill probly put some of them on my picture page.

29 November 2002

today it was great seein the whole family. well we only got to see my moms side of the family. but i still havent seen them in a long time. it was a great time all being together b/c it is rare that we are. the food ofcourse was wonderful. the following are the foods that i ate: turkey, mashed potatos, sweet potatos, green beans, apple sauce, stuffing, bread, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie cheesecake from olive garden with caramel syrup on top. k im tired. im drawing a blank. the only thing i can think of is that the redskins lost and i dont care. ha.night. i smell.

28 November 2002

yesturday i went to my studios..had to be the longest day ever b/c i knew that as soon as i was done that i was done for the rest of the week for break. well i got out of design around 1030 then i chilled went to eat with sheree then went to class at 1 and ended up gettin out around 230. i met up w/ meaghan and we went to the skool clinic cuz she had to go and we both wanted to get flu shots..yea so i ended up gettin the last flu shot so she didnt have to go thru the intense pain that i have been goin thru...feels like i have a limp arm and my muscle really hurts...remind me to just get the flu next time! so yea we hung out..then went to get mike and we went and ate dinner. thenn i drove home. i got home around 630 or so..i was welcomed by my whole family outside..dont ask me why they were all outside..they were doin somethin. and i got to see my wonderful precious loveing favoriate dog, my puppy bella. aww she is so sweet i missed her so much. she looks like a walkin foot stool. so cute... then i went to church and then i went to marys house and hung out w/ her and angela and jeff. then i went to the farinos and sat and talked to patty for about 2 hours. it was great bein there.. i miss them so much bein in skool. it was great to be back at the house. i chilled there and spent the night on my favorite couch. woke up about 11 today and went home to an empty house ate some popcorn chicken took a shower and yea..commercial break:
63% addicted to Instant Messenger. How about you?

eek. well ya so today i hung out w/ joy..we were gonna go shopping but we ended up walkin around the outlets for awhile...goin in 2 stores one being lilian vernen...eesh and the other was sandboard cafe to see renee but she left ten minutes before we got there...then after that we wanted to do something else and we ended up goin to her uncles golf shop...yea we definately hung out there for like 2 hours. it was fun tho. mikey was there and we all putted on this mini green he had in there. it actually didnt seem like that long cuz they are just halarious to hang out w/. after that we went to joys dads house and we talked to him for bout 2 hours too. that was awesome cuz he was tellin us all these stories about the mission field. then we went to see my daddy at the bowling alley. watched him get all strikes and spares..he was doin awesome. then we took his car for a drive cuz i havent driven it yet. that thing has the best pick up...gettin onthe interstate i went from 30 to 100 in seriously 5 seconds. after that we went back to the farinos for a bit. i was excited b/c marna was home. then me and marna left and went to marks for a bit and then us three drove out to ernies...he lives so far away and all we did was basically get there and leave...we got in his new 300 dollar station wagon he just got. ha it rocked. we went to dennys and drank coffee and talked for awhile. it was really fun hangin out w/ all them. thennn we drove back out to ernies and picked up marks car and peaced out. went back to marks house to get my car then went and dropped marna off. now im home...charging my cell phone..checkin my email and goin to bed...man i havent slept in my bed in a long time. it will be weird sleepin in a queen size bed..im so used to the twin beds in my dorm. i can sleep diagonally if i want..hey. well yea i got to get up in the morning to drive to virginia beach to eat a lot of food on turkey day. night kids.

25 November 2002

a day before thanxgiving break. so so thankful. last night was spent all day studying to find out a really think i didnt do very well on the quiz. this morning i was so tired and yea. so after that i went to english and found out that i dont have to come to class on wednesday. praise Jesus cuz now i can come home tuesday night. so after english i came back to my dorm and chilled until i went to lunch and chilled with dave for a bit then met kat to sell our english books. then i chilled w/ her until we went to the seminar on studying abroad and on preparing our portfolio for applying for our major next semester. then me,kat ,and meaghan hung out for a bit. and me and meaghan went over to 711 to spy on this guy for kat. and she found this turtle...a cement one. and she didnt take it so i did! ha! its fun hangin out w/ them. after that i went back home to my dorm and started workin on a drawing for drawin fundamentals. i had to draw a still life. [claire says: Lauren is so not cool. She gets all the easy teachers and she gets to leave tomorrow. I'm so frickin' jealous. but that's okay. i'm okay. really... i am.... UGGGHHHHH NOT FAIR!!!!!!!] so tonight hopefully i will get to bed early. but not likely. tomorrow morn i dont have class until 9 instead of 820. that rocks. sleep! ill be coming home tomorrow!!! yay

24 November 2002

today was actually productive...well i mean i actually did stuff the whole day all back to back..it was great. well i got up around 11 to a singing puerto rican boy. i then got up and chilled for a bit before going to hibbs. i saw vicky there so we ate together. after this i met lillian and kent on broad street in the 1708 art gallery. there was a photography show that kent wanted to see so i met them there and we ended up goin to 3 other galleries too. after this i went to rhodes and hung out w/ kim for a bit. she sewed my shirt and my sisters shirts smaller for us. rock. thanx kim. after that i went back to my dorm for a bit and worked on my english portfolio due monday. then went to dinner at 6:05 to be exact...with kat, meaghan and mike again. and julie came too. thennnn i met vicky, alisha, and her friend...sorry i cant remember your name. and we went down to shockoe bottom to the shockoe expresso cafe. kents band 'the offering' was playing there. so we chilled there from 7 until 11. all the girls from my church. it was so much fun just chillin and talking and we were all drawing eachother and sallie,lillian and abi were knitting. it was just great. i love hanging out with those girls. i got a caramel frap too thanx to abi and i was sad to leave to come back to the good old dorm. to sum it all up...great day. thank you Lord

23 November 2002

so today was a good day. i got up and went to english. we got out at 1035 instead of 1050 which was good and bad. good b/c each minute in that class seems like an eternity and bad b/c lunch doesnt start until 11 which means i have to go all the way back to my dorm and come back to hibbs or sit there for a half an hour and wait. so yea i went back to my dorm. i ended up just eating a hot pocket. then i studyed for art history a bit. then i went to sleep for a few hours and woke up at 3. then i chilled for a bit and then went to dinner at 4 w/ kat, meaghan, and mike. then we all went back to rhodes and hung out there for a bit. [by the way...did i tell you bout these cool oragami stars i found in my c&p class yesturday...well now ya know. and yes i looked online for directions and tryed to make one. but it didnt exactly work] at 640 we left to go see the 'frida' movie about the life of frida kahlo. that was a really good movie. kinda sketch but very good. when we got back around 930 i sat here bored out of my mind until now. i did talk to joy for a bit tho. and all day since yesturday night i have been rockin out to the 'me with out you' cd. it is so good i cant stop listening to it. what else...well me and claire decided to clean our room since we havent in a very long time. and our suitemates mom is here from puerto rico. so now its time to go to bed. good night world. i just scanned a bunch of my friend kats pictures so they will probly be on my site soon.

22 November 2002

what an amazing night. might have actually been better then last night. well tonight me, shannon, chris, and tony headed over to mary washington to see the juliana theory show. well i got there and it hadnt started yet and there were two bands before them. we met up w/ erik which was awesome cuz i miss him a lot. but anyways..the first band was just this band from mary washington...they were ok i guess. i didnt really like their sound that much. now the second band was amazing. i had never heard of them before...they are called 'me with out you' and erik was talkin about how everyone was really goin to see them play and not juliana theory so i was excited cuz i knew they had to be good. well yea...really really good. and it turned out that they were a christian band. they had an awesome show. like the lead singer was singing like with flowers...and they were everywhere..i duno you had to be there to really know what i was talkin about. but yea so after their show i went over to talk to them and buy their cd. i ended up gettin their cd and a poster, 2 stickers, and a button. i really just wanted to suport them as much as i could. they had some sweet shirts too but i didnt get one cuz i just got two last night at the saves the day show. but anyways....the guys from 'me with out you' they were the most humble guys i think ive ever met in a band. they were so sweet and just awesome guys. i got them all to sign my cd cover. so next was juliana theory. they played a good set but not as good as the last time i saw them live. they played alot of their new stuff which is good but i dont know if it compares w/ their old stuff that well. they were still amazing and it was really good seeing them again. i got a juliana theory poster too. so the show was over around 1030 and shannon wanted to hang out w/ his friend thomas and the other guys wanted to hang out w/ their friends...so me and erik went to 'the underground' which is like this hangout on campus and we sat and talked and drank coffee. it was great seeing erik again. he is so precious. but yea...awesome awesome night. and to all a farewell.

21 November 2002

saves the day show was tonight. it was awesome. the opening bands were 'circle and square', 'something like spitting', 'ash', and then 'saves the day'. we left to go to the show at 330 b/c we were gonna meet ernie at doumars for dinner b/c he is movin to florida...but guess what. he didnt show up. which doesnt suprise me at all. so yea we ordered the normal- 2 barbeque sandwichs and a limeaide. then we drove to the show. it was around 630 and i got the best spot. i was up on the balcony straight infront of the stage....so i watched the whole entire show... every band and every set change. it was interesting watchin them set up and break down each band. so the first band was pretty good but their guitarist was really annoying. 'something like spitting' was very very good. i really liked them alot. i hadnt heard them before tonight. i got a shirt and kim got the cd. and we got free stickers. 'ash' i dont really like at all. but they do have a girl guitarist which is cool and they are from ireland which is cool too. but i dont like their style of music. so yea...saves the day was amazing. i had never seen them before in concert so i was so pumped. everyone up on the balcony was just standin there the whole time and i was the only one rockin out. it was cool bein up there and watchin the crowd too tho b/c it was like a moving ocean and i saw all the pits form and all the crowd surfers and the bouncers grabbin the crowd surfers out of the crowd. it was just great. so i think saves the day is one of my favorite bands live. i would definately love to see them again. i like them b/c they play songs all back to back so they play more songs instead of messin around and talkin inbetween each. and i was pumped b/c they played my favorite song..'nightingale'. so anyways. yea i got to sleep on the way home..i was excited about that. oh yea did i mention i got a saves the day shirt too? eee

19 November 2002

new look for the site as you can tell. well anyways. this week has been so great. it has just been really relaxing. i didnt have any homework in any of my classes except one. so i have been able to do nothing and not worry about anything. i have been slowly finishing my portfolio for english that is due on friday. im not really worrying bout not passin it. i think that i will do good. and to top off this week is two of my favorite bands concerts. wednesday night [tomorrow] is the 'saves the day' show. im really pumped about that b/c i have never seen them live before and they are amazing. i have been listenin to them for a few years but this year was actually when i really started likin them alot. and then thursday is the 'juliana theory' show. now i have seen them before live last year. and they were so awesome. i cant wait! so basically these next 2 days are goin to rock my face. besides the total of 6 hours of drivin we are goin to be doin between the two days...it will be so worth it. kim is drivin tomorrow to norfolk so i get a break. cuz i have been drivin to the past 3 shows in norfolk then we went to. k so there is my update. get back at ya lata. back to my paper and chillin to some fleetwood mac. peace

17 November 2002

we saw the inside of our house! the one we are livin in next year. we were drivin by it and i was like lets go see the house and emily was like no i dont feel right its late and it is a house of guys...and me and abi were like ok drop us off we want to see it...so emily turned around and there was a parkin spot open right in front of the house so she changed her mind. abi was prayin...God give us an opportunity..and this guy walked by and i said...he lives in the house i bet...and what doya know...he does! so i said" scuseme this might sound weird but this house rocks and we have always wanted to see the inside...so he was like sure. and he gave us a full tour. it was awesome how the Lord did that. and the house is so amazing. im so excited about livin there next year. i cant wait
question: walking in your neighborhood, you find yourself directly in the path of a falling leaf. what do you do?

1. remain calm.
2. make no sudden movements.
3. do not swat at the leaf, blow, or make aggressive gestures.
4. walk at a brisk pace in the OPPOSITE direction of the leaf, without making eye contact.
5. do not make any cell phone calls until you have rounded at least one city block.
6. report the incident IMMEDIATELY.

*generally speaking, leaves are more afraid of you than you are of them.
what a great a story to tell....personally i think its halarious...claire on the other hand is depressed and bumbed out. ok well tonight claire [my roomate] went to walmart and she discovered a sponge bob fish tank. which rocks by the way. so she got it and just went ahead and bout some fish too. she got a black puppy fish with big eyes..this albino/goldfish and a algue fish. they were named in that order: ashes, burnt, and grosso. so anyways...we set the tank up and plugged it in w/ the oxygen bubbles blowin for awhile. then we put the fish in their bags in the tank to get used to the water. then we put them in the water. they were bein blown around my the bubbles but were chillin and swimin around...after awhile we realized that they were chillin too much....yea so they were barely moving and we didnt know what was up. so grosso is definately dead, burnt is basically dead and ashes is still swimin around but strugglin. we unplugged the oxygen bubbles and we are gonna see what happened by the morning. we lucked out cuz there is a 78 hour warenty on the fish. so yea tomorrow walmart will have a visit and im sure will laugh at us. to sum it all up....our fished died within 6 hours. that is a record! yea i dont have good luck w/ fish at all. salute the dead [ashes, burnt, grosso....rest iin peace...in the sewage system] ...if you want to see these fish. there are pix on my pic page under the ppl category.

16 November 2002


The Juliana Theory have just announced that they'll be doing a full-US
co-headline tour with Something Corporate in January and February! Both bands will be playing full 60-minute sets and will be bringing along a
couple of very cool opening acts on the tour as well. Dates and ticket
information will be announced in the next week or so. It's going to be an
amazing tour- don't miss it! Following the tour with Something Corporate,
look for the band to return to Canada and Europe.

The band is currently in Los Angeles putting the finishing touches on a
couple of songs left over from the LOVE album sessions. They're also
editing live concert footage that was shot at the secret street team show
back in September. You'll be able to get the bonus tracks and videos when you buy the new album LOVE - in stores February 4. Stay tuned for more details..

13 November 2002

so yea ive been pretty lazy bout writin in a few days...mostly because if have been working very hardly and for long diligent hours on my argumentative research paper for english. yea not fun. so ive been pretty much stearing myself away from even thinking about writing. to condtradict what i just said. here is a poem that i wrote the other day>>

[here i be]
by lauren dauria

im lost in a world of mindless minds.
im stuck in a system of rhetorical questions.
my life leaves me facing my knees.
the worth and hope is so far from what i see.
confused, hard hearted, with no reason.
it must be because of myself
and how i preceive.
i go to get encouraged
and leave discouraged and upset
the point where i want to be
i can no longer see.

the enemy crouches at my door waiting
for me to open and fall
the tempation always remains
but by the Lords grace i will sustain
this life of embracing suffering
there are two powers that both seek to kill
satan doesnt want you to inherit and walk
God wants you to get out of his way.
the second will leave you with life

here i am
married to Christ
but still deny that i am a loved wife
my insecurity overwhelms me
so much to drown me in deceit

the darkness torments but comforts
for i dont see what the light brings
my real self will be exposed
to the world it cant be shown.
lonliness has held the place
in my life where i only see his face
my hand is held by emptiness
procrastination holds the other.
lazniness follows and whispers
to sleep your life away
then you wont have to worry
about the eyes that stare you down
day and night encompased in a frown

the chance of a close friend
results in a pushing away.
my heart's pieces scream
too much hurt
what can i handle anymore?
is it worth the risk or the chore?

what to do i dont want it to be an option
i want God to be the only option
i want him to sign these papers
and take me as his adoption

i no longer want to be fueled by hatred
i want to be told,
"you are sacred
and precious before me.
my creation that i long to be with and hold
your tears have been caught and kept
and your preception was naught
in the eyes of me for all i see is Jesus."

09 November 2002

last night was the further seems forever, something corporate, finch, new found glory show in norfolk at the boathouse. ive been lookin forward to this show for awhile but it didnt turn out as good as i thought. well we left around 430 for a two hour drive and we went to dumours for dinner..this barbeque place that we are gonna go to every show from now on hopefully. its just like go in...sit at the stools....barbeque sandwiches...lime aide....and leave....it is an old rollar skate to your car kind of restaurant . i really like it. so yea we left there and we tryed to figure out our way to the boathouse. when we got there it was a long wait to get in and we parked and by the time we got in 'further seems forever' had already played so that was really depressin cuz i really wanted to see them again. next was something corporate. they were really awesome, i have been wanting to see them live for a long time and they played my favorite some 'cavanaugh park'. next was finch. i didnt really like them at all..i duno i dont like screamin bands like that i guess..so i was just walkin around the boathouse looking at ppl, noticing how the place was filled w/ middleskoolers...or so it seemed...then new found glory played. i was thinkin they were gonna be better then they were for some reason. but eh they played for way too long. the whole time they played i was hangin out w/ my sister and her boyfriend nik. it was great hangin out and talkin to them cuz i dont get the chance that often anymore since skool started. so yea i got the guitarist from further seems forevers autograph and i got the lead singer of something corporates autograph. so that was cool . i also got a futher seems forever shirt for 10 bones...its really huge but my friend kim can make it smaller for me. so last night we got home around 1 and i was so tired but ididnt end up goin to bed until around 2 and i had to be up the next morn at 830. today i went to a seminar on 'purpose, passion, and vision' it was really good...lots of good things she spoke on. that got out around 4 and i came back here and slept until 530. and i just got some hibbage and im really full...which means i might go sleep it off...i need to be workin on skool stuff tho..boo.

08 November 2002

the sound of silence
[paul simon]

hello darkness my old friend
ive come to talk with you again
because a vision softly creeping
left its seed while i was sleeping
and the vision that was planted in my brain
still remains with in the sound of silence

in restless dreams i walked alone
norrow streets of cobble stone
'neath the halo of a street lamp
i turned my collar to the cold and damp
when my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
they split the night and touched the sound of silence

and int he naked light i saw
then thousand people maybe more
people talking with out speaking
people hearing with out listening
people writing sonds that voices never share
and no one dares disturb the sound of silence

"fools!" said i, "you do not know
silence like a cancer grows
hear my words that i might teach you
take my arms that i might reach you."
but my words like silent raindrops fell
and echoed in the wells of silence

and the people bowed and prayed
to the neon god then made
and the sign flashed out its warning
in the words that it was forming.
and the sign said:
the words of the prophets are written
on the subway walls and tenement halls"
and whispered inthe sound of silence

07 November 2002

i have a little ladybug made out of a shell. he watches me when i type, his eyes stare at my hands. he is cute. i found him in my c&p studio. he sat on my shoulder for a bit.

02 November 2002

hey kids. so what have i been up to the past few days? wednesday i was suposed to go the relient k show in norfolk but i ended up not goin b/c i had too much work to do and i didnt want to be rushed. i duno i felt like the Lord didnt want me to go either. so i gave my ticket to lilian, she really wanted to go but she didnt have the money..so it went for a good cause at least. well halloween i got outta class around 430. it was fun tho b/c we have been doin assemblage these past few weeks. we did a little one and now we are startin a bigger one. im excited bout it. and i especially love seeing everyone elses.there are so many creative minds in my class...and then some are just crap. so yea i went out to eat and then went to kims place. her and all the girls were gettin dressed up for halloween in their costumes. kim was a pirate, she made her costume and it was really sweet. durin this time mike was puttin wax in my hair and fixin my dreds up for me. that was fun. i was just chillin and my dreds looked awesome after he was done. that was awesome for him to do that for me. so he had to leave at 7 cuz he had a class. after that we watched the halloween episode of sponge bob. it was so cute and the kids who trick or treated at sponge bobs house made fun of him and said he was a haunted mattress. we were also dyin my bangs. we bleached them twice and on the 2nd time :BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP: and that beep didnt stop for like 45 minutes. the fire alarm went off! and we were on the 18th floor. that means we had to walk down the stairs the whole way. and yea since i was a guest i couldnt get back in until everyone else in the whole building did. but me and kat got in line first and were the first of the guests to get back in so that was good cuz there was a whole room of them. also it was cool cuz i got to hear kat speak in russian cuz she used my cell phone. so yea we finally got back upstairs and rinsed my bleach out and put the red in. we didnt leave it in that long cuz kim had to leave so when we washed it out it was like kind of like orange w/ blonde roots. pretty cool. so i walked back to grc. and i was bored to i walked over to my friend beckys. she lives in the apartment side of grc. so i went there and we chilled and talked for awhile. then we thought we would go bother our other friend sheree so we went to her apartment and chilled there for awhile too. around 12 i went back to my place. i just sat on my comp and or worked on my sketchbook for c&p. yesturday, friday, after class i chilled until me and and shannon went to see jacka$$ the movie. it was really funny. and it was cool cuz me and shannon were the only ones in the whole theater. i laughed my face off...tho some parts were gross. last night i went to first friday w/ kat and rob. it wasnt really good this month tho there was a few good things. i really only wanted to see the wearable art show but it was only up last week so i missed it :arg: after that i went back home and bud from govskool was gonna come down but she ended up gettin in a fight w/ her mom and couldnt come...so that stunk. so then i just stayed in and talked to mike online and worked on my sketchbook more. it is really fun workin on this sketchbook. like we have 15 weeks to work on it and i wanted to make sure that i didnt wait until the last minute to just throw stuff in there so it has been a lasting process from the beginning. but in the beginning like i would just glue random things in there not really anything "artistic" so now i am goin back and layering stuff and addin paint and i duno ..other stuff. youd have to see it. so saturday i didnt get to sleep in....especially cuz the fire alarm went off at 7 oclock in the morning. man that stunk cuz i had to be up at 830 to be at church at 9. i took the spiritual family course today. to become a member of my church here in richmond. it was until 1. i learned alot bout the church and stuff. it was good. after that i went to emilys and then abi came over and us three went down to the brunswick stew festival. we got some stew and looked around...there were alot of stands sellin random stuff. but the cool thing was i got a rubber chicken and i shirt. so we were there for a bit. thennnn i went back to my place after droppin emily and abi off and then i went to hibbs w/ kim and now im sittin in kims room watchin a movie. i need to be workin on my research paper...but eh im not. oh yea i dyed my hair again red. its darker now. rock.

30 October 2002

tears are my food day and night
all day my enemy camps around me
living's becoming a fight
i'm broken hearted when your not around me
I've been in this place now for days
praying oh Lord that your grace would sustain me
Your love is the air that i breathe
i need you now let your love come and fill me

praise the Lord oh my soul, your not forgotten
our God reigns with compassion
for as far as the east is from the west
is so far that he's moved our transgression
our God reigns, with compassion

[written by mark]

Jesus, thank you for loving me. even if there is nobody else i know that you will always be there.

29 October 2002

refuse to be smart. my favorite richmond grafiti. he doesnt do the normal grafiti of destroying property and spraypainting, he does it in posters and stickers on abandoned buildings and on the backs of street signs and random other places. so you can find stuff all over the place. i have started a collection, whenever i see something of his..i take it. [eee] i have one of his posters and 3 of his stickers. go here to check out his stuff [http://www.angelfire.com/ca6/refusetobesmart/] also if you havent noticed i have the logo as my aim icon. just thought id share. peace. the hunt continues and i refuse to be smart.

28 October 2002

today started off awesome....i got a 93 on my art history midterm. andddd i got my knotty boy dred kit! yay. so now hopefully w/ the wax and the new shampoo it will help my dreds to lock. havin dreds is actually alot of work at first. but it will be worth it when they lock.

27 October 2002

this weekend was so awesome. well after english was over. first off...me and abi went over to our house to try and see the inside but nobody was there so that didnt work out. but we will see it eventually. so right after that i left for 2 hour drive to jmu. and it was worth it. when i got there i met up w/ aaron on campus. we went to wendy's to eat and just talk bout things. then we went over to salvation army for a little thriftin. i found this rockin sweater that is like cream colored and brown sleaves and color. youd have to see it. i have it on right now :). well anyways...after that we went over to jessie, lissa, sarah, and pattys place. i had never been to jmu or their place before so it was all new area for me. but it was so great to see them. i love hangin out w/ these girls. i met them all thru my friend michelle and im not really close to them at all but i loved gettin to know them better. i know jessie pretty well from talkin to her on the net alot. the rest not really. but man it was so fun up there. friday night was game night for chi alpha at their apartment. it was really fun playin games and laughin a lot. i got to meet alot of other ppl who go there that are christian.so we stayed up till around 130 or 2 talkin and stuff. we saw this funny video of these guys doin all this random stuff infront of a tourgroup of highskool kids at jmu. ha. youd have to see it. i spent the night at their apartment too. so saturday was a chill day. i woke up aroun 10 or so and ate some brownies and a sticky bun. then i watched this jessie duplantis video. this guy was awesome. after that i fell back asleep till like 130. i talked to jessie for awhile and erin from gov skool came over. well i actually saw her friday night for a few minutes also. but it was great seein her cuz i havent seen her for like a year and months since gov skool. i got to meet her boy too which was cool cuz she talks bout him so much. so we all hung out at the apartment and listened to lauryn hill and played this game called 'mad gab' it is a game where there are words that you say...well i definately cant try and explain it but i just laugh so hard playin that cuz it either sounds like you are drunk or have a heavy accent. after that erin left and me and lissa went food shoppin for dinner. lissa is a really cool person. her personality is just chill and i duno if anyone knows jennie patterson...she kinda reminds me of her for some reason. so that was fun. then we came back to apartment and chilled till we had some yummy turkey chili. that rocked my face. after dinner i went over to the 'lighthouse' where a bunch of other girls live and where michelle will live when she gets back from costa rica. but i really wanted to see it cuz she talked about it so much and i wanted to see trang too. the house really is a dream house. i stayed there for a few..trang gave me a tour and then i went back to the apartment...talked for awhile and left for another 2 hour drive. i just was prayin and worshippin the whole way. it was a good time w/ the Lord. [prayer request: my moms half sisters' son got in a car accident and is in a comma and will probly die. we are believing for a miricle and for the Lord's power to be shown in this situation. what satan does for bad, the Lord turns around to use for good. thanx you Jesus ahead of time for how you are gonna use this situation. so just be prayin for him, his name is ian] . today is sunday and chip bueler, the speaker from our college retreat, is down and he preached this morning. it was called '20-20 vision' and how we need to start seein from God's perspective. "eyes that look are common, but eyes that see are rare" and now my parents and sister are comin to town to see me :) yayyyy im excited. i havent been home in awhile. i love when they come and visit. i love when anyone comes to visit [hint hint] :wink: peace

24 October 2002

here is a poem that came out of the book 'victory over the darkness' a book that i just started reading. i think that it is a very good. [Jesus- i need you more, more then yesturday, more then words can say, more then ever before]

lend me your hope for awhile,
i seem to have mislaid mine.
lost and hopeless feelings accompany me daily,
pain and confusion are my companions.
i know not where to turn;
looking ahead to future times does not bring forth
images of renewed hope.
i see troubled times, pain-filled days, and more tragedy.

lend me your hope for awhile,
i seem to have mislaid mine.
hold my hand and hug me;
listen to all my ramblings, recovery seems so far distant.
the road to healing seems like a long and lonely one.

lend me your hope for awhile,
i seem to have mislaid mine.
stand by me, offer me your presence, your heart and
your love.
acknowlede my pain, it is so real and ever present.
i am overwhelmed with sad and conflicting thoughtss.

lend me your hope for awhile;
a time will come when i will heal,
and i will share my renewal,
hope and love with others.

23 October 2002

the juliana theory
Thu. 11/21/02

Fredericksburg, VA
Great Hall - Mary Washington College. Ages: 18+. Doors open at 7pm. Call 757.463.1940 for more information. TBA

man today was good. for so many reasons i cant really explain them..[shout out to nicole, you are just amazing, thanx for just being so obediant to the Lord]. but one thing was i got a new bike. i heard bout this old guy who sells bikes on floyd street so i thought id check it out and he sold me this pretty nice huffy for 30 bones...which is real good. so i have a new friend. i got a ulock too...so im cool now...but its hard bein cool...this ulock is annoying. man the sacrifice for keepin your bike from gettin stolen. also today me and kim roamed around richmond takin pictures of my shirt and her tie for class. and i found some rockin 'refuse to be smart' stickers [im gonna start collectin his stickers and posters...so far i have 3 stickers and one poster] but then we went to plan 9 and i got shannons bday present and i got the new dave cd for myself. thennn i went to bible study and that was awesome too. i am left standin in awe....God put a smile upon my face.

21 October 2002

i went on a bike hunt today. no luck. i went to fantastic thrift with my friend steven and we were lookin at the bikes and this guy was like yea there are much better bikes at the thrift store on midlothian turnpike. so we headed ou there. we definately got lost and eventually found it like a half hour later...when the guy said it was gonna be an 8 minute drive. but we found it and there were kind of alot of bikes..none that really worked or even compared to my other bike. so i decided to wait and keep looking. so im left bikeless. keep an eye out for me.
im mad cuz i thought i was in honors..and im not...cuz well i thought ya had to have a 3.5 gpa in highschool and you would automatically be in honors..and i had a 3.8 so this whole time i thought i was in honors..and today when i tryed to scedule my classes it wouldnt let me..and i went to the honors building they said that i had to have atleasst a 1270 SAT score. and i dont have that.so i cant scedule my classes for 6 weeks now. well i dont really care. i just had my hopes up i guess. cuz i have my scedule all ready and its perfect. i just wanna know i can get these certain time slots..but now its not gauranteed. so im not havin the best day today. but ill get over it and ill probly get the classes i want..im just overreacting. Lord help me. hope everyone else has a good day

18 October 2002

yea so this stinks. my bike got stolen. yea im pretty sure its definately gone. i duno...im upset about but then im not. im mainly upset b/c i know my dad spent a lot of money to get it fixed up for me to take to skool. i guess im gonna walk up to fantastic thrift and buy a new one. im sorry dad. i duno how it happened. i went to the discovery plays tonight at around 715 and i know i rode my bike there b/c i wanted to catch dinner before and dinner ended at 7 so i rode my there so i could catch it at the last minute...maybe get the cold left overs [which ended up being my favorite chicken parmesaen and this awesome vegitarian lasagna] but anyways...after the plays i talkin to some ppl then i was gonna walk over to the business building to see 'mr. deeds' the movie and then i was like oh yea ill get my bike and ride it over there...but yea..when i went to get my bike it wasnt there so i ended up walkin anyways...i guess i knew that it was gonna get stolen eventually. i mean i wasnt hoping it would or anything..but i duno ive just been wanting to get a u-lock and they never have them so i hadnt gotten one yet. so yea i will definately get one now once i get my new bike. so anyways...'mr deeds' was a good movie. i hadnt ever seen it before so i took the free showing as a good opportunity to see it. they showed it in the business building auditorium and it was nice big screen [not as good as byrd but good enough]. so that ended around 11 ..so i walked home alone..w/out the company of my purple bike and my pink bell ..and my quick release basket holder...and the black old skool bike waterbottle i never use....and my kryptanite bike lock. ill miss my bike. ill never forget you, bike. i hope that you are in good hands. hopefully it is a nice theif atleast. good night world.

17 October 2002

here are two entries that my friend mike put on his site [http://save-the-humans.blogspot.com/] talkin about 2 of the very interesting homeless ppl in richmond....these two were especially funny so i thought id share . these are just

Biker Quacker
I dont know much about this crazy guy. He looked homeless, dirty and all, but I dont know for sure. He quacks down the street riding his bike, yeah i said quacks. He quacked and waved at me walking down the street, and i quacked back as if to say have a nice day and he kept riding along. After a few seconds i burst out laughing, rolling on the ground. I've only seen him twice, but it sure makes my day when i do see him. I dont know if he thinks hes a duck, or he just knows the quacking language. I dont know if he even knows english...?

No cell phone lady
Now, this lady I've only seen once, on the bus. She was cursing out profanities, and making all sorts of noise. At first i thought she was talking to someone, but i looked around and no one was talking to her, and everyone on the bus was looking at her wierd. So I guessed that she was either crazy or has had a bad day or something. I continued to watch her and realized she kept putting her hand up to her ear and talking, like it was a cell phone. She kept yelling into it, and when she hung up she pressed a button on her hand. She kept doing this the whole ride, and it was entertaining but i felt bad. I guess she had no one to talk to, so she pretended to be talking in a cell phone to someone, cursing and laughing it up. She appeared to be homeless, shaggy and carring alot of bags with clothes and newspapers. Maybe she just needed a friend to talk to, but she seemed a little too hostile for me to just go up and say hi. Maybe next time i see her i will buy her one of those fake candy cell phones, so she will actually be talking into something other than her imaginary phone.
last night bible study was awesome. we had a tea party..cuz lilian had the idea for bringin in all her teaset. we were celebratin anna's bday...well we were gonna..but anna couldnt come. but Nicole talked about team work and our gifts. how the Lord has made us all different, and if we were all the same ..like if we were all elbows..then we would just be a huge monster. she talked about how all gifts are equal to God. i always look forward to wednesday night bible study. just b/c i know the Lord does something new everytime and he is continuously knitting all of us closer together.

so what should my topic for my research paper be? i need one by tomorrow. and it is gonna be a 5-6 page paper [which means i will only write 5] man im glad friday is tomorrow. another week almost over. but not lookin forward to the weekend. i have to prepage a paper for the art history midterm and study for the art history midterm...good news is that the midterm is entirely multiple questions..well except for the essay..but still..that is awesome.

besides that..this weekend im doin alot...on friday im goin to see some of my friends plays...the freshman discovery projects. then after that i am probly goin back to williamsburg..b/c on saturday my friend emily is selling all her work in starbucks from 1-4 [the starbucks on monticello] you should come and suport her...check her work out maybe buy something. then sunday my church in richmond is havin a college kid cookout...im definately pumped about that.

16 October 2002

click-lighter on- candle lit- oooh no- no candles aloud in dorms- squissy peach smelly candles have to be an exception

15 October 2002

i want to do a drawing series on door ways...ive already done 4 of them...they are miniture drawings...like 5 inches and smaller. ill scan some soon. if anybody hasnt been to my new picture page lately. i have new pictures of me and my roomates and i have all the art work i have done here so far. peace
guess what! i won the two new waterdeep cds. anyone who knows me probly got an email from me about waterdeep...a link where you could go and listen to them on the internet. well i sent that to 144 people. count yourself lucky if you got one of those 144 emails b/c you helped me out by just having an email address. i was in the top 3 of sending the most emails out....so i won both the new waterdeep cds for free. rockin! so now i dont have to buy them...which was gonna be like 35 bones that i dont have....and i feel special cuz my name was in the waterdeep mass email. whoo hooo im cool. also...i did find the funniest site ever created on the internet...mark told me about it. the link is [http://maddox.xmission.com/] it has a lot of cussing in it..but i serious am rollin when i read this. seriously..on the floor crying im laughin so hard. i love this site. yay lunch time...peace
its 12:40 and im not asleep yet. yes i have to be in class at 830 tomorrow morn...boo. well i cant write...im tired. ill write more tomorrow

12 October 2002

today was awesome. my parents came down to visit me on their way to d.c. we went out to eat at strawberry cafe. it was really good restaurant. very cute. it was great spending time w/ them too they are really fun to hang out w/. im so blessed to have them as parents. so after that..when my parents left i went back to my dorm and i chilled for awhile b/c today is saturday and i liked just being lazy. so i worked on my 'used book'. i also did my laundry for the 3rd time since i have been in college. impressive huh? at 6 i met the girls for dinner and then we went to this reJOYce in Jesus service. it was rockin. it was this black church that rocked. i didnt even know that it was a church. i didnt really know what it was but we wanted to check it out. and it ended up bein great. we had to leave early tho b/c also tonight there was the 'LIVE Alive in Christ' in the commons underground. it was awesome i was also predominately a black church...which i love. i love black worship i love black people . they are just so passionate about the Lord. but it was cool..there were alot of ppl there and they did some worship, some food, some skits, some praise, some prayer. it was an awesome night with the Lord and also coming together with the christians of VCU. awesome. so now i think im gonna go read for awhile...talk to yous lata
last night turned out so good. the Lord really came thu...if ya read the entry i wrote before this you will see that i was havin pretty much a bad day. well after i got back to my dorm i just got on the computer..to take a break from lookin for the magazine. i just said to the Lord "thank you for finding me the article" and a few hours later. my dad calls me and said...'i called 'more' magazine and they are faxing me the article.' now how amazing is that? my dad rock and the Lord got me the article. then a later too my mom called me and said 'i found the actual magazine. haha. also last night was girls night out w/ all the girls in my bible study. we all went over to nicoles house and we played lots of games, talked, had pizza, and watch the matrix. it was awesome. we had such a fun time and laughed the entire time. so..thank you Lord for turning around a day that i thought was gonna stink into an amazing day. i love you

11 October 2002

awww what a great day it has been....SIKE. ok i woke up to only go to english..then i went to the writing center and dont get any help b/c i need to find the article for my paper that im doing. ok...so the article is in 'more' magazine. i went to the vcu library, the richmond library and the state library...as far as 8th street to find this article. did i mention that it was raining and i was on my bike. no raincoat. and NONE of the libraries carry subscriptions to 'more' magazine. so yea im screwed as of now. that paper is due wednesday and i dont have an article to quote from. so yea if anyone has the september issue of 'more' magazine w/ jamie lee curtis on the front. then i please tell me....for the love

10 October 2002

oh im so glad that today is over. last night i had these two projects that i offcourse waited until last mintue to do. one that i have had 2 weeks to work on and then this other one that was pretty easy. but the 2 week project i really like how it turned out. but today was so long. cuz well i have my studio classes and man they seem like forever. but its over. praise God. and i found out that the project i did a few weeks ago..the collage thing..i got an 'A' on it and she wants to keep it, among others, and put it in a gallery or a show or somethin. so that rocks. other exciting news for the day! i got a new discman!!! yay. well my friend steven was like 'you wanna go to walmart w/ me' and i said sure...and i didnt think i was gonna get anything but then i remembered that i need a cd player and i have been wanting one for my studio classes to help them go by faster and so i can better concentrate on drawing. and so i can put them on in art history and sleep :) wellllll maybe not..but still im pumped about it. rockin!

08 October 2002

new look for the site. i like it. its chill. and the theme pretty much rocks. i get brain cramps a lot here in college. so anyways how ya like it. sooo tonight i hung out w/ anna and nate and met some other guys there..but yea... we went to this thing called 'open mic night' its where random ppl go and sing and play acoustic guitar and jembes...well thats what they played tonight atleast. but there were 3 different bands. it was cool. i love live music. speaking of live music...last night i saw 'dashboard confessional'. they rocked my face. the first 3 bands were aight. i wasnt really that into them. i duno they didnt really catch my attention at all. that part was great tho cuz me and kim..durin the first 3 bands..just sat upstairs and made fun of everyone .so the show was at the norva...which is a pretty good venue. i like it cuz it just looks cool. but really it blows b/c unless you are in the front or a tall person you cant really see. there are a few spots that i discovered that is a good veiw but still...eh. well this was my second time seeing dashboard. i think that the last show was better cuz it was at the boathouse...another venue in norfolk...which i like alot better. cuz where ever you stand you can see the whole stage...and its cool cuz its right on the water and if ya go outside you can like stand and look over the water...but anyways. this show chris played alot of good songs but he also played alot of new stuff. his new stuff is pretty good. there is this one song that shannon told me about that is on his website [www.dashboardconfessional.com] and he played that. it is a really cool song. it is very different from all of his other stuff. it really tells a story and it sounds like a southern jig ho down song or somethin. but yea the highlight of the night was the closing song he played hands down and bitterpill together. he does this thing live where he sings pretty much all of hands down and then you think its over and he just flows into bitter pill. and bitter pill is the best song live cuz he really just gets into it and they just flow in the intruments alot. but yea so then at the end they go back into hands down. and its just rocks. so yea the show ended around 11 which i thought was late for a show...but i guess there were 4 bands. but we did have to drive 2 hours back to richmond and drop kelsey off in the burg on the way. but it was cool. me, kim, and shannon had a fun time drivin back just talkin bout stuff and..well they are always cool to hang out w/ anyways. but yea...i gotta go cuz i reek of smoke from 'open mic night' cuz this chain smoker guy was sittin at our table....eek i cant breathe...get the smell offffff!

top 11 teezes at the dashboard show [and details]
1- get a room girl [ok this one girl was dancin w/ her boyfriend during ash and yea this wasnt just dancin...this was SICK! she was like all up on him like yea. i was about to throw up but i couldnt not watch cuz they were right in front of me....eek.ok lets move on the next teeze please]
2- fat girl that cant stand up [ ok this girl was in the crowd too. she was right in front of kim. kim was about the beat her up b/c the bouncer guys were like passin out water to ppl and this girl was drink some and like leanin back on kim. like i duno why but kim kept like pushing her and it was like the girl didnt even notice b/c she kept fallin back on kim. once dashboard started kim was gonna take her out but she didnt get the chance or i duno.
3- hat boy [ok this boy was right in front of us in the crowd too. he had a hat that said 'sweat more, bleed less' basically kim like hated it and wanted to rip it off and throw it in the audiance b/c she said "he isnt hardcore just cuz of his hat, any hardcore guy wouldnt wear a hat like that"
4- drunk girl [now this was funny. ok i moved away from the get a room girl cuz basically we were standing right in the middle of a crowd being smashed into everyone around you...like no breathing room, i was sweating even tho i wasnt even moving, well wait that sweat was prolly the sweat of the ppl touching me...so anyways. i left the crowd and went on a search to find a spot where i could see the stage. i finally found a spot standin on the stairs. and i was just mindin my own business singin along and these two drunk girls walked by. one was much more drunk then the other so i will focus on her. well she couldnt walk at all! she like was tryin to get to the stairs and even more funny...tryin to walk up the stairs w/out falling over. her friend had to pull her and help her up. it was great. i just laughed at how much of an idiot she is]
5- $1 water [kim was just mad bout how it cost one dollar for a cup of water...not a bottled water but a cup. i mean they shouldnt charge for water at a concert ]
6- grafiti my clothes please boy [this boy was just too weird to even explain..who knows what he was thinkin or how dark the room was he got dressed in]
7- old men by the stairs [these guys were cool. they were just two old guys chillin at the top of the stairs. i duno why they were even at the show. b/c they acted like they werent even listening..they were just talkin along...and were there the entire show]
8- 10 year old boy club [all these little boys were there. just walkin around. where ever you look you saw a 10 y/o boy in eye view...one even had poochy nipples]
9- no digital cameras aloud [now this blew. b/c i brought my camera. i got it in and i thought all was good. and i was thinkin...do you think its safe to take a picture now. cuz we pushed our way into the crowd so that i could w/out it gettin taken away by one of the gaurds. and it wasnt even dashboard yet but i took a picture of the lead singer of ash. and all of a sudden....:tappidy tap tap: on my back. a gaurd caught me. i gave it over w/out sayin anything cuz i mean i guess i knew it was gonna happen ..even tho i was mad cuz i could have waited till dashboard and then gotten a picture of them....but yea at the end of the night when i got my camera back..they had deleted the one picture that i did take off of my camera....so that really stinks. but anyways....next]
10- whoa i almost drown in my shirt boy [this boy was part of the 10 y/o boy club. he had on a huge button up shirt. kim commented put words in his mouth... "im cool cuz i like pacific sunwear" . but to the point..his shirt was so huge i just blirted out the words "whoa i almost drowned in my shirt" and hey look...it made it on the teeze list]
11- coat dress [coat dress was like this trench coat but looked more like a dress. and he had on a white collared shirt on underneath and he put the white collar onto of the black collar...and he just looked like the biggest flame ever]

07 October 2002

my favorite 'saves the day' song -nightingale. these are just some of the lyrics. if you can download this..do it. this song rocks. well so does all saves the day stuff

And I will flail under these lights that seep down from the bitter sky tonight
and I will kick and beat my wrists together
and feel an ocean breathing waves, feel them licking at my face.
Ceilings don't exist and there are no floors beneath me.

The nightingales are singing now.

06 October 2002

studying for art history was actually fun tonight. me, kim, and kat teamed up and studied. we thought of lots of tricks to remember dates of the art peices and we laughed alot. i met kims boy dave and kats boy rob. they both seem really cool. dave is shy so i dont really know his personality. rob is really cool. me, him, and kat went to eat dinner together and he has this thing w/ plums...ha it was funny. well anyways. i memorized all the posible slides for the quiz tomorrow. so im really happy bout that. imight read over the chapter or somethin. but yea...

05 October 2002

tonight was cool. it was first friday tonight which is...well the first friday of every month all the galleries get new art shows up. so me, emily, lilian, kent, and courtney went down broad street to a lot of the galleries. my favorite one was prolly artspace b/c they had matt lively's work in there. on my picture page i put up the pictures from tonight if ya want to see them. there are a few of matts work up. it was cool walkin around broad at night cuz well first friday is a big thing. it only happens once a month and so the artists are there to meet and its kind of like a open house w/ food and stuff. so a lot of ppl come out to go to the galleries. they were all packed. it was my first time goin. we didnt get to go to main street galleries but thats ok. i want to start goin to every first friday. it was very cool. there were like ppl playin live music in some of the galleries and some outside the galleries. so we walked around for a few hours or less. and then at 930 i went to byrd theater and saw 'bourne identity' i hadnt seen it before..i really liked it tho. it was good. there have been alot of movies in byrd that i wanted to see but i missed them cuz i never got around to goin. so im glad i actualy went this week. and i might go back again to see princess bride to saturdays midnight movie.

04 October 2002

last night was awesome. me and lilian drove 2 hours to virginia beach to see the hillsongs worship team b/c they came over from austrailia to lead worship last night. hillsongs has one of my favorite worship teams. their worship is just so good. they write all their music and man it is anointed. so my cuzins were on the alter ministry so they got us seats right in the 3rd row which was a blessing. and it was also good seeing them b/c i havent in awhile. so the night was awesome. i got to see lots of ppl from williamsburg too b/c they all went. it was worth the drive. plus me and lilian had fun hangin out , talkin, and worshipin in the car. oh yea and on the way up before we went to the church..cuz we got to virginia beach early. we went to pollards chicken for dinner! we used to eat there all the time when comin to see grandmom but we havent in forever so we ate there and it was great. the puffs are the best!

01 October 2002

the hillsongs worship team is coming to virginia beach christian life center on october 3rd. this coming thursday. featuring darlene zschech and brian houston ...7:30 pm...doors open by 7 pm. free and open to the public (no tickets required)
i got a new pic page. check it out...there are pix from this past weekend in the burg, my dreds, and random pix i took around richmond. and dont worry i still have my old pic page. there is a link from the new one to the old one. but i will just only be updatin to the new page.

30 September 2002

ok so if you are wonderin where the background picture went... i duno...whenever i update my page it gives me a error that says "Error 503: Unable to load template file. We're working on this. Please try back later." so yea who knows. the picture that should be up is a new one. i know i have had that other background picture for a long while so i thought id put a new one up. it rocks so i hope it will load soon. well anyways...today was very productive. i actually got alot done in a small amount of time and now im left w/ an open night. i got done w/ skool at 11. i accidently slept in thru art history b/c claires alarm clock was lost so i set mine and i thought that i set my watch for when i was suposed to get up but i guess not. and i ended up wakin up late...[oops] well so i went to english at 10 and we have a new paper assignment. it blows...we have to write a 4-5 page paper of a 'letter to the editor' or an article. how the bleep am i suposed to do that...ahhh. so yea after class...so sum everything up .1. i went to my room and worked on my used book .2. i went to the comp lab and finished and printed out my design project .3. i redid my stoopid square project .4. i went to dinner w/ kim and colin .5. we went to colins room to look at his shoes for c&p .6. i went to the bookstore, got a coffee mug and free chai tea .7. road around town tryin to find the cheapest tube portfolio...and i ended up at main art. i got and art tube and b/c of student discount ended up gettin free rubber cement all for 17 bones. .8. i played rollarcoaster .9. i could have gone to a free sonicflood show in fishersville but i didnt cuz thats a long drive .10. i found out that waterdeep is playin at 'the call kansas city'....yessss i cant wait. .11. and here i am....hi
hey kids...long time no write. man im sorry i havent had any updates in awhile. ive been really busy lately...and i actually am right now too but i just wanted to give ya somethin to read...since i know everyone checks my site daily...[ha] well i had an awesome weekend. i drove back and forth between richmond and the burg 4 times. i went home thursday night cuz we had a surprise goin away/birthday party for michelle. i got there and met joy, her, and brandy at starbucks to get her away from the house. it was great..she thought i came all the way down to go to starbucks w/ her... well anyways..around 7 we took her back to her house to be surprised...and surprised she was. it was great seein everyone. i also got to go to brandys volleyball game. then i went back to michelles party and chilled there all night and spent the night there. the next morn my parents let me skip english...so i stayed the day in the burg...hangin out w/ michelle cuz she had to get her shots for costa rica and had to do some last minute shoppin..then we went to lunch and talkin for awhile....that night was gen church at clc [i was suposed to go to this place in shockoe bottom to see kents band play and chill w/ lilian, abbi, and anna...but i forgot about it...there was also a sleepover for the girls at harvest...ahhh i cant believe i missed it. im sorry everyone...please still love meee] . there another surprise was awaitin michelle..all her 9 roomates from jmu came down to see her. she loved that. so after church a bunch of us girls went to see 'sweet home alabama' the new reese witherspoon movie. it was actually really good. so that night i decided to go sleep in my own bed. the next morn i got up early and drove back to richmond to get my DREDS. from 11 to 4 i sat in a chair gettin them. it was worth it tho..cuz they rock my face. right after that i drove back to the burg. i hung out at my house w/ my fam and then later i went to the farinos to hang out w/ michelle cuz she left sunday morn at 4 in the morning. me and joy ended up watchin 'legally blond' another reese witherspoon movie...and michelle went to bed early. i got to help her duck tape her suitcase and pick out pictures for her picture book. it was sad sayin bye to her cuz she is gonna be gone for 3 months in costa rica...but i know the Lord is goin to do a lot in her and in costa rica. pray for her if ya ever think bout it..or right now. so sat night i spent the night again in the burg and got up early to drive back to richmond for church at harvest...then there was a leadership meetin and free lunch afterwards. then i came back to the good old dorm to stare at a monitor

28 September 2002

24 September 2002

sittin in a comp lab...design class...bored...waitin to scan a picture..thinkin...ok i got a 'c' on my first project and how i can redo it to raise my grade...but do i really feel like redoing it? good news...i got a 'a' on my second prject...rockin

19 September 2002

ok for some reason..blogger is goin really slow..it seems to be the only wesite that does that. alot of entries i have made havent worked and it takes forever to get in here. and yea ..Lauren quit whinin...anyways. today was cool. we rode early out to north lombardy and we ended up goin outside. we were scared we were gonna have to draw more trees but we didnt we drew this cool building called 'pleasands hardware' it is this old building that is now somethin else but it rocked drawin it. then me and kim walked down this alley and drew this little car b/c we didnt feel like doin a whole nother scene. so we walked out and everyone was gone...so we were like sweet, cuz it was only 11:30 and we were suposed to get out at 11:50. so we had awhile before our 1 oclock to eat and chill. in our 2nd class we started a new assignment were we are takin a portrait and makin a collage out of it. so that is gonna be fun but it is kinda hard. so yea...after that i chilled, i forget what i did before dinner...oh yea i went to this meeting and BSU[baptist student union] it was aight i mean different then what i am used to but it was still good to hear the word and worship. then i went to eat...then me and megan went to plan 9 and i had some good finds! i was goin there to maybe get the new waterdeep cd...i didnt think they would have it but i thought i would check..and megan was lookin for somethin cuz she had a gift certificate there. so i ended up lookin in the used cds while i was there cuz they have so many you are bound to find one good cd everytime ya go there. so i ended up finding four. the other night i went to this free show w/ steven and there was a band that played called 'mercy creek'. they were really good. and both of their cds were there! unwrapped for $3 each. and they had dave mattews band- under the table and dreaming, which i have been wantin to get cuz it is my favorite dave cd. annnnddd then i found 'coldplay- parachutes' now that rocks. so i had a good night at plan 9. and we walked back to my car which i parked up on the curb cuz its fun and everyone stares and points and laughs at you. so me and megan went back to my house and i looked at all her cds and she looked at all mine and we traded ones we wanted to burn of eachothers. so i just got 4 more cds. i got the double cd of dave live in chicago [which i am listening to right now], a ben harper cd, and fleetwood mac-dance, which i have also been wantin to get. i have been downloadin some of their stuff.. they are so amazing. so yea...i gotta go
WATERDEEP's new cd is out today! it is a new live cd... go to this link http://www.milkmoneypromotions.com/waterdeep and you can hear some of it. it sounds awesome so far..im definately pumped about buying it and hearing the whole thing. if ya didnt know waterdeep is definately my favorite band. if ya havent heard of them you better check them out. www.waterdeep.com go there. oooh today is a good day.

18 September 2002

tommy boy!!! yay i finally found it. well my roomate did. i have been lookin for tommy boy everywhere cuz i wanted to buy it and it came out on dvd and my roomate saw it and got it for me! yay im so pumped. i get to watch it on my comp and memorize all the lines. this is definately my favorite movie of all time. k just wanted to tell you that

16 September 2002

hola. today was short but became long. art history was nice. well we talked bout some of the chapter but then we watched a movie on egyptian pyramids so that equals= sleep in class. i miss sleeping in class. that was definately an everyday thing in highschool. so i fell asleep on kims arm and when i woke up my friend 'drool' was there. haha. so sat up whiped it off and moved on my life. well i did catch the end of the movie..it was funny. it was like an old informational movie...but some parts of it they would go into egyptian cartoons..that was halarious...[youd have to see it] so after class me and kim were gonna go to breakfast but i lost my pass so i had to go back to grace street theater to find it. i found it..thank you Lord. and then i went and got some fruit before goin to english. we had a substitute in english today. i didnt think they had those in college. but i guess so. so this hopefully means that our paper deadline will be pushed back to a later date. eek. well anyways..we got out early from english so that rocked...so i went back to my dorm and procrastinated for awhile and then i started writin some stuff for my paper. then i called kim a million times to get started on our project for design...[yes we already have another project for design] and she wouldnt pick up her phone...so i started on it. then i went and got the mat board and came back. kim finally called me and so we met outside to draw trees...we had to draw a tree for 3 hours....we were out there for about 20 minutes until we decided we needed a dinner break...so we blocked out the tree, drew the sections, and filled in where the shadows were...and we left to never return. [darn] so we went to my house..worked on design project, i finished mine, and now i am workin in on fillin in that tree. so yea...i must be going. :salute:

15 September 2002

hi...so yea this weekend i went home to williamsburg. a guest speaker named tommy tenney [he wrote the book 'the Godchasers'] was at clc on sat night and sunday. it was good to be home. i really miss it. i didnt ever think that i would ever ever miss williamsburg. and for years all i have wanted to do was get out of there..but now that i am i wanna go back so bad. i just miss all my friends and my church...its hard for me to go back b/c i dont want to leave. so...i went and picked lilian up from her house and we started our journey to the burg. as soon as we got back in town we went over to marks house to hang out. we hung out there for awhile until he had to go to work and we had to go to church. we stopped by my house first to say hi to my parents ..they were leavin to go to my dads work party so i got to see them for only a minute. but i loved it..i loved seeing them and bella was so precious w/ her new haircut. so dropped our stuff off and went to church. we got there and there wasnt that many ppl there yet so we got 2nd row seats. worship was so awesome and when tommy started speaking, in between he would call his wife up and she would sing. she had an amazing voice, and there was also this violinist guy who played and he was freakin good! so tommy spoke untill like 11 and it was like the quickest 4 hour service i had ever been in cuz every word he says is just so good. he is just so anointed. so after the service we went over to farinos. we hung out there..there was alot of ppl there...all michelles friends from jmu and all the farinos and me, lilian, and mark. so we stayed there till like around 1 hangin out..played some ping pong. ...drove home, slept, got up early to go to breakfast before church w/ joys decipleship group at crackerbarrel, went to get lilian and went to church, and tommy preached again. it was an awesome word, we went to peking for lunch w/ the crew. i got to see marna..i was excited cuz i hadnt seen her in like 5 weeks and i missed her! then we went to the farinos again and hung out there till like around 4. we played some more ping pong...[double ping pong is pretty fun..i had never played it before. but you have to like switch off w/ your partner every hit...its hard]...i talked to michelle and joy for awhile...then i went home for about a half hour to see my parents before we left to come back to richmond. we eventually left around 515 or so. but we still didnt get to leave cuz mark called me and told me ernie was at his house. so we went by his house so i could see ernie..cuz i hadnt seen him in forever. we stayed there bout 20 min and then left...when we finally got on the interstate my car beeped at me tellin me that i didnt have any gas left in my car almost...so we drove for awhile and got off to get gas. then we finally made back by around 7 or something. we decided that we were gonna go by this 'see you at the pole' rally to see if it was over yet cuz lilians boyfriend was there. and we walked in and worship was still goin. they were singin a song called 'breathe' and man...it was anointed. so we stayed for the speaker and then i left around 830 to come back to my dorm. [it was great hangin out w/ lilian this weekend. she is a really awesome person. im glad she decided to come along w/ me] so when i got back to my dorm i had a nice warm welcome of "You have to clean the bathroom!" so i did that [ and i was so excited...sike] and now i can relax ...i wanna just go to sleep but i cant cuz of skool stuff... [Jesus i love you..thanx for always bein there..you are amazing to me even thru all my crap...help me abba]

10 September 2002

its weird cuz i feel like i dont know anything that is goin on in williamsburg..and its like i am bein forced to become a part of richmond..its weird to call richmond my home...its weird to call my new church my home. i went to a prayer meeting tonight and it was awesome. there was only like 6 of us there..and i didnt know alot of the things and ppl they were prayin for...but it was good to just get in the presence of the Lord. and get the direction and heart of the church for the city and morning star ministries. but i felt at home being w/ the church intersessors. i love being w/ the intercessors..b/c they are so intune w/ the spirit of the Lord. in the meeting i was just over in a corner..where you will usually find me in prayer meetings... just talkin to the Lord and singing..i want to walk hand and hand w/ the Lord. i want the Lord to beable to trust me and want to use me. i long for intamacy w/ the Lord. [im sorry Lord that i ever wanted the things of this world..im sorry that i ever thought about giving up] Jesus-i need you more every day. help! that is my prayer. Lord i dont want to go another season living off of past experiences..i dont want to go another day tryin to make it thru on my own. Lord i want to be living out of an overflow of the spirit..out of the overflow of my close relationship w/ you Lord. Jesus make me desperate for you father. i want to beable to say 'Jesus is my bestfriend' and really mean it

08 September 2002

its sunday so that means i went to church today. it was good...i met shannon and we walked over for the 11 oclock service. it was my second time goin. we met some more ppl and sat down..worship was really good. i really like worship there...but i just love worship. and for the 'serman' today it wasnt a serman...some students shared testimonies and then we watched this short clip of this dvd thing called 'red pills' it basically talks bout major topics..and they are gonna go into the schools and show them...that is what i think they were for atleast. but basically we talked bout college and stuff.it was cool. so then afterwards this guy was walkin around givin out flyers bout a cookout at his house. so i thought...'hey free food..that rocks and maybe i can meet some more ppl'. so me and emily walked back to her apartment and i got to see it for the first time..it rocks..i wish i had my own place..but eh.i will soon enough i guess. but anyways...she changed and then we walked over to courtneys place and we drove to this other girls house named lilian. [lilian is really cool..her personality is just funny and she is really outgoing...she seems like someone i will hang out w/ maybe alot...we'll see i guess] so when we got there we basically dropped off courtneys car and took lilians car to this guys house where the cookout was. he lived way out in the middle no where but his house rocked so it was cool. none of us knew anyone there except a few ppl but it was still cool. we jumped right into eating..the burgers werent ready yet but there was chips and drinks and stuff...so we got it and then we went out on the porch and sat on the floor. [i like sitting on the floor] so then we walked down to the "river"...more like a creek after a few minutes. we got there around 3 and left around 430 i guess. but i also was talkin to this other girl who has dreds. i was askin her how she got them and stuff...cuz i definately want dreds..she was tellin me she got them started at a salon and she works at one so she can do them for me...she said that it is pretty expensive but if i do them for a class and i am the person they do it on then it will be cheaper..so that rocks. it is at this place in carytown called 'look' so i will prolly definately do that. so we finally left and in the car we were all talkin about the Lord and just different things about holy spirit and about our church and stuff..it was fun..it was good hangin out w/ some christians b/c i really havent since i got here. that is what i miss the most about williamsburg the most i guess is i dont really have any christian friends here. but i know that the Lord is gonna put some awesome ppl in my life...i just have to keep tellin myself that "it is only the third week...calm down". so yea...now i have to finish writing a paper and finish another project and at some point between today and tomorrow spend 2 WHOLE HOURS drawing trees...yess i know that is boring and i dont have that kinda time that i need to spend sleeping..but hey i am a big college student now

07 September 2002

today i woke up at 1230...i duno how b/c i went to bed at 430 last night b/c i was up talkin to mark the whole night. i was so tired the whole day. but i met megan and her friend for lunch. after lunch when we were walkin out i saw my friend from highschool...jessica. it was random seeing her cuz she goes to cnu but she was up visiting someone iguess. it was good to see her tho b/c i hadnt seen her in a long time. after that i rode back to my dorm and worked on my journal for awhile until kim came over so we could work on our project for design class. that project is dumb and annoying..so we worked on it for awhile and then decided to take a break and go eat. when we got there we saw shannon and his "crew". me and shannon were gonna go to see spiderman for free in the business building but he decided to go hang w/ the crew somewhere..but its all good. so tonight i decided to do laundry for the first time since i moved in 3 weeks ago..so i brought all my clothes down and figured out i didnt have any quarters so i once again had to walk up and get some. so i put all my clothes in and sat around and called some ppl. then when it was done i put them in the dryer. then i went up to my room for awhile until i went back down to bring up the clothes when they were done...[no i havent folded them yet..im thinkin ill wait till tomorrow just b/c i can :-) ] so now on this wonderful lazy saturday night i might go to bed really soon...i might work on my journal before or read..but maybe not...eh
john mayer concert
what a day! today was one of the coolest days in a long time. at around 1 after english class and lunch me and matt took a little drive down to browns island were we walked up to backstage..the gaurd nodded us in [which was cool b/c i felt like part of a band or something] and matt used his acting skills to get us into the show..on the guestlist and in for FREE. so we chilled around browns island after goin back to our dorms like 3 times to get my cameras. [my digital camera batteries died on me so that blew] i brought my cannon so i should get some awesome pictures. but anyways...we went back to the island just in time for john mayers sound check. that was cool. then we went and ate dinner at this place called 4th street diner. it was a cute little place on the corner. i had chili and cheese...yum. by the time we walked back we got right in line to get in to the show. it was 5:30 then and the doors opened at 6. there werent that many ppl there either but it seemed like as soon as we got in line..like a line formed a mile back behind us...so we got there in perfect timing. so next a radio station truck pulled up and was handin out tank tops and what looked like back stage passes. i got both. so when we were goin in...matt went to 'will call' and got our FREE tickets and we were bout to go in...they said no cameras aloud...so basically i tryed to ignore that coment and walk in hiding it in my backpack. they werent gonna let me in until this one gaurd said "no- regular cameras are aloud but video cameras arent...so in the mean time while they were fighting bout who said what and if what cameras were aloud or not...me and matt just walked right thru [with our cameras]...yesss. so we walked right to the front...and we saw megan and hali so megan had a towel so we sat down and chilled. me and hali went to walk around and she bought a 4 dollar lemonaide....eeesh then we went back..then me and megan went and walked arounnd and she got a 3 dollar slice of pizza, and i got a john mayer sticker. then we went back and the show was bout to start so everyone stood up. boo. the first band was called 'charlie hunter' they were a really good jazz band. i liked them alot. then 'guster' played. they were amazing. it was 2 guys on guitars and a guy on the drums and congas...he had his hands taped and he played them. he rocked my face. they reminded me of jars of clay for some reason. but i liked them alot more. so then john mayer finally came on like around 920. by then everyone was crowded up around the stage. the towel megan put on the ground would have been killed if she didnt pick it up and hold it for the rest of the show. but i was being smashed into God knows how many ppl and i definately couldnt see b/c of my height problem of 5'3". but the show was completely amazing. they just flowed...john mayer is amazing on the guitar...wow..when he goes off he kinda has a jazz sound to playing..i duno...but wow...i cant express how good the show was. it was one of the best live shows i have ever seen. so after the show we hung around and matt wanted to try and get one of the set lists or a pick or somethin...and one of the guys from guster came out so we got his autograph on our ticket stubs...then we walked over to the merchandise table and i got a guster poster..it rocks..it is like antique looking. so after we chilled and slowly made our way back to my car...definately in no rush b/c there was so much trafic. but me,megan, matt, and hali went out to eat at river city diner. this place rocked too. and we had so much fun. we basically laughed the whole time. it was weird.. it was like we were all so tired we were acting drunk. it was great. around 130 in the a.m. we walked back to my car in the straight ghetto and made our way back to drop megan and hali off at their car and made my way home after droppin matt off...and that ends my rockin day...wow arent you jealous?

05 September 2002

who knows how many ppl read this...if any. but hey if ya ever want to make me feel special and popular then see over on the left side you can sign my guestbook and go down in history of...signing laurens guestbook. ..ha...lucky you
back to the blog. this is where i like to come to every night and just talk. im sitting here looking at my favorite painting [monet- levar del sole], listening to john mayer. i finally finished my english paper that was due on wednesday. ok to quote myself for the day "i hate rubber cement". basically my whole art box got glued together today. my rubber cement can somehow mysteriously opened and emptied itself on my 200 dollars worth of art supplies. the good thing was that everything was salvaged. rubber cement has a friend named rubber cement pick-up. when rubber cement dries you can take this square of rubber and pick it up if you dont want it. and obviously i didnt want any of it in my box. so i emptied my box out and let everything dry. thru out my 3 1/2 hour c&p class i erased all the rubber cement off all my stuff. it gave me something to do but it definately took the whole class period. but besides that....that class rocks. today we learned how to transfer magizine pictures onto paper by using latex glass medium. it rocks. the first one i did didnt work but the second one i did came out perfect. and it is cool b/c it is like a transparent picture. and i put it in my "used book" over words. and in my other class [drawing studio] we drew still lifes for 3 hours. its fun to draw big. yea...so yesturday me and kim got bike baskets b/c of the long hall to north lumbardy. they are "quick release" baskets..which is good b/c we can just take them off and use as a basket and put them on whenever...but they are bad b/c we have to take them off b/c of the quick release...if it is so easy for me to quick release it ..it is just as easy for someone else to quick release it. so this morning goin to class we put our art bins in our baskets [yes that was the reason we got them] and we used kims strap portfolio to cary out paper, drawing board, etc. that was fun and we looked like cool artists on bikes.
punchline came out today too. that paper rocks [if you dont know..it is like a local made richmond paper i think made by college students and the best part...it is free] i think i am gonna collect them all. so far i have all of the ones that have come out since i moved in. they come out every thursday. they include random things that are fun to look at.
another interesting thing at vcu today was there was a pair of shoes...tied together at the laces thrown over a telephone line outside ...it was cool b/c it looked like shoes were floating right in the middle of the intersection.. all i could think was...'i wonder how long they stood there tryin to get them to stay there? and why?'
for dinner tonight i chilled w/ megan, her friend jamie, matt, and shannon. megan did her monologue for me which was very "motherly" [...ha] then she had to leave so me, matt and shannon hung out in the cafeteria way after everyone left. it seems like we do that alot...we are eating and talking and then i look around and there is nobody in there except us and they had cleaned every table except ours...when the evil eye of a cafeteria person comes we know to leave..