19 September 2002

ok for some reason..blogger is goin really slow..it seems to be the only wesite that does that. alot of entries i have made havent worked and it takes forever to get in here. and yea ..Lauren quit whinin...anyways. today was cool. we rode early out to north lombardy and we ended up goin outside. we were scared we were gonna have to draw more trees but we didnt we drew this cool building called 'pleasands hardware' it is this old building that is now somethin else but it rocked drawin it. then me and kim walked down this alley and drew this little car b/c we didnt feel like doin a whole nother scene. so we walked out and everyone was gone...so we were like sweet, cuz it was only 11:30 and we were suposed to get out at 11:50. so we had awhile before our 1 oclock to eat and chill. in our 2nd class we started a new assignment were we are takin a portrait and makin a collage out of it. so that is gonna be fun but it is kinda hard. so yea...after that i chilled, i forget what i did before dinner...oh yea i went to this meeting and BSU[baptist student union] it was aight i mean different then what i am used to but it was still good to hear the word and worship. then i went to eat...then me and megan went to plan 9 and i had some good finds! i was goin there to maybe get the new waterdeep cd...i didnt think they would have it but i thought i would check..and megan was lookin for somethin cuz she had a gift certificate there. so i ended up lookin in the used cds while i was there cuz they have so many you are bound to find one good cd everytime ya go there. so i ended up finding four. the other night i went to this free show w/ steven and there was a band that played called 'mercy creek'. they were really good. and both of their cds were there! unwrapped for $3 each. and they had dave mattews band- under the table and dreaming, which i have been wantin to get cuz it is my favorite dave cd. annnnddd then i found 'coldplay- parachutes' now that rocks. so i had a good night at plan 9. and we walked back to my car which i parked up on the curb cuz its fun and everyone stares and points and laughs at you. so me and megan went back to my house and i looked at all her cds and she looked at all mine and we traded ones we wanted to burn of eachothers. so i just got 4 more cds. i got the double cd of dave live in chicago [which i am listening to right now], a ben harper cd, and fleetwood mac-dance, which i have also been wantin to get. i have been downloadin some of their stuff.. they are so amazing. so yea...i gotta go

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