07 September 2002

john mayer concert
what a day! today was one of the coolest days in a long time. at around 1 after english class and lunch me and matt took a little drive down to browns island were we walked up to backstage..the gaurd nodded us in [which was cool b/c i felt like part of a band or something] and matt used his acting skills to get us into the show..on the guestlist and in for FREE. so we chilled around browns island after goin back to our dorms like 3 times to get my cameras. [my digital camera batteries died on me so that blew] i brought my cannon so i should get some awesome pictures. but anyways...we went back to the island just in time for john mayers sound check. that was cool. then we went and ate dinner at this place called 4th street diner. it was a cute little place on the corner. i had chili and cheese...yum. by the time we walked back we got right in line to get in to the show. it was 5:30 then and the doors opened at 6. there werent that many ppl there either but it seemed like as soon as we got in line..like a line formed a mile back behind us...so we got there in perfect timing. so next a radio station truck pulled up and was handin out tank tops and what looked like back stage passes. i got both. so when we were goin in...matt went to 'will call' and got our FREE tickets and we were bout to go in...they said no cameras aloud...so basically i tryed to ignore that coment and walk in hiding it in my backpack. they werent gonna let me in until this one gaurd said "no- regular cameras are aloud but video cameras arent...so in the mean time while they were fighting bout who said what and if what cameras were aloud or not...me and matt just walked right thru [with our cameras]...yesss. so we walked right to the front...and we saw megan and hali so megan had a towel so we sat down and chilled. me and hali went to walk around and she bought a 4 dollar lemonaide....eeesh then we went back..then me and megan went and walked arounnd and she got a 3 dollar slice of pizza, and i got a john mayer sticker. then we went back and the show was bout to start so everyone stood up. boo. the first band was called 'charlie hunter' they were a really good jazz band. i liked them alot. then 'guster' played. they were amazing. it was 2 guys on guitars and a guy on the drums and congas...he had his hands taped and he played them. he rocked my face. they reminded me of jars of clay for some reason. but i liked them alot more. so then john mayer finally came on like around 920. by then everyone was crowded up around the stage. the towel megan put on the ground would have been killed if she didnt pick it up and hold it for the rest of the show. but i was being smashed into God knows how many ppl and i definately couldnt see b/c of my height problem of 5'3". but the show was completely amazing. they just flowed...john mayer is amazing on the guitar...wow..when he goes off he kinda has a jazz sound to playing..i duno...but wow...i cant express how good the show was. it was one of the best live shows i have ever seen. so after the show we hung around and matt wanted to try and get one of the set lists or a pick or somethin...and one of the guys from guster came out so we got his autograph on our ticket stubs...then we walked over to the merchandise table and i got a guster poster..it rocks..it is like antique looking. so after we chilled and slowly made our way back to my car...definately in no rush b/c there was so much trafic. but me,megan, matt, and hali went out to eat at river city diner. this place rocked too. and we had so much fun. we basically laughed the whole time. it was weird.. it was like we were all so tired we were acting drunk. it was great. around 130 in the a.m. we walked back to my car in the straight ghetto and made our way back to drop megan and hali off at their car and made my way home after droppin matt off...and that ends my rockin day...wow arent you jealous?

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