30 September 2002

ok so if you are wonderin where the background picture went... i duno...whenever i update my page it gives me a error that says "Error 503: Unable to load template file. We're working on this. Please try back later." so yea who knows. the picture that should be up is a new one. i know i have had that other background picture for a long while so i thought id put a new one up. it rocks so i hope it will load soon. well anyways...today was very productive. i actually got alot done in a small amount of time and now im left w/ an open night. i got done w/ skool at 11. i accidently slept in thru art history b/c claires alarm clock was lost so i set mine and i thought that i set my watch for when i was suposed to get up but i guess not. and i ended up wakin up late...[oops] well so i went to english at 10 and we have a new paper assignment. it blows...we have to write a 4-5 page paper of a 'letter to the editor' or an article. how the bleep am i suposed to do that...ahhh. so yea after class...so sum everything up .1. i went to my room and worked on my used book .2. i went to the comp lab and finished and printed out my design project .3. i redid my stoopid square project .4. i went to dinner w/ kim and colin .5. we went to colins room to look at his shoes for c&p .6. i went to the bookstore, got a coffee mug and free chai tea .7. road around town tryin to find the cheapest tube portfolio...and i ended up at main art. i got and art tube and b/c of student discount ended up gettin free rubber cement all for 17 bones. .8. i played rollarcoaster .9. i could have gone to a free sonicflood show in fishersville but i didnt cuz thats a long drive .10. i found out that waterdeep is playin at 'the call kansas city'....yessss i cant wait. .11. and here i am....hi

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