02 December 2002

back to good ol vcu. yesturday i got back here really early cuz i was gonna be working on a paper all day. well guess what happened. i got here..fell asleep..got on the computer...fell asleep until 530 then went to eat w/ kat and her mom and heard them talk russian..then went to kats dorm and hung out around there until around 830 then came back here..got on the comp...ate some birthday cake that erika made for claire....2...peices...then watched the movie "o" that came on hbo...then started my paper....by then it was 11:30 at night. ha. then i got on the computer and talked to ppl...got offline for a bit...wrote one page...talked to meaghan on the phone...ran around my dorm screaming and fake crying and doing everything except writing me paper. then around 2 i finished another page of my paper and went to bed at 2:30. yes the paper was suposed to be 4 pages...but i figured my teacher would extend the due date until atleast wednesday..and yes i was right....whoo hoo now i have to worry bout the paper again tuesday night at midnight when ill try and finish it. farewell.

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