28 February 2003

Jesus definately helped me out on my woodshop sculpture. we had two weeks to do it and since i didnt get anything done last week i had to complete the whole thing this week in class in 3 and a half hours. which believe me, when you are workin on somethin like that it is no time at all. and praise God i finised it and it looks pretty sweet. someone told me it looks like modern sculpture. so im happy w/ it. i have to paint it tho and we'll see what happens w/ that. eek. one step at a time.
so if you didnt notice. i went back to my old blogger skin. i was pumped about the other one but after lookin at it enough i realized that it didnt look like "me" so i went back to this one that i really like alot too. so yea. i need to go to 711 and get some tea

26 February 2003

mornin. so today was great. i got up and went to the fingerpainters meeting. then i went to mcv campus w/ abi to go see trinity. and so i got to talk more w/ trinity. and she is really cool. she is definately serious about the Lord and it is amazing and i am excited about friends that the Lord is bring into my life. so then me and abi went to get lunch before takin the bus back over to art history at 1. i had ribs once again :-) i was pumped to ride the campus connector too. we sat in the middle rotator part. eee. art history i fell asleep. and we got early and i walked over to logos [a christian bookstore right on campus here] and i bought the new audio adrenaline cd. its good. and vicky and me traded and she burned me a copy of the new switchfoot. i am listenin to it now and it is really good too. at 4 i met christina and some of her friends for dinner. it was fun. we are gonna start eatin every wednesday. im glad cuz both of our scedules are really busy so we dont get to see eachother that much. then at 530 we had a prayer meeting. ha. it was awesome. God is moving on this campus. im so excited. oh shoot. i got another praise report! the Lord blessed me w/ a new beanie today. im surprised cuz all i have been doin is complaining about losing mine. but today abi just threw one at me and said i could have it. ahhh. im so excited. thank you abi. you rock. dude ya know how i was complaining about woodshop. well today i was complaining once again about it and my friend said dont worry...Jesus was a carpenter...ha. ill receive that. and He will help me out! Jesus will do my project!
yay i found my beanie. not my original one but my brown i lost it for a few days. i was sad. but i found it behind my trunk. its safely next to me on my desk now. so this week has been awesome so far. God is just teaching me and showing me so much stuff its crazy. i love it. i love loving Him.even tho it is hard and frustrating sometimes ... it is so rewarding. as you all probly know. i am off my fast. i gave up meat, sweets and aol instant messenger for 40 days straight. it was really a time of growing for me. by the end i was definately ready to be done w/ it. so yea midnight of saturday night was the official time it ended. i got to taste the sweet taste of nerds candy and reeses fast break. and my friend joy was fasting tv and movies so we stayed up and watched 'sweet home alabama'. then sunday when we went to see my grandmom for her bday i got to eat some yummy veal and drink the oh so missed sweet tea! [i love sweet tea]. monday was the meeting where you could go and talk to the department heads in the art departments. me and kat went and it wasnt what i thought. basically you went in picked up the applications and left. this whole stressin out about applyin for departments is annoying. i shouldnt be stressin out and really i am not. i just like to say i am b/c i am lazy and dont want to even apply. much less go to skool at all. but i know the Lord wants me here. so after that i went back to my dorm and then went to eat before art history. me and kim talked the whole time about rotten.com. [dont go there if you have a weak stomach] then after that me, kat,erica, and iris went all over town. we went to river city first, then to the bank, then to krispy kreme, then to the mall to old navy and target. i had a gift certificate from old navy that my gmom gave me for xmas. i killed it. i got a sweater, some fleece pants, a headband bandana, and this cute tank top w/ white hearts. that night i had bible study. that is always awesome to meet w/ my girls and talk about the Lord and what He is doin in our lives [monday nights at 7 if you want to come email me...sorry boys...this is girls only] tuesday. today was great too. first of all. i got myself out of bed early to go eat breakfast so i could eat some bacon and syrup. oh how i missed that. then design class i looked thru magazines all class for stuff for my journal book. then lunch =ribs and baked beans. the number one hibbs combo ever! 2nd studio was like 20 minutes. and then left. then i was gonna go to carytown but i ended up not. at 7 i hung out w/ nicole for a while and then at 9 i went to kristens bday party. everyone was there so that was fun and then a few of us went to hibbs after that. it was just a great night. thank you Lord. and right now im chillin. fingerpainters meeting tomorrow morn. art history and lots of work to do for my thursday studios. but i am lookin forward to the prayer meeting tomorrow. being in His presence is what i love the most. especially when i am w/ all my friends too and we are praising Jesus together. im so blessed.

22 February 2003

so i remember that i was gonna write about something but i was too lazy to do it before. friday i hung out w/ lillian and then we did this experiment for one of her friends where we had to take caffeine pills. and they effected me really weirdly and i think today i was even still feelin sick from them. but eh. today my fam and me and my sisters boyfriend went to virginia beach to see our grandparents and to see my uncles brand new baby girl. she is precious. she was born yesturday. after that we went out to eat and then i went to circuit city to get a new memory card for my digital camera. then we went by barnes and noble cuz joy and michelle were there and i wanted to see michelle b/c she is home from jmu this weekend. now im at home workin on some homework but im takin a break. my scarf that i started knitting is about 4 inches long now and i started it last tuesday. its fun but not. i duno if ill ever get into it. i think that anything that causes work i end up steering away from fast. im in williamsburg this weekend. last night i went by church and saw everyone... and then me, joy, stephanie and abbey went to red hot and blue and ate. mark came and hung out too. and then we went to abbeys and hung out till like 230 in the morn. it was fun. then i spent the night at joys. she played me some songs on the piano cuz she is just learning how to play. she is gettin good. i really want to learn how to play too. so tonight at midnight i can eat meat, sweets and talk on aol instant messenger for the first time in 40 days. i am so excited, i am goin to eat a whole cow. but to add to my experiences in life..i can now tell ppl that i was a 40 day vegetarian. ppl tell me that if they didnt know me then they would think that i was a vegetarian. is there a certain look that vegetarians have? hmm. so tomorrow after church my fam is goin to have dinner w/ my dads side of the family for his moms bday. that will be interesting. aight kids...two hours left. ill be back. mwah

21 February 2003

i got my new vintage izod lacoste red raincoat today. your jealous

20 February 2003

we are doin this project in one of my art studio classes and we are workin in wood shop. it is really hard workin w/ wood and i have no idea what to even make. i really do not want to do it at all. class today i walked around watchin everyone basically finish their whole project and i cut some wood and then the only fun part was me and my friend hannah played w/ the wood sander and made huge pencils..then i almost sanded my nail off on accident, it is so close to the skin but didnt bleed or anything. if it was any closer i would have gotten the biggest skin burn ever...eesh. it feels cool to touch. and the best part about workin w/ wood.... i have to lug around 20 lbs of it back and forth from my dorm to woodshop. i have been gettin so slack b/c of have a 5 day weekend this week. i dropped my psychology class too b/c i hated it. i dont know if the Lord approved of me doin it. i feel bad about it now cuz i could have done good in that class if i wanted to but ...i only need one social science requirement and i didnt want to spend it on that. i thought that i was gonna like it better then i do. i undo. i get so frustrated w/ skool sometimes. but Jesus is helpin me thru each day. with out him life would suck for real

19 February 2003

God is so good. i love how he does things...even little things that are such a blessing. like today i went to ghetto pride grocery store to buy some sweet potatos and i was walkin to emilys for lunch and one of my friends drove by and asked me if i wanted a ride. he might not even know how much it blessed me and that God uses little things like that to just totally make my day great. it is like the Lord told me..."i just wanted you to know that i was thinkin about you" . also i was just online today lookin at one of my fav bands websites [mewithoutYou] and i was readin their journals and one entry that he wrote about really spoke to me and i wanted to share it on here w/ one ever might read it. i know whoever is suposed to read it will:

"Since you call on a Father who judges each man's work impartially, live your lives as strangers here..." (1 Peter 1:17)
.probably one of the easier verses for me to obey...another line in an old Bob Dylan song goes, "I'm a stranger here, no one sees me; cept you."  we probably all know the feeling of being out of place or misunderstood.  there are things we'll never admit even to ourselves, let alone tell anyone else;  how can we expect to be understood if we're lying all the time??  but God knows the state we're in, and I pray that he'll be patient with us.  "For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver and gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from 
your forefathers, but with the precious blood of Christ."  (v. 18-19)and how empty our way of life, the things we still use to fill our time!  to spend ninety nine percent of our time on these perishable things, and to expect to meet God in our few minutes of prayer as we fall asleep, our weekly trip to church ; something has gone wrong.  I hope I'm overstating the 
point, but a night like tonight it seems that everyone in the world is hurting real bad (and that if they're not, they should be)

so besides all that... i learned how to knit last night. im pumped. i started to make a scarf since i guess that is the manditory startin off knitting asignment. so im on my way. ive only done like a few inches. seems like it will take an eternity. but hey i got it. another excitement in my life today was i dropped my psycology class. my dad released me too. i was so glad that he let me b/c for real i just wasnt into it at all. my expectations were so different then how it turned out. and the best thing about my day! my dad sent me pictures of my puppy bella. i was so excited. i freaked out and showed everyone around me. she is the most precious puppy ever. i will put pictures on my page for you all to be blessed with by seeing. aight. so tell me about yourself. i also had mock chicken fried rice for the 4th time this week tonight. it was great once again topped w/ 5 fotune cookes :) [hey if you are lookin at this site right now and want me to put a link to your site on here then just give me a link in my guestbook or on my chatter box thingy. k? k, good. peace]

18 February 2003

so there is a rumor that they arent plowin the roads b/c virginia doesnt have anymore snow money to spend so they cant hire ppl to do it and they are only puttin down salt. well i dont really care. i mean yesturday skool was canceled which i didnt mind but i kind of wanted to have class b/c i only have one class on mondays and we were gonna get our tests back and wanted to see what i got. but instead me and mike walked around town in the snow. went to panda garden, ate some mock chicken fried rice, stole some fortune cookies, went to this one art gallery and then just walked down broad for awhile and back. the snow is really fickle. it is soft like your walkin on clouds in one spot and it is hard like ice in another spot. then other parts it is really slushy like water and any second a car could drive by and splash it all over you. a snowflake has no idea what its destiny is before it hits the ground. it could be at the bottom bein smashed and covered and hidden by other millions of flakes or it could be a fresh one on top on the front lines ready to be stepped on by the next snow boot... today classes were canceled up till 11 which i was really happy about b/c i didnt want to do my design homework. so i slept in till 12 and then was on my way walkin to class and i ran into a girl that is in my class and she had already walked there and she told me that our second class was canceled. so yay. no skool today either. so i turned right around and went to the hibb got some goods. i am really pumped that hibbs dishwashers arent workin and now they have to use all disposable stuff. b/c of my boycott of using hibbs trays now it is so much easier to just find the nearest trash can. and if i wanted to i could just walk right out w/ it. it is like a bonus extension of take out hibbs. the breeze thru wont get any business for awhile if anyone is smart. so yea besides all this i have been spendin hours workin on this new skin on this here blogger. i am really gettin a hang of the whole html thing. hmm. aight kids. well tell me if you cant read my blog or if anything is wrong w/ it. oh yea. there is a part where you can put a picture logo in the top left corner and i was all excited and i made one in photoshop that rocked but it wont work. boo. so yea talk to me on the chatter box on the right. peace

16 February 2003

i went to a conference this weekend in north carolina w/ my church. it is called 'campus harvest' it is a conference that ppl come from all over the world for. like 70 colleges were represented there and 30 nations. it was insane. there was like 1800 ppl. and my church is in the morning star international, so all their top pastors and founders and prophets were there. it was really awesome. satan was really tryin to attack me from the start and i was really havin a hard time pressin in but God broke it off me and by the end of the weekend it was awesome and Jesus is amazing. it was really good time spendin time w/ all my girls. today was insane. there was a huge ice and snow storm in richmond and a bit south so we left at 1030 in the morning to come back to richmond to try and beat it. we didnt get back until 630 pm. when we got to like petersburg it was gettin slushy so we were drivin slower. then all this stuff happened we had to get air in one of our cars tires and then one of his windshield wipers broke off cuz of the ice. all of us from our church were coming home driving four cars and we were all following eachother back. then the biggest attack. we got in a 3 car wreck. but praise Jesus his hand of protection was totally over us. what happened was. our car that i was in was in the lead. we hit some ice and spun out and ended up hittin the bumper on the rail gaurd. it wasnt bad. our 2nd car was fine he just pulled right over behind us. our 3rd car. she freaked out and slammed on her break and ended up horizontal in the lane on the interstate. and our 4th car was headed right for the passenger side of that car infront of her and at the last second missed it and hit the tire. no other cars on the interstate hit us at all. it was a miracle. not one person in all of our 4 cars got hurt a single bit. so we got the two other cars onto the side of the road and we all piled into 2 cars to wait. police came and we sat there for like half hour and then finally we all went to 711 by takin two trips w/ one of the cars that was ok. we had to wait there for another car to beable to take us all home cuz we couldnt pile 15 ppl into 2 cars. so we hung out at 711 for like an hour or more. it was fun tho. so we finally got home. praise God. we know satan must be scared of us tryin to get us in a wreck like that. wow. so we are so thankful that God got us thru all that safely.

12 February 2003

glad my art history test is over. i studying all last night and today and i think that i did so good on it. it was multiple choice so that helped me alot. i got a 'b' on my quiz so i want to keep the streak going.

announcement: if anyone is interested. we started a christians artist group. we are called 'the fingerpainters'. we are going to be doing collaberative peices w/ musicians, dancers, artists, and acting. we are looking for all of the above but musicians the most. if you are interested and you feel like this is something that God wants you to be involved in then email me. peace

11 February 2003

takin a break from studying for art history. i have my first test this semester tomrrow. i did really good on my quiz that i took last wednesday. i thought i failed it w/ a double f but i got a 'b' on it. so i was pumped about that. i feel like i know this information pretty well in general. doz ate for the first time today. ever since i got her she wouldnt eat anything i put in her bowl. but i bought this betta food off my roomate that she had extra and it is like this shrimp bone or something. and she likes that. she ate two peices. i thought she was gonna never eat. i just fed her again. she loves that shrimp. good girl loves meat just like me. so today i almost missed class cuz i was lookin on the blogskins site tryin to find a new skin for this blogger. i always like to change the look of it for some reason. i really like these colors but i just get bored after awhile. i didnt find one that i really liked tho. so im stickin w/ this look. but i did get something new. a tagboard. it is cool. you can just write right off my page instead of havin to click the link to sign the guestbook and everything. so i am suporrting your laziness. so now all you have to do is scroll down a bit and type in and all done. ill be expecting many more ppl to write me now. ok im gonna stop procrastinating now. peace

10 February 2003

there are pictures of doz the fish on my pic page. check her out. she was a good model

09 February 2003

hey kids. i got a fishy. this will me 4th attempt. if it goes like the first 3 then i feel bad for it. it ya didnt know already. the first 2 fish i got died w/in a week. and the 3 fish that me and my roomate got last semester died w/in 6 hours. i hope this one lives. she is precious. it is actually a male fish but im saying its a girl. she is beautiful. she has a white body w/ a green,red, orange, and blue tail; and she has green eyelids [i just noticed that a minute ago actually and i like her even more now]. i named her doz. she is staring at me right now. i think she is mad at me cuz i got her suck a small fish bowl. but i liked it. it is cute. and i drew black outlined stars all over it. i tryed to put little arm men in her bowl so she wouldnt be lonely but all they did was float on top and she got really angry and tryed to beat them up. so i took them out and i will glue them to something another day. tonight was sallies bday party. it was really fun. we all crowded into her apartment. there was probly around 60 ppl there at one point. the catch was...you had to dress up as a character from a movie or tv show or you could be a prop. it was cool seeing everyone. i dressed up as punky brewster. ha. ill have pictures on my pic page soon. i made sallie this heart out of cardboard. after i finished it i really wanted to keep it cuz i liked it so much. arg. but it was my present to her and she liked it so i am glad.

send out a search team...i lost my fav black beanie that i just got.
good night kids. Jesus- i love you.

07 February 2003

tonight went great. we did a speghetti dinner fundraiser at our church for the conference that we college kids are going to. we set it up into an italian theme [the best]. and we served the ppl and everything. it was from around 5:30-8 and we made about 420 bones. split between everyone was around 40 bones a peice. it was really fun and the speghetti was good. i have pictures on my picture page of the night if you want to see them. the link to my picture page is over on the right. peas

06 February 2003

yea. so the other day i was in the thrift store in williamsburg and i found a sabrina ward harrison book. now her books are amazing. she does art journals. every single page is amazing. the cool part. i was on a run of findin good books that day. i ended up buying like 6. her book i bought for 3 bones! when the normal price is 22 bones. i was so pumped. and i love it. i have a link to her page under my links on the right. check her out. please
yea so we had a meeting for the house some of us girls are gettin next year. we got a tour of the house and got to ask the landlord lots of questions. it was awesome and im so excited. there are lots of details. maybe ill write about them later. did i tell you im going to add yarn dreads to my head? yes..burgandy and dark gray ones. and i think that i want to go get stickers made. if i do im goin to get them from [stickerguy.com]. i have on a green sweater today. i dont want to go to c&p. i might see 'the ring' tonight at byrd theater. cheetos are good. i used to eat them everyday in middle skool and i got sick of them and didnt start eating them again until this year. im excited about it. you have to eat them one by one and suck the cheese off each one and then after youve killed the bag then..and only then can you lick your fingers. and by then there is suck a layer of cheese it feels like you got 2 more cheetos. did i tell you that i went to 929 the other night and my favorite sticker grafiti artist was there selling his prints and stickers. i got lots of free stickers and i bought 3 of his prints for 20 bones which is really good. i was pumped. so yea i have a candle that is a pilgrim..so what? time for class. can i tell you a secret? ....youre cool if you sign my guestbook....