17 November 2002

we saw the inside of our house! the one we are livin in next year. we were drivin by it and i was like lets go see the house and emily was like no i dont feel right its late and it is a house of guys...and me and abi were like ok drop us off we want to see it...so emily turned around and there was a parkin spot open right in front of the house so she changed her mind. abi was prayin...God give us an opportunity..and this guy walked by and i said...he lives in the house i bet...and what doya know...he does! so i said" scuseme this might sound weird but this house rocks and we have always wanted to see the inside...so he was like sure. and he gave us a full tour. it was awesome how the Lord did that. and the house is so amazing. im so excited about livin there next year. i cant wait

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