10 December 2002

yea so i havent really been home in a few days. friday night i went to dinner w/ the girls for emilys birthday. then i came home for a bit and then went to hang out w/ meaghan and mike. i had been in a bad mood pretty much that night and it was fun hangin out w/ them. i love hangin out with those two. we watched the silence of the lambs. the other night i went and saw red dragon and so i wanted to see the other two. so now i still have to see hanibal but i will eventually. so that night we went to bed at 4 in the morning and the next day we woke up at 3. so we went to hibbs at 430..got togo food and then came back at 5 and got dinner. saturday my parents came to richmond to go to dinner w/ their friends...so me,mike, and meaghan drove over there to meet them. [the trouple met the parents] thennn we went to see the matrix at the byrd theater. late night..bout 3 am bed time. church the next morn at 11 and then a long night ahead. me and meaghan stayed up all night studyng and talking. we went to bed at 830 am. it was a really fun night. memories. good times. once we fell asleep-the maid came to vacuum the hall. i never knew a vacuum was so loud until then. then meaghan had to go to class so i walked back to my dorm at 1130 and slept till 4. thennn i got up went to eat..talked to dave for a bit and then went to meaghans. then we went to hot topic and got hair bleach. we bleached my dreads and put blond streaks in her hair. thennn we went to the commons and ate some food and thennn i went back home to work on art projects for today. today is i think easier then i thought it was goin to be. we are basically just turning in our portfolios. im eating speghetti and meatballs. peace. update for now

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