25 November 2002

a day before thanxgiving break. so so thankful. last night was spent all day studying to find out a really think i didnt do very well on the quiz. this morning i was so tired and yea. so after that i went to english and found out that i dont have to come to class on wednesday. praise Jesus cuz now i can come home tuesday night. so after english i came back to my dorm and chilled until i went to lunch and chilled with dave for a bit then met kat to sell our english books. then i chilled w/ her until we went to the seminar on studying abroad and on preparing our portfolio for applying for our major next semester. then me,kat ,and meaghan hung out for a bit. and me and meaghan went over to 711 to spy on this guy for kat. and she found this turtle...a cement one. and she didnt take it so i did! ha! its fun hangin out w/ them. after that i went back home to my dorm and started workin on a drawing for drawin fundamentals. i had to draw a still life. [claire says: Lauren is so not cool. She gets all the easy teachers and she gets to leave tomorrow. I'm so frickin' jealous. but that's okay. i'm okay. really... i am.... UGGGHHHHH NOT FAIR!!!!!!!] so tonight hopefully i will get to bed early. but not likely. tomorrow morn i dont have class until 9 instead of 820. that rocks. sleep! ill be coming home tomorrow!!! yay

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