05 October 2002

tonight was cool. it was first friday tonight which is...well the first friday of every month all the galleries get new art shows up. so me, emily, lilian, kent, and courtney went down broad street to a lot of the galleries. my favorite one was prolly artspace b/c they had matt lively's work in there. on my picture page i put up the pictures from tonight if ya want to see them. there are a few of matts work up. it was cool walkin around broad at night cuz well first friday is a big thing. it only happens once a month and so the artists are there to meet and its kind of like a open house w/ food and stuff. so a lot of ppl come out to go to the galleries. they were all packed. it was my first time goin. we didnt get to go to main street galleries but thats ok. i want to start goin to every first friday. it was very cool. there were like ppl playin live music in some of the galleries and some outside the galleries. so we walked around for a few hours or less. and then at 930 i went to byrd theater and saw 'bourne identity' i hadnt seen it before..i really liked it tho. it was good. there have been alot of movies in byrd that i wanted to see but i missed them cuz i never got around to goin. so im glad i actualy went this week. and i might go back again to see princess bride to saturdays midnight movie.

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