17 December 2002

great story for you kids. tonight...my first night home was great. i got home around 630 and went to meet my family at shaklefords cuz they were eating dinner there. then i went by starbucks..picked up some caramel fraps for me and joy and then went to the farinos to then go to the other farino house. it was girls night. there were like 15 girls...more or less there. and we played catch phrase and scatigories. it was really fun. then at 945 we went to see 'maid in manhatten' it was cute chick flick. i liked it. the guy in it tho i cant see him in any other movie except red dragon. but yea. so after the movie we went back to shannons and played more games. we left there around 230 and i made my way home. i was on 199 and i had on my brights..b/c yea there arent any cars out at 230 in the morning. i was off day dreamin or somethin and i guess i forgot to turn off my brights..this car turned around and was behind me all the way to rt 5. i didnt really suspect anything tho. i just was tired and want to come home and go to sleep. so yea by the time i got to williamsburg crossing the cops lights went off so i pulled over...ha now listen to this, this is halarious. she walked up and asked for my license and registration and i gave her my license and had to ask her what my registration looked like...ha. so she asked me if i had been drinking and i was acting tired and nervous i guess so she thought i was drunk. so she told me to get out of my car and she made me do all these drug tests. one of them was i had to say my abc's starting from c and go to p. and i forgot what was after k...haha. so that great. so i did like 4 other tests. and i was scared b/c i obviously hadnt been drinkin but i was just really nervous anyways cuz just being in the presence of a cop questioning me...just freaked me out. so then she walkie talkie her other cop friend and he came. he was this cool asian dude. so she searched my car and he shined a flash light on me. yea i was shakin cuz it was freezing out and i asked him if i could put my hands in my pockets and he asked me if he could search me first...ha. so yea thennnn the lady came back and she said that she was gonna let me off and asked me once again if i had been drinkin and even tho she was lettin me off she told me she thought i had been drinkin. haha so i went home laughing. and yes i waved to them on my way out...how great of a story is that to tell the grandkids. what i learned from this situation: i now know what a registration looks like, and man those tests are rediculous. night po po's

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