17 October 2002

here are two entries that my friend mike put on his site [http://save-the-humans.blogspot.com/] talkin about 2 of the very interesting homeless ppl in richmond....these two were especially funny so i thought id share . these are just

Biker Quacker
I dont know much about this crazy guy. He looked homeless, dirty and all, but I dont know for sure. He quacks down the street riding his bike, yeah i said quacks. He quacked and waved at me walking down the street, and i quacked back as if to say have a nice day and he kept riding along. After a few seconds i burst out laughing, rolling on the ground. I've only seen him twice, but it sure makes my day when i do see him. I dont know if he thinks hes a duck, or he just knows the quacking language. I dont know if he even knows english...?

No cell phone lady
Now, this lady I've only seen once, on the bus. She was cursing out profanities, and making all sorts of noise. At first i thought she was talking to someone, but i looked around and no one was talking to her, and everyone on the bus was looking at her wierd. So I guessed that she was either crazy or has had a bad day or something. I continued to watch her and realized she kept putting her hand up to her ear and talking, like it was a cell phone. She kept yelling into it, and when she hung up she pressed a button on her hand. She kept doing this the whole ride, and it was entertaining but i felt bad. I guess she had no one to talk to, so she pretended to be talking in a cell phone to someone, cursing and laughing it up. She appeared to be homeless, shaggy and carring alot of bags with clothes and newspapers. Maybe she just needed a friend to talk to, but she seemed a little too hostile for me to just go up and say hi. Maybe next time i see her i will buy her one of those fake candy cell phones, so she will actually be talking into something other than her imaginary phone.

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