27 October 2008

its been a week since i mailed my absentee ballot application and i had yet to receive my ballot. so i waited for the mail to come today hoping it would arrive and it didnt so i called Richmond city to inquire about where it might be. after they got all my information to look me up in the computer she sadly informed me that i was not found, that i was not registered. she told me that i have to re-register every two years (and the last day to register was oct6). is this true? because as of now i offcially can NOT vote!

ill cry

22 October 2008


so much faster and more fun then my cruiser
thanks craigslist

21 October 2008

the mysterious beast kitten

i got a new job at another restaurant. and me Stephanie lined up our schedules so that we both have Sunday through Tuesday off. so last week we decided to go camping. it was quite the adventure. we got off to a late start and drove out to West Virginia, right near Harper's ferry, in the mountains at an old civil war grounds. we arrived around 8 and the sun had already set. this was Lady's first camping trip- and she was 'on high alert' as Stephanie would say. we set up the tent that Laney just gave me, luckily it is a tiny two person tent that only has two poles. after we collected wood for the fire, we came back and while we were cooking dinner on the camp stove was when we saw 'it'- the mysterious beast. it was a white animal of some sorts and from far away we couldn't tell how big it was- but my first thought went back to the guy at the camp office who told us there were a lot of stray cats. Stephanie had a different idea and lady was definitely getting really flustered. so Stephanie collected rocks to throw for our defense and we continued w our meal and s'mores. after we cleaned everything up Stephanie said, 'you think we should make a bed in the car just in case?" which meant- 'lets sleep in the car.' soooo that's what we did. and sooner or later 'it' came back. lady saw it right away and started shaking and growling in her cute little scared way, not even brave enough to bark. it circled the camp and made its way to the picnic table. i flashed my lights so that i could try and make out what it was and just laughed as it ran away bc it was small and had long white hair w a black face. house cat. maybe possum but definitely not a scary mountain cat. lady eventually calmed down and we all fell asleep.

the morning came quick and i was hoping 'it' was going to come back so i could prove true but of course not. after we broke down the tent we decided to go into the town of Harper's ferry which ended up being probably one of the cutest tiny historical towns I've ever seen. we were followed by swarms of gnats. hopefully not bc we smelled but bc the town was infested w them for some odd reason. we snuck threw someones yard to wander around the graveyard and walked the whole town. those kind of towns are so beautiful and intricate but the ppl are probably just as narrow (minded) as the streets. just might be lynched at the town hall for being gay. but we did leave w having an amazing pulled pork sandwich and some pumpkin/vanilla custard.

20 October 2008

i rode my new bike down to union station to mail off my absentee ballot application form. this election is very important. please vote. (unless you plan on voting for mccain, then dont bother)

what a nightmare

17 October 2008

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” -Dr. Seuss

16 October 2008

"Oh God I'm Gay is a new weekly audio podcast with host Alicia Ross introducing you to a variety of accomplished community and spiritual leaders from all different faiths, backgrounds, and points of view. She aims to gain insight into their unique spiritual journeys while exploring relevant social issues that affect the LGBT community."

this is obviously something that haunts me. not necessarily in a bad way but its something that i has been a constant battle for me in my head. just the way i have been told to think for so long. and going through a phase of trying to run from my convictions- but i know that God is not someone i can hide from. but at the same time i will not deny my homosexuality. so the dichotomy remains and will remain. this podcast will help me hear from ppl in the ministry or that are living a spiritual life and are gay. ppl that went through the same thing i am. hopefully ill be able to find someone in dc that i can meet w in person. spiritual counseling is something i kind of crave right now

15 October 2008

lots of thought has been provoked. there is more then one reason why i moved to dc.

i have a lot of free time right now. one- because i just have one job right now that is giving me only 1-3 shifts a week. and two- bc i dont know that many ppl around here yet. but i think there is a reason for this season in my life. to really face myself and my thoughts. this is more then scary. all my insecurities surface when i am not able to distract myself. im really lucky to have stephanie to encourage me through this.

just finished this the other day. amazing book. it follows the story of a 9 y/o boy whos dad died in sept 11th. the boy finds a key in his dads room and makes it his goal to find out what the key opens. those who love the movie everything is illuminated need to read this book. (i have yet to read the novel that inspired it but am planning on it very soon- bc the book is always better then the movie) it is the latest book by the same author. such a detailed writer. the book really makes you want to keep reading and even has pictures!

this book is a series of essays. some are good some failed to hold my attention, but in general it's a pretentious but funny book. he does make some very good points about pop culture that's for sure.

this is my current read. it is written one of my favorite authors, who also wrote Tuesdays with Morrie and five people you meet in heaven. the first few chapters leave me very intrigued.

even though i hate the cold i am excited to fall back into hibernation for the winter and get caught up in lots of books. I'm not gonna buy my scooter till the spring bc i know ill neglect it. plus i have been enjoying my 6 block walk to the bus stop and effortless $1.35 ride to work.

10 October 2008


Montreal was indeed as endearing as id imagined and crossing the border was very 'ex'citing. even tho a french speaking midget did not greet us at the door of our hostel, everything else was quite perfect. we had our own little key to our own private little wooden gypsy caravan. it was just the right size for us. we got an unlimited metro card to freely tote us around for 6 days. and we went everywhere. we saw every part of the city and the part we stayed in, the old city, was by far my favorite. the whole city is very European feeling, besides the fact that everyone speaks french. the streets are narrow and lead to lots of intriguing alleys. its a place i could see us living. i liked the juxtaposed feeling of similarity amongst newness and variety. the feeling of being in another country but yet being close to home. (i don't like that there isn't an additional stamp in my passport.)