31 January 2003

today was interesting. well last night i was lookin online on the knotty boy dread site and i found out there was a place in richmond that sells their products. it is actually the only one in virginia and it is 4 miles down the road. it rocks. me and mike went there. it is called ellwood thompson, it is a organic and all natural product store. i bout some knotty boy shampoo and mike got some tea. after that we went all over town to 8 different places tryin to get stores to sell knotty boy stuff. we went to -the african house, the ghana house, picasso moon, urban artifacts, look salon, kristopherjon's salon, and a bead shop. the first place we went we got the biggest shaft ever. she didnt even give us a chance to talk. but the rest of the places were pretty open and are gonna call knotty boy. so it was really fun bein fake reps for them and hopefully we will get a place around here that will sell it so i dont have to order it offline anymore. plus if someone does start sellin their stuff then i will get free stuff. eee. so we will see. if you know of a place that might sell their stuff then tell me. [www.knottyboy.com] also today i got some wooden beads for my hair. they are sweet ones w/ different patterns.

30 January 2003

God is so awesome and faithful. yesturday i was readin in ephesians and i saw in eph. 4:1...paul says "lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God." that really spoke to my heart. so often we dont feel worthy of what God has called us to do and so we get frustrated and let the devil come in and make us doubt what God is doing in our life. we need to walk in the assurance of Christ b/c his calling is final. we will walk in the calling and the will of God whether we take the long way to get there or the short way by living a life worthy of our calling. man.
[eph 3:18 and 19 says..." and may you have the power to understand, as all God's people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love really is. may you experience te love of Christ, though it is so great you will never fully understand it. Then you will be filled with the fullness of the life and power that comes from God."
that is so powerful. God's love for us is without measure- I want as much of it as i can get. holy, holy, holy is the Lord.

29 January 2003

Jesus help me. please Lord. i love you

27 January 2003

hiya. yea i had a good birthday. i went home for the weekend. and i got to hang out w/ my family and friends. my family took me out to dinner and we went to see 'stomp' at chrystler hall. it was an amazing show. i definately recommend everyone to see it. thanx to everyone who made my day so good.

23 January 2003

mornin. i took a shower. you should congradulate me. so today was freakin cold. it was like 14 degrees or something crazy like that. my face fell off like 6 times. so im two weeks into my second semester. i think that i am going to like this semester alot better then last. my teachers seems alot better and my classmates i like alot better too. i actually talk to more then two of them. the kids in my classes last semester were all really shy and never talked. i have a great time w/ these kids this semester. this weekend i get to see 'stomp' i have always wanted to go to one of their shows. i am excited. also this weekend i am gettin my dreads worked on. they need some help. i want them to lock already. k i really have nothing to talk about so i need to stop. mwah
i made a duck taped striped sleeping bag out of paper grocery bags

21 January 2003

Lord i thank you that you are glorified my weaknesses. in my weakness is where your strength comes through. Jesus- continue to break me and draw me closer and closer to you. im so glad that you showed me that even in my immaturity you still like me and you think that i am beautiful. i am dark but lovely.
'worth it all'
by rita springer

i dont understand your ways
but i will give you my song
and ill give you all of my praise

you hold on to all my pain
you hold on to all my shame
and with it you are pulling me closer
pulling me into your ways

now around every corner
and up every mountain
im not looking for crowns anymore
or the water from fountains
im desparate in seeking
frantic, believing
the sight of your face
is all that im needing....i will say to you
oh, its gonna be worth it
its gonna be worth it
its gonna be worth it all

19 January 2003

im at jmu. i came up here on thursday. it has been a great dandy time hangin out w/ the girls. i always love coming up here so much. another thing that i love is that i dont have skool on fridays. woot [as claire would say] so i still got one more day here. i really dont want to leave. but i am glad that i know that where ever i go Jesus comes w/ me.

15 January 2003

hi. havent talked to ppl online in a whole two days. it is hard but i know the Lord will reward me for it. I am enjoying learning more and more about the Lord and his love for me. this sacrifice is nothing compared to the life of sacrifice that i should be living for my Jesus. i am reading the book of Jeremiah in the Bible. and it is really powerful. i am tryin to read one chapter per night. and really meditate on it. i am really beginning to see the jealousy the Lord has for his people, his bride. He is so in love with us. so tonight was my first psycology class. the teacher strolled in in his leather biker looking jacket. and then he started talking and seriously didnt stop for 2 hours. he must be genious. he seriously only stopped to think only one time. and he was talking like a thousand words per minute. so fast. but i am interested in it all. i think that it will be a good learning class. and a good excuse not to take notes is that he talks so fast it would be impossible. that is the lecture class. tomorrow night is the psycology lab. i wander how much different that is going to be or what we would learnin there compared to the lecture class. we'll see i guess. today i also got to have lunch w/ my dad. he came up to visit me :) i was excited to hang out w/ him. we went to panda garden. i put a sponge bob poster on my sealing last night. there is a close pin on the side of my moniter. i hope that it doesnt snow thursday b/c i am going to JMU this weekend. well im plannin on it unless i get snowed in. and im pumped there there is no skool monday. martin luther king jr is a cool guy. he deserves a shout out...and a holiday too. i need to bleach my hair again. if you want to talk to me email me please. and dont worry bout me not writing you back. i will probly get back to you as soon as you write me or short after. plus if you write me an email then i will feel popular. sponge bob salutes you.

13 January 2003

back to skool.back to skool
so today was my first day back to skool this second semester this freshman year. i only had one class. art history. my teacher seems hard but she seems cool. she actually talks to us and like interacts w/ us and asks us questions and stuff. she said that this semester we are going to pretend that we are art historians. and we are going to learn what to do as a art historian. should be interesting. for a few minutes i was thinkin bout droppin the class and pickin up another one at another time b/c yes she is goin to have lots of pop quizzes and 3 exams and a museum critique.eeesh. i got my books today and chilled w/ my ppl and hit up the hibb. tomorrow starts the second day of this second semester this freshman year. yea you get the point. so all of the art foundations program is going to be in this new building. well actually it is a parking deck. but on top of the deck is where we are gonna have all of our classes. which is cool but .well we'll see. i went to see the locker gallery [50 B] it was really cool. and some other gallery downstairs of the painting and printmaking building [yea that huge art building] and there were some sweet paintings in there. the girl who does the cool shirts that i like. the screen printed ones. yea she had 2 paintings in there. and i want to go back and take pictures of them cuz they rocked my face. k thats all for now. peas

09 January 2003

hey kids. man sorry i have been so unfaithful in writing. well i have been tryin to stay offline for these past few days. ive been spendin time w/ the Lord and listening to tape series teachings and soaking in all that i can of this man Jesus. i want him more then anything and everything. i long to just know his emotions and thoughts and to walk in such a close relationship w/ him. Lord extend my mind capacity to beable to receive your love for me.

03 January 2003

i just got back from kansas city yesturday. all i can say is. wow. Jesus is doing so much amazing things there. he revealed to me so many things about himself. there is a 24 hour prayer there [international house of prayer] and it is like nonstop prayer and worship. it has been going and has never stopped for 3 1/2 years now. there is such an anointing and an open heaven. i am falling in love w/ my first love once again, my Jesus. i am lovesick. i just have to know Him more. i want to be known as a friend of Jesus.