13 December 2003

hey. hope everyone had a good thanxgiving break and good luck on exams and finishing out the semester. time for another month and a half long break for xmas. yay. im gonna miss bein in richmond. mwah

30 November 2003

b/c of thanxgiving break i couldnt pass out flyers so here is my flyer. tomorrow i am gonna be singing!! at a showcase. here is all the info. i am not gonna be the only one singing..there is also gonna be alot of poetry, songs that ppl wrote, dance and art displayed. please come i would love it.
here is the info:

tomorrow night [dec 1st]
the commons underground
starting at 7:30 pm

'inside the velvet ropes'
a christian group showcases this...talent.

FREE admission

19 November 2003

107 FM
by Lauren D'Auria

Jesus tune me to your station
so that i may hear your voice.
even if i am talking
please feel free to interupt
my ongoing babbling and clanging symbols
that i might add.
my rags of filthiness-
yearning to be depleted
by your full incarnation,
for the mystery to no longer be
but to be revealed through me.

09 November 2003

blerbs written by me. complete: i duno.

in reverence i come
i curtsy with a feeling of profound awe
of only you.
let me drink from the river
of your pleasure,
from the river of desire,
that i may serve you acceptably.
i will worship you with fear.
i long to be pleasing to you
and that only comes by faith;
may you longer be defamed
by my lack there of.
what does a mustard seed look like?
so i can find one and name it after you.
your grace is not an excuse
for my sin nature to thrive,
but is an empowerment:
the essence of power
behind a life of obediance,
the ability to follow through.
we are receiving a kingdom
that cannot be shaken
for my God is a consuming fire.
my heart can not beat fast enough for you.

put your hand over my neck.
filter the thoughts that come into my mind
so that all that goes through is only what you allow.
cover my mouth except for words you recall,
that are solely in your vocabulary.
i might mess up but let words that are heard
be only the ones you approve.
bleep out the rest that remain.
Lord i dont want to waste my time.
when ppl ask me questions i want to know the response
i want you to trust me enough with your words and your wisdom.
dont let me sit in truth and not reciprocate.
dont let me be so jealous of your love
that i dont share with those around

27 October 2003

eph 1:17
asking God the glorious father to give me the spiritual wisdom and understanding, so that i might grow in knowledge of Him.
how that by revelation He made known to me the mystery by which, when i read, i may understand my knowledge in the mystery of Christ

17 October 2003

15 October 2003

Lord this weight i feel i cary-
in reality is only the deception i have
of the weight which i dont actually have
because your blood Jesus
has already covered it and taken its burden
Lord stain me forever so that the best of launders
can not remove your hand upon my life.
grip me with ruin
to never look back or think about return
for how can i say that the life before was better
than a life of wonder and mysteries divine
wash away all of me until what remains
is the countenance of the fullness of you

14 October 2003

the mystery play
by Lauren D'Auria

Jesus the behind the scenes you
stands behind the curtain
with but a rip down the center
and uses us as your mouth and your body
the controller of the strings smiles
as people applaud our elegance
when yet we are only a tool
to show the radiance of you
there is no intermission in this play
the play continues
every act in the mind of the writer
scenes are seen beforehand
and played and replayed in his head
the title of the play
does not reflect the finale
did you read the program?

09 October 2003

determined sacrifice
by Lauren D'Auria

nothing i desire compares to you
not my lasting longing ability
to understand you
because it is your vast ability
in grace that trumps it all to allow.
just let me position myself
to receive and to be set free.
i want to meet your four fold love.
its the knowledge of the way
you Jesus feel about me
that will be my recovery.
when i stand fascinated by you
i remain spiritually safe .
i want to encounter the deep depths.
the word that comes to mind
about you Jesus is speechless,
Lord you are priceless
Jesus you are worth
all the time i don't have

06 October 2003

the cobwebs of the earth are being torn down
it is done by the seperate
not the separate from but the seperate unto
unto the Lord we are.
every breathe let it be a prophecy
agreeing with the wind
representing and standing in the gap for life
feeling and being the unseen
we cant see the wind
but we can feel it so we know its real
we cant see you
but cant deny the reality of you either

04 October 2003

its the knowledge of the way Jesus feels about you that will be your recovery.

God loves you as much as God loves God [john 15:9]

28 September 2003

one year dreadlock anniversary today!

26 September 2003

ponder knowledge fruit
by Lauren D'Auria

Jesus your name is on repeat in my head
I'm having trouble not stumbling
over my inadequate knowledge of my knowledge of your face
i spend my time pondering your ways
and my mind is left unfruitful
because your fruit isn't of this earth
i struggle to grasp what you do speak
so let my spirit receive that which i miss
in one ear out the other
caught by my inner man
the game continues.
up all night in the shadow of your fiery eyes i lay
conscious or unconscious
teach to pray without cease
Lord come and enjoy me
Jesus you are my first love
continue to remind me of
your hand in my hand
Im secure with you Lord
how much closer can i come?

22 September 2003

i always hope that what i do portrays God and that i write down what he gives me and make and bring to reality the ideas that he gives me in art. it is hard sometimes though. but i am just wanting to die to myself and what i want. i want to be at a point of resting and a realization of God's grace...today my campus minister was telling us the four different definitions of grace..they are. 1. God's heart towards mankind, 2. a state of being pleasing, 3. unmeritted favor, and 4. God's ability. wow. i mean those are 4 totally different definitions as if they are each describing 4 different words. but no..that is just how vast the Lord is. to only get the revelation of that. it is mind boggling..not trying to sound cheesy. but there aren't the words to explain or express how much freedom we would receive when our heart can agree w/ our mind in this knowledge. ya know? long pondering hours needed. no, more like 'Lord, grant me the brain capacity to even think about it.' ha.

21 September 2003

self change insanity
by lauren d'auria

i no longer want to tolerate this mediocrity.
i came as i am,
but don't let me stay this way.
make me a slave to righteousness.
set me a new set of patterns,
to refrain from this worlds old ways.
i want to become foreign to all those.
don't let satan put me on autopilot.
it doesn't take an outside attack,
for the things within to take me over.
"i can't think that, im dead!
i cant do that, im dead!"
stop this insanity of self change.
I'm in a puzzle without pieces.
i cant change Lord,
if i could i already would have.
create in me a steadfast heart,
because this sin desensitizes me.
ill come to you outside the gate
take me into your environment
where this sin style is starved out,
where i can imitate your faith.
ignorance of God
is a luxury i cant afford.
prepare me for this battle,
to love this fight,
to perceive then receive,
the mindset of your kingdom.
take my eyes off my problem,
so that i can apply your grace to your promise
make me complete in every good work
to do your will
to be well pleasing in your site

20 September 2003

isabel. what i thought was gonna be harmless soon proved me wrong.

she came thru hard core thats for sure. i went home by my parents request and me and my family and some other ppl that my dad works w/ stayed at my dads work. it is underground- which means that i was basically oblivious to what was goin around us. yes the power went out but we got a generator that kept the lights on in one room which was a blessing. so we got there in the morning. 4- my family, 2- a couple, 1- janet, 2- dogs, 1- 82 y/o milly. we spent the majority of the day playng rummykub and cards...rummy 500 and blackjack, and i learned how to play kings of the corner. we had the radios informing us of the news. we had lots of food and battery powered fake lanterns to lead us around. we had to go upstairs to get a signal on our cell phones..that is before they died. and my dad had his little t.v. that kept us company some. my dog bella [a little yorkshire terrior] was continuously being chased around by storm, janets dog, a germain shepard. ha considerable size difference there. bella thought she was bigger and meaner until storm almost attacked her when he found bella eating his food. ha. when it was time for bed we realized that the lights couldnt be turned off so we moved into a small office to sleep. the next morning we got up around 7. my dad was already gone to try and drive over to see if our house made it. we had coffee and awaited his return. when he got back we packed up all our cars, cleaned up our mess and left. we knew that there was alot of damage done but when we actually saw it all it was crazy. the roads were covered w/ trees and branches and leaves are everywhere in site. the light signals are out obviously since the power was still out so traffic was kinda crazy. when we got into our neighborhood everyone was out walkin around just in shock. there were trees down on almost every house. we drove up to our street and couldnt go up it. two trees were down across blocking the road. we parked and got out. the house at the end of our road had three trees on it. one had totally crushed their garage and the roof was peeling up. another house had trees just leaning on it. we got to our house. our entire drive way was basically covered w/ fallen trees. nothing had hit our house. trees that fell into our driveway looked as if someone trimmed them to fall just shy of hitting our garage. the only damage done was a loose shudder on the porch and a tree fell and broke part of our fence. Praise God he protected it. our 'this house is protected by angels' sign held true. so the rest of the day we moved everything perishable into coolers w/ the ice that we had, cooked on the grill, and my dad started cleanin up the backyard. me and my sister went out on a hunt for ice. we came back after an hour empty handed. the rest of the time that i was ridiculously bored i was thinkin about how our generation is so spoiled and how we cry if the power is out for as short of a time as 1 day. its like we think we have nothin to do if we cant watch tv or get online. true? so yea. i also was playing the piano alot and lookin at magazines and eating ofcourse. i drove around town to check up on my friends to see how they made it. everyone is safe. today i did the same things...played piano mostly and walked around. i took my dog for a walk. i re-dyed my hair [oh yea by the way if anyone doesnt know...i dyed my hair dark brown w/ a slight red tint.] its pretty sweet. so i got a call saying that the power came back on at my apartment so that means i no longer have an excuse not to do school work. so now i am back in richmond. and becky said she is glad to have me back :) i feel special.

16 September 2003

unzip my heart mouth
by Lauren D'Auria

how can my heart mouth express
the words that just cant come about.
no words sum up one ounce.
my mouth is zipped,
only to be unzipped by your hand.
reach in and pull me out of this
bondage of body,
this constraining worshipless.
let me jump out of my skin,
to be in spirit and in truth.
untape my arms from my side.
raise them beyond length.
unglue my feet from this weight.
gravity, can it not be an issue here?
can i be even more foolish then this?
let me step beyond time
where clocks are not,
into the realm of my love
i only want to be where you are.
let me sing of the glory
that's due to your name Jesus

09 September 2003

lost welcome back
by Lauren D'Auria

her once focused eyes
wander about
sway sway ponder too hard
the God shaped void is stretched
is manipulated to fit other fillers
there are no other fillers
she knows the truth
but chooses to ignore
the light at the end of the tunnel

Lord let her break
that You might catch her tears
Lord let her fall
that You might help her up again
let her trip
so she might look to see her way

miserableness flys around
like a nat on her fruit
swat swat try too hard
draw her to yourself
hit bottom
bounce back up
redirect her directions
pride overtaking her soul
will eat her away

Lord let her break
that You might catch her tears
Lord let her fall
that You might help her up again
let her trip
so she might look to see her way

I come standing in the gap
my precious two and a half after twin
pray pray she will change
prodigal girl can no longer be satisfied
w/ pig trophs and slave work
freedom comes
with admitance of sin
satans anger will roar
but there is no longer a bite

Jesus has won her over
she has broke
her eyes swell and overflow
she has fallen
arms wide open raised up
she has tripped
eye window sills beam light

welcome back my love
its nice to finally meet you
today the new John mayer cd comes out 'Heavier things' check it out.

youve won my affection
youve captured my heart
you have my devotion
my worship is yours.

04 September 2003

constantly not ceasing
by Lauren D'Auria

my heart is at the point of seeking more impartation and wisdom of the Lord.
i gotta keep my eyes like a dove.
i need to see that you get the honor that you deserve God,
and that Jesus receives the reward for his suffering.
what i do in my free time determines my destiny.
i want to be on my face at your feet.
constant state of worship before my one and only.

28 August 2003

by Lauren D'Auria

i always pray for more love,
for more compassion, but
Jesus is love
and Jesus is in me, living in me. alive
Jesus said that we could love Him as the Father loves Him
Love covers a multitude of sins
When you know the height, depth and length of the love of the Lord,
you can walk in the fullness of God
Love is powerful.
some ppl think love is a weakness.
Love breaks all weakness b/c it is a living contridiction
if you dont know true love, then
Love can bring fear, but
Love casts out all fear
Jesus was the ultimate example of Love
Jesus is love.

24 August 2003

lost for good
by Lauren D'Auria

ive lost myself for good with in your promise
im lost for good within your mysteries
im left wandering amongst your beauty
like a dove soley gazing upon the depth of all of you
im left wandering in your wonder
in awe of your mercy
i only want to be where you are
in the secrets of the secret place
revealed behind closed doors
where my heart is left exposed before my king
where my heart is left on my sleave
deep within the midst of my soul longs for you
i ache for you
to know you
to understand you
give me a glimpse of just a fraction of you
in your power and dominion
fire of fires ignite my fire
speak to me
change me
i give my life to you

there is this amazing song that i have been listening to by united live from hillsongs in austrailia. and there is one line in the song that says 'ive lost myself for good within your promise' [the first line of my poem] and i have just been thinkin how amazing that line is. like i am lost for good. i am ruined for this world, from now on there is no turning back. mm so i want to grow in such knowledge of the Lord and understanding of him and be at the point that sharing the gospel is far from just being a chore. but where it is an overflow of my love for the Lord that i would just talk about him with complete joy.

20 August 2003

back to school. back to school. blah

13 August 2003

blah. school is comin up. i duno how excited i am to go back. im excited about livin in the apartment w/ all the girls. i know it will be alot of fun. and hopefully ill like everything about goin into my major and stuff. i might end up switching majors. we'll see. so yea im still in the burg, still havent heard from old navy, i finished reading wild at heart and the titus diaires so now i am about to start the timothy diaries. there are lots more books that i have and want that i want to read. got alot of catchin up to do. hopefully during skool i will still have enough time to read alot. i will make time if i really want to i guess. i just need to break my internet addiction. that will give me a few extra hours per day to read. this weekend i am goin to jmu. im excited.

go to this website at support taylor:


05 August 2003

hey. so yea i still am waiting to hear from old navy to see whether i got the job or not. so during the waiting time i have been at home in the burg just hangin out w/ my fam and the farinos and friends and reading alot.

books i finished reading in the past two weeks:
-master potter [by jill austin]
-the silas diaries [gene edwards]
-kiss the girls and made them cry [lisa bevere]

books i am reading now:
-wild at heart [by john eldridge]
-the titus diaries [gene edwards]

they are all amazing books. check them out if ya like to read. [the Lord has really delt w/ me about reading. i used to hate to read and i would rebel from it and never ever read and think i was cool. but recently i just have been reading alot and i love it. i hope the Lord presses me to read more and more.

14 July 2003

interesting information that i have never thought of asking about but wanted to know the answer to

: : : : i was asked this question today in class. what does the saying the birds and bees have to do with having sex.

: "Ah, what a beautiful day. The birds are out. The bees are trying to have sex with them ... as of my understanding."

Ah.Now we come to the heart of your problem. No, indeed, the bee is not having sex with the bird. Or vice (pardon the pun) versa. The bees are happily doing it within their own species. Likewise the birds (singing for a reason) are breeding with their own. The phrase "birds and bees" is a way of communicating common, visible examples of sexual activity to illuminate the idea that all living creatures breed and propagate. The example (or synecdoche, if you will) is a means of illustrating this truth to children.
today my parents came up to see me. ym mom bought me some curtains for my windows since they are huge and in the moring it is so bright and i wake up sweating. so sewed them for me to fit the window and then they came up to put them up and everything. i love my parents. then me and anne and them went out to dinner. but around 11:30 pm things got interesting. i was over at megan and xtina's apartment just hangin out and helpin megan put together her microwave stand when all of a sudden my phone rings. it was anne. she said 'lauren do you know the emergency number to reach steve rula b/c the fire alarm is going off on the third floor and i called 911 and the fire department are coming. i dont smell smoke or anything tho.' so i walked back over to my apartment and the fire truck was in the middle of n.morris. and a fireman greeted me and 4 more did as i walked up the stairs. they all asked me if i lived on the third floor. and i let them down when i said no. but they had already broke the door down and gotten in. the informed me that there was no fire but there was just faulty detectors and that they couldnt turn them off. so me, anne and one other fireman walked down the alley to try and find steve rula [our landlords] house to get him and ask him about it. ends up we run into a guy who works for him and he goes and gets the other part owner of our apartment. so he comes over and they figure out ..using my new ladder that i just bought today to put up my new curtains [that my mom made for me that i like alot and im very thankful for] with...that there was a water leak from the roof and it was dripping right thru the detector and that set it off. so they turned it off eventually but it still chirps once in awhile. so meanwhile during all this was going on - me and anne were downstairs w/ jimmy and the fireman taking pictures of the fire truck and of anne in front of the fire truck and i was playing w/ a bouncy ball that we found in our mailbox. and then after everyone left me and anne went to see how bad the door was. and we took a picture of us pretending to kick it in. fun night. and that was all around midnight. so even more fun. neighbors across the street were staring out their windows watching and wondering what was going on. it was fun.

11 July 2003

so tonight i went to my first real hardcore show. i went w/ kim, anne, and josh to alley katz to see -norma jean and stretch arm strong. so yea it was interesting. the music was good. it is not really my type of music but by the end of the show i was liking it. the best part of it tho was watching the crowd from the balcony. it was worth being up there where heat rises and it being hot as mess b/c watching those boys was great. they are all crazy when they mosh. they do all these hardcore "dances". norma jean is a christian band. so thats cool. it shows me that the Lord can really use anything to further his kingdom. this was also my first time going to a show at alley katz. i liked it. its small. its not my favorite tho. kim was friends w/ the merch guy so i ended up gettin a free sticker and shirt. that was cool. so yea i walked out of there thinkin it was a good experience. there are so many different kinds of ppl interested in so many different kinds of things. its great.

10 July 2003

hey. so yea i have been in the burg for the past week now. ive been goin to the beach almost everyday. its great just doing nothing everyday.

03 July 2003

recently i have been on a creative run sorta. i have been taking bible verses and depicting them by working in photoshop. it is really cool and we'll see maybe this is something that the Lord is gonna work thru me with. but here and links to see the two that i have done so far.

[1] song of songs 4:9- "you have ravished my heart, my treasure, my bride. I am overcome by one glance of your eye."
-in the picture i wrote that verse in italian and then really lightly in english inbetween the lines.

[2] psalm 56:8- "you keep track of all my sorrows. you have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book."

sign my guestbook and tell me what you think of them. and send me verses that you would want me to depict for you. i wont gaurantee that i will do it but i just might. aight. peace

01 July 2003

saturday was a great concert day. i drove down to vabeach and got to see mae play twice live. first they played a in-store show at wherehouse music in norfolk on granby st. it was cool. they just played w/ two acoustic guitars and a waterjug. then afterwards we got to 'meet and greet' and i got all their autographs on a free poster i got of mae which is currently hanging on my wall in my room proudly. so in between me and vicki chilled and went and ate at dumars and then i took a nap at her house and then her friend mark came over and we chilled more and then i picked all the beef out of a beef and brocalli and rice stir fry. and then we left to drive back to norfolk for the norva show. the first band wasnt exactly my taste of music. the second band rocked my face. they are called copeland. and if ya didnt see on my upcoming show list they are comin to richmond soon so everyone should go and suport them. then mae came out after them. they were bleeping amazing. one of my fav bands live. i say that alot. i guess i have just seen so many good bands lately. they played some new songs and they ended up playin for over an hour. this is the set list they played including encore. "First they started off with infuturo and then they went right into All Deliberate Speed and Runaway! After Runaway Dave talked about how good it was to be home and how much of an honor it was! After Runaway came This Time is the Last Time and Soundtrack. then they played anything and then Skyline followed by Summertime. After this they played the new song called Everglow and then Sun. After Sun Dave talked about the Summertime video and that it would be playing on mtv2 starting July 13th. After this they did another new song called Suspension and then Dave said this will be our last song and it's appropriately titled Goodbye Goodnight. encore was the following: Tisbury Lane , then Last Call and Finally Embers and Envelopes." (that was not my words- i got it off the mae site) so yea. and today i just lucky found a guy who sent me tisberry lane and anything on aim so im really excited i have those. k. mwah

25 June 2003

i am selling knotty boy dread wax on ebay for 12 dollars. go buy it. good deal and trustworthy seller. thanx. i will see how it goes selling on ebay and i will hopefully have more and more on there for your convenience. thanx to knottyboy's permission i am allowed to sell it on ebay.

24 June 2003

my name means:

Lauren [A free person.]
Anne [Grace, or favoured by God.]

so everytime you call my name you are prophesying over me! amen ill receive it

20 June 2003

ohnoitsANNE: i think we're approaching 100 fly carcases we've collected from our kitchen/dining room area. WE WIN!

14 June 2003

R.I.P gpop

Joe L. Miller
VIRGINIA BEACH -- Joe L. Miller, 79, went to be with the Lord on June 10, 2003 after a long and courageous battle with his illness.

Joe was born in Old Fort, N.C. on Nov. 22, 1923 to Burroughs Charles Miller and Carrie Lytle Miller. He was predeceased by his parents, a brother, B.C. Miller Jr. and a sister, Frances Ansell.

He served three years in the U.S. Army during World War II, including two years in the European Theater. In 1972 after 30 years of service, Joe retired from the U.S. Post Office as assistant postmaster of Virginia Beach. Joe was also a master Mason at the Virginia Beach Lodge No. 274 AF&AM. Joe liked to fish and hunt and was a member of the Bullhead Hunt Club in Appomattox, Va. In 1975, Joe and his longtime friend, Nick Nicholson, originated the Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Oyster Roast.

Joe is survived by his wife, Margot ``Peggy'' Miller; his stepchildren, Kim Rabey, Wade Rabey, Tracye D'Auria and her husband Mario, Robin Forbes and her husband Gilbert and Brett Rabey and his wife Suzi; his grandchildren, Lauren and Jenna D'Auria, Caitlin and Grant Forbes and Jackson and Ryan Rabey; two brothers, Fred Miller and his wife Mary of Cape Coral, Fla. and Lloyd Miller and his wife Bonnie of Old Fort, N.C.; along with many nieces and nephews. A special thanks to Dr. Janice Sherwood, Lynn Wiles, Rose Serrano, Linda Badgely and all of his friends and neighbors for their care, love and support.

Joe left his body to the Virginia Anatomical Program for research. A memorial service was held at Kings Grant Presbyterian Church at 2 p.m. on Friday June 13th. For all who had the honor of knowing Joe, we are all truly blessed and better people because of it. He will be deeply missed.

[pilot online]

02 June 2003

today i am leavin to go to kansas city for a two weeks. im takin a personal retreat to spend consicrated time w/ the Lord. i will probly be spending most of my time in the house of prayer -praying, worshiping, and reading the Bible. i am really excited to just get away and spend time w/ the Lord. so pray for me while i am there. mwah

29 May 2003

my days have been filled w/ sleep and piano noises.

i think i am takin a break from this whole blog deal.

sorry kids.

for some reason i am never motivated to write in it anymore. im sure that i will come back around eventually tho.

ill drop in once in a while im sure to say a little something something

but for now.


15 May 2003

i saw xmen and the matrix reloaded. both really good. you should see them.

13 May 2003

this is the song on my mind right now. it is an amazing worship song to the Lord. it is actually a cecular song tho. download it if you havent heard it. it is so good.

find me here
speak to me
i want to feel you
i need to hear you
you are the light
that is leading me
to the place where
i find peace again
you are the strength
that keeps me walking
you are the hope
that keeps me trusting
you are the life to my soul
you are my purpose
you are everything, Jesus
and how can i
stand here with you
and not be moved by you
would you tell me
how could it be
any better than this
you calm the storms
you give me rest
you hold me in your hands
you won't let me fall
you still my heart
and you take my breath away
would you take me in
would you take me deeper now
'cause you're all i want
you are all i need
you are everything

["everything" lifehouse]

08 May 2003

hey. so im done w/ skool. ive been chillin so much i havent even been online at all lately. but yea i got home on sunday. my last exam was on friday the 2nd. i think i did really good on it. so yea i have been cleaning my room alot. b/c when i moved out i just basically threw everything in my room from the 8 or 10 trips i took back and forth over a few months bringin stuff home every weekend i had so much stuff my floor raised 5 feet. so i went thru and threw alot of stuff away and brought alot of clothes to the thrift store. 4 whole bags. me and ernie hung out tuesday. it was fun . i miss hangin out w/ him and we had alot of fun drivin all over town running my errands. then we came to my house and chilled and my rents made us dinner and then we played piano and guitar and then mark came over and jammed w/ us too. then we played pool and downloaded rings on our phones. today i came up to jmu to pick michelle up. me and joy drove up and now we are just chillin doin nothing cuz everyone here is studying for exams. so im bored and yea...that. but i dont know what else to write either. peace

29 April 2003

my concert reveiw for the damone, further seems forever, juliana theory, the ataris show

ok well the first band is damone or something. yea they were pretty good. further was the fav of the four bands. further just puts on such a good show. i love their music alot and jason has really good stage presence i think. mostly all of the stuff they played was their new stuff except one song...but i cant think of the title of it but i like their new stuff better anyways. juliana theory was really good too. great song list mostly they played their new stuff too. some old stuff like 'into the dark' and 5000 screaming children..whatever that one is called but the lead singer annoys me. he is so conceited and arogant now and i dont like that. they didnt used to be that way.. i mean they are a christian band and it seems the more big they get and now that they are mainstream he is gonna get a even bigger head that will be their downfall, i duno. but i did get to meet him and you could tell his arrogence even more watchin him talk to ppl like he wouldnt even look at them in the eye. and yea but i got him to talk to one of my friends on the phone which was cool and i got his autograph, and i met the guitarest from further, and the guitarist from juliana theory too. ataris were really good. i have never seen them before much less really heard any of their music except a few songs. they played 3 songs i knew. and they did put on a good show too. it was really cool ...the lead singer at one point was playing guitar and he jumped into the crowd and they pushed him back onstage and he kept playing. and when they played 'san dimas high school football rules' they pulled a random guy out of the audience and let him play lead guitar on that song which i thought was really cool. the show didnt get out till around 11 or something. oh and i got a further shirt. it is really cool. it is a black shirt. the front: it has a star at the top and then underneath that is FSF w/ two little lions w/ wing gargoyles kind of, and then 'further seems forever' is written in and arch over a girl, just her shoulders up. it is a highcontrast profile. and how the arch is it looks like "lights beams " are shining up from behind her head. the back is blank. so yea the concert was great.. so thats all for that. mwah

28 April 2003

this week in a short overveiw: monday i slept in, skipped class and came back to town in time for dinner and bible study. tuesday class all day. design- went and signed in and he gave us a two hour break. we came back turned in our projects, critiqued them and left the class . i got an 'a' in the class for the semester. lunch, 1pm- drawing studio- turned in my matisse painting and left. i got a 'b' in there for the semester. tuesday night i went to dinner w/ maggie and erin to larick dining hall, then we went to chi alpha. wednesday- early 730 leadership meeting, back to sleep, lunch, class at 1 and had a quiz which i did really good on i think. chill, dinner, prayer at 530, homework. thursday- another long day but its ok b/c it was the last day of afo forever. morning- drawing fundamentals, we turned in our portfolios and left and then came back at 1150 to pick it up. i got an 'a' in that class. lunch, 1pm- c&p: we all critiqued and showed off our final projects. there are so many good projects that come out of that class from everyone. i did the installation w/ the fake pictures. [there are pictures of it and my matisse painting on my pic page.] thursday night- me, anne, and vicki go together and played guitar and keyboard. intervarsity at 7. then we hung out afterwards at these girls house for icecream. then came back to my dorm to play more guitar w/ all the girls. friday- vicki's bday, met w/ sheree, went thriftstore shopping and bought lots of stuff then brought it all home and stayed in the burg for a few hours. dropped all the stuff off and went to see my dad and then went to starbucks w/ joy for a frap. friday night- went to dinner and then the vcu dance department senior projects. amazing modern dance. i really like modern dance alot. then back to my dorm w/ the girls to play more guitar and keyboard. saturday- courtship seminar, lunch w/ my parents, got a new bike, cookout at kristens [our apartment next year]! sunday- woke up to the smell of a rotting dead carcus which later ends up to be claires rotting chinese food. arg., church, mom and dad helped me move alot of stuff out. went to carytown w/ griselle my suitemate and i bought a 'Jesus is my homeboy' shirt. then came back and got ready to leave for norfolk. we left at 5 so we stopped in newport news a fazolis for dinner. mmm chicken parmasean. and marna and aidan came to join us too. yay. always good seein them since i dont get to that much anymore. then we made our way to norfolk for the FURTHER SEEMS FOREVER, JULIANA THEORY AND THE ATARIS concert. ill type out more of a review of that later... cuz i just got home and its late..just know it was amazing. mwah. my room is bald.

22 April 2003

this was a good weekend. i stayed at vcu till saturday afternoon b/c i wanted to go to the vcu art sale. that is a end of the year sale all the art majors sell their stuff. so that was cool. and i bought two things. a print and another print. they rock and will look great in my apartment next year. speaking of buying stuff. i sold one of my shirts that i did for my c&p project. it is my first. im so excited. so then i went home and met up w/ joy and stephanie and then went to CW to catch jason upton. there was a thing called 'one voice' in williamsburg on saturday where alot of different denominations of churches came together and ppl came together for a night of singing and stuff. and then jason played at the end. it was the same "show" sat at 2 and sat at 8. so we caught jason in the day and then went to the whole "show" sat night. then after that joy and stephanie came to my house and joy gave me my first of many piano lessons. im so excited about learning and having another way to worship the Lord. and then she taught me this one song that she wrote that is really good and the lyrics are on my info on aim as of today. sunday morn [happy easter] me my dad and my sis went to church at williamsburg community chapel. then we met up w/ my mom and went to lunch together as a family :) it was great. after that i went home and just chilled and i also went to the tanning bed and rocked out to morning star on the radio. mm hmm. after that i went home slept a bit and then met up w/ everyone at kimball theater once again for a whole night of jason upton leading worship. man it was amazing. jason is so anointed. its insane i cant even explain it. so that went from 7-10:30. and then after that we talked to brandon, jasons guitar player for a bit and he hooked us up w/ some cds. and then i went to joys for a bit, ate some food, talked w/ her and paula and then went home to bed. monday morn i was suposed to get up go to the tanning bed again and then go back to richmond by one for class....ooops i definately woke up at 12 and skipped my one oclock, didnt go to the tanning bed, went by joys and got my keyboard, went and made copies of songs and then came back to richmond. and tonight i led bible study. i think that it went good. i spoke out of the book of Hosea about the love of the Lord for us even tho we are sinners and his love is never ending and never changing. he has such amazing patience for us. thank you Lord. and then i played the girls joys song on my keyboard. then we hung out for a bit afterwards talking bout boys and life and then i came home escorted by vicki and anne and now im working on a painting [matisse style] and listening to fleetwood mac. mwah

17 April 2003

today was a busy non stop but good day. 740 breakfast w/ my roomate. these too dread head had to be drunk guys came up to me and wanted me to come sit w/ them so i did for a second knowing that any minute i could use the excuse that i have to go to class and not be lying. class from 820-1130. then i ran to hibbs for lunch got my two chicken soft tacos w/ some sour cream and cheese and then met abi at the library. then all 5 of us girls met at the apartment that we are moving into next year and made it official. we are so excited about it and that we dont have to worry about it anymore. its a great awesome place and we each get our own room! so yea then i had to run back to class at 1 and i got out of that early at like 2 and then went to old navy w/ lillian. i got alot of stuff. i was excited. i like that store. even tho i dont like brand names i do like old navy. then after that i went back to the offices of the realtor for my apartment and had to write my check and sign the lease. then i came back to my dorm for a few and went right back out to go eat and then me and vicki went to see my friend erik's band play [pash] at mary washington college. the opening band [the versificator] was really good too. they were all instrumental. very very good. hard to explain their sound tho. pash was really good too. a girl is the lead singer which always rocks. and her voice is really good. i got a lot of cool pictures of them ill put them on my site eventually. and i got pash's 4 song demo that i listened to on the way back to richmond. it is w/out drums but i like it alot still. awesome sound. so yea everyone should come see them play when they come to holy chow in richmond on the 22nd. k time to sleep. mwah

15 April 2003

today i had to pee and my bathroom door was locked shut from the inside
the highlight of my day

lillian: (i almost walk into some dude holding a tray full of food) oh sorry!
lauren: dude, that was jason from church.
lillian: oh, i didn't recognize him... he's wearing a different outfit.

13 April 2003

so yea this weekend was great. my roomate went to florida on thursday and she comes back tonight. but it was the first weekend that she left this whole semester so i was really excited to just chill and have nobody around for a bit. i was playing my music non stop for once. i got alot of new cds this weekend [thanx to tyler] i got the new ben harper, moby:18, ani difranco: evolve, and the new white stripes cd. so ive been listening to them alot. they are all good. thursday night i just spent in my room reading and spending time w/ the Lord. friday i met w/ sheree, went to lunch, and then later later that night i met up w/ vinny and lillian. we went to starbucks and then bowling. now listen to this. im horrible at bowling and so is vinny ...lillian didnt play. she was our cheerleader. and i was beating vinny the whole time trippling his score at one point in the 6 frame. [15 to 45] and then he decided to get 2 strikes and a spare and he ended up beating me 89 to 65. can you believe that crap. ha. so then we were really cool and didnt want to wait in line just to pay so we went to the other register and made the take our money there and then lillian tried to walk off w/ a stand up sign thing and they yelled at her. we set a genius world record for being the coolest ppl that night. we know everyone wanted to be us. sike. so then after that we went to the canal walk. now that was freaking scarey. if you havent ever been there at night then you should. it was really fun tho. ha. after that we went to bottoms up pizza and got some really good bread tracks and talked about life. did i mention that we were sporting lillians moms woody van the whole night. even cooler. k so saturday lillian and vinny talked me into going to tikvat which is a messianic jew temple. it was actually really cool and interesting. after the service they have free lunch too. always a bonus. next we went to ukrops and i got my tickets for juliana theory concert and evanescence concert. thennn i went home and sat outside and read. i got a pretty awesome tan on ONE side. eek. all good tho. im italian it will balance out eventually. so later that night we had the gathering of the princesses. it was a girls night. we got all dressed up in prom dresses, did eachothers makeup, and decorated the church basement, and had a huge dinner w/ a server and took lots of pictures [which are on my site]. after that i went home and finished reading 'redeeming love' this morning i went to church and then afterwards my parents came to visit me and they took me to lunch and then helped me move some stuff out of my dorm. it was great as always hanging out w/ them. i loved it. then i went to the art museum to get info to write a paper. and now i am suposed to be writing it. becky came over for awhile and i got all her pictures she took on her digital on my comp. [they are on my picture page too now] so yea tomrrow morn im registering for classes and gettin my parking pass for the fall. now i listening to the white stripes and drinkin tea. mwah

09 April 2003

the project i have been working on is complete. there is a link to see the pictures to the right on this page. the link says 'fake pictures' go see and tell me what you think. mwah

08 April 2003

so im working on this project and it is really gonna be awesome. i went around and took lots of pictures of ppl holding up fake smiles w/ their pointer fingers. and it is all to show that ppl hide their pain behind facades of fake happiness. im going to eventually put the picture series on my picture page but not yet. so i am taking the pictures and printing them out 8x10 and transfering them onto white shirts, cutting them out and sewing them onto the backs of black tshirts and on the front im going to have this song lyric from a mewithoutYou song "she put on happiness like loose dress over pain". so i am doing 6 shirts w/ each a different picture of a girl. i want to continue this project into more projects that go w/ this one. maybe continue to make shirts until i have one for each day of the year. i have alot of pictures of guys w/ the fake smile too. so we will see what i come up with. im just excited about it and its my fav thing ive done in afo so far. so yea. more talk later. mwah

07 April 2003

sunday i was in virginia beach. i went to church at my cusins church called virginia beach christian life center. it is a really great church. i love their pastor and they their church alot. it was great seeing my cusins too since i dont get to see them that oftem. after church me and vicky went out to lunch w/ her mom to this place called uncle al's that vicky likes alot. it was pretty good. the best part was the sweet potato fries that i had. mmm i love those. after lunch we went back to vickys and hung out there for awhile i was reading my book [redeeming love] and we were waiting for abi to call us. later we met up w/ her took her to get her stuff and then we drove to norfolk....we were gonna go to the beach and lay out but it ended up being really cold out so that was out so then we planned on goin to norfolk and goin thrifting..that ended up not working out either. b/c all of them were closed sunday and we were goin to go to dumars for dinner and that wasnt open either. ha. so we ended up going to macarther mall ,we went to american eagle and i got these two cute shirts, and bag and a necklace. and i got a free cd w/ it all too. so when we were about to another store we noticed the metals bars were comin down on the store and we soon found out the mall closed at 6. so we were there for about 30 minutes and now had to leave. ha. so then we went to sonics for dinner. that was cool . i had never been there before. you drive up into a parking spot and each spot has an individual togo speaker thing and you press a button, order, and then they bring your food out to you. it rocks. and finally.....what we had been waiting for all weekend...we drove to chesapeake to the waterdeep concert! there was a girl who opened for them her name is katy bowser. she was precious...really cute funny personality and her music was really good. it was just her on an acoustic guitar. and one song w / laurie from waterdeep about coffee. ha it was great. after she played waterdeep came on and they ended up playing for like 2 hours. it was amazing show. they just jammed alot flowin in the spirit and don talked alot about random funny things like he always does. it was awesome. i got some good pictures ill put on my site soon. after the show i got a free poster from this guy who was workin the waterdeep stand and i got the whole band to sign it for me and i met them all too which was really cool. cuz i have only seen them live one other time and that was in kansas city at the conference i went to over xmas break and i didnt get to meet them then. yea so i ended up spending all kinds of money. i got this sweet waterdeep shirt that is dark gray w/ waterdeep written just plainly on the front, i got katy bowsers cd cuz i wanted to support her [and i met her and got her to sign the cd cover] and i got waterdeep's drummer brandons side project bands cd, their band is called pepper shaker. it is an all instrumental cd. it is so so good. im glad i got it. and i got him to sign that too. so yea we didnt end up leaving until 11 which is alot later then we thought we would leave. we got home around 1230 which isnt that late. so yea im gonna go read. mwah

05 April 2003

today was a better day in the life of me. i guess its been ruff lately. i duno why. but yea last night i went bike riding at like midnight w/ my friend maggie and that was really cool. she is a fun person to hang out w/. i like riding my bike around. and we talked about God and stuff. today i got up and met up w/ sheree for a bit and talked about life. and then i went to the hibb and it was great i had chicken and pasta and on my way out the desert lady hooked me up w/ a to-go cup full of oreo pie....mmmmm. when i came back me and my suitemate went to river city tatoo b/c she wanted to get her tongue peirced again. and i ended up splurging and buying this 65 dollar organic earings for indonesia that rock so much. then i came back and went and read outside in the sun in the courtyard of my dorm for like an hour. [ i am reading this book called 'redeeming love' by francine rivers. it is really good. it is based out of the book of Hosea in the bible. but the book is a novel. ] so yea i sat out and got some sun [which i want to work on more this summer then last summer. i tan easily so even if i dont try i get tan but i want to get really tan. i know i cant ever beat my sister tho. i did one summer but not anymore now that she works at a tanning bed place. ] after that i came back in my dorm and slept from 4 until 630. then i went to hibbs for dinner and read more of my book . then at 730 i went to annas play w/ all the girls and then we drove out to TGI Fridays for a surprise party for ericas 21st bday. it was a great time and she was really surprised and loved it alot. i was happy for her she deserved it. so we were there pretty late. after that some of us went to walmart [me,lillian, becky, kasmine, daniel and vinny] we had a great time. we were origianally just going there to get tshirt transfer paper for me and then peacing out but we ended up almost gettin kicked out..ha. we were playing w/ bouncy balls and fighting w/ haulk hands and then we were chasing eachother and throwing stuff at eachother like rubber spiders and stuff..ha it was funny. after that lillian dropped me off and i forgot my stuff i got at walmart in her car but ill get it tomorrow. now im home. i took alot of pictures that will probly be on my site soon. i did a whole blur series. aight kids. mwah

03 April 2003

i played ping pong today it was fun then the ball fell off the table and it kept rolling and got lost
7 bracelets on my right arm
2 on my left inlcluding my watch

life is hard to understand and live sometimes. i started another blogger so that i can vent in it. but its a secret. i am the only reader...well me and God.
"are you religious? i saw your tatoo," someone asked me that today. man... that sucked. it stinks when ppl only know that i am a christian b/c of my tatoo or b/c of something that i have written in my profile or blogger. i want to live the life..i want ppl to ask me what is different about me. i want ppl to see Jesus in me

31 March 2003

yea so this weekend i went home. it was good. friday night i went to church and then hung out w/ the girls afterwards, spent the night at the farinos like i usually do every weekend im home. saturday me and my dad went out to lunch which was good cuz i havent been able to spend that much time w/ him in awhile. then i went home and started working on a painting i have to do for drawing studio. it is a 4x8 foot painting in the abstract expressionism style. i leaned more towards jackson pollack style. i like how it turned out alot. and ernie came over and we chilled and talked bout the Lord. saturday night i went to a concert at william and mary...dismemberment plan. it wasnt that good so i left early. sunday -church and then la tol teca, then for dinner casa maya for a friends fund raiser..the girls from richmond came down to support. then back to richmond that night. now today was insane. it was the busiest day ever. and to top it off i found out i probly cant go to the fleetwood mac show. my roomates fish died too tonight. that blows. RIP augustus

26 March 2003

i got into painting and printmaking. the major that i was more leaning to. so im happy. i actually got a really good score on my portfolio too. i got 4.5 out of 5. i personally didnt think my portfolio was that good but i guess they liked it. hm. so yea im happy that i dont have to worry about that anymore and i know what im going to be doing. im still going to be listening to Gods voice about it all tho. so yea just wanted to let ya know. thanx for everyone that was praying for me. peace

24 March 2003

yea so i didnt get into photography. but its ok. i guess God didnt want me to do that. the only thing i am mad about tho is that i left a bad impression of my work on them. b/c the portfolio that i turned in was definately not my best work. i didnt have alot of my photography here to show them. so yea but whatever. so this week is probly gonna be and already is the most stressful week of my life. i dont even want to talk about how much stuff i did today and i only had one hour long class! tomorrow im gonna have alot of stuff on top of class from 820-430. eesh. never underestimate art school. its not easy. mmm so yea on another note. i encourage everyone to listen to sigur ros and muse. they are the two bands that i have been listening to non stop for like 2 weeks straight. very very good. download them right away
what an awesome day it is outside. this morning i turned in my portfolio for photography i find out tonight if i got in or not. i think i am more leaning toward painting and printmaking tho which i apply to on wednesday. yea so did you know that the rotton doughy smell around richmond are those gorgeous white pear trees? yea i was just informed about that. things arent what they seem huh. well i dont want to sit around this dorm anymore. im out. peace

21 March 2003

im at jmu. i had to escape richmond for awhile. i really have alot of work to do included applying to my majors next week and havin to put together 4 portfolios for that buttt i brought it all w/ me. i also have a art history test on monday that i dont want to take. i havet been doin that good in that class lately. like we have been learning boring stuff so i never want to go..im always late...and she keeps throwin these random quizes at us that i bomb everytime. so life has been kinda rough lately but im forced to not focus on myself right now b/c of the war. this war is big time and i know that i need to be prayin hardcore for everything involving.

15 March 2003

yesturday in the wonderfully boring town of williamsburg this is what i did. i woke up i duno when around 12 probly i forget...ill say 1 since i love sleeping and when i think about sleeping i get excited. so after i got dressed, pulled the dreads back and jumped in my bug i went over to ritz camera b/c there is this really cool machine that you can put your digital camera memory card in and get pictures printed out that actually look like real hard copies...and plus it saves the usin all the ink from the 70 dollar ink cartirage in my printer. so i got ended up only gettin 9 pictures out of my 130 that i have saved on my camera. only the best of the best are worth hard copies...the rest are stored away on zip disks for occasional glances. so after this i couldnt help but walk next store and bless myself w/ a caramel frap from starbucks..my favorite drink of all times. next i went to tj max and i got this new backpack thing that was 40 bones and now is reduced to 17 bones. next was heaven and earth to check out the newest music that is out to see what i can borrow from ppl and burn copies of ;-) then i ended up lastly goin to the town thrift store and ended up sittin in there for 2 hours watching the movie 'three men and a little lady' i havent seen that in awhile..the bad news is that when it was like 10 minutes from being over they decided to work on the tvs and so i stomped out angrily and drove off home to then want to go to see chicago the movie w/ my mom but i asked her 5 minutes before it started and she had already settled down. so i ended up just chillin w/ my friend kelsey. we sat around thinkin of all the many nothings to do williamsburg and we ended up goin and rentin a movie that we didnt watch and went to my friend joys house. joy was havin a craving for my favorite restaurant that i never get to go to b/c nobody else likes it...red hot and blue. the best place that vegetarians all hate where ribs are a indulged. we went there and got some nachos w/ pulled pork, pulled chicken, and chili and then to top it off i got some banana pudding. mmmm...the best. then the restaurant was closing and we were the last ones in there and we felt bad so we drove 3 doors down to resit ourselves into another restaurant you might know of...dennys. we stayed in there until 2 in the morning i think. we were so ridiculously bored we sat there felt bad for the waitor b/c we were only goin to order waters and so kelsey got an applejuice and joy got a cappicino which he ended up not even charging us for and we tipped him double what the check came out to be b/c he was cool guy. we ended up prank callin ppl and calling eachothers cellphone to listen to our new answering machine messages that we also worked on in our boredom. when we finally decided to leave i dropped joy off and my and kelsey went back to my house to watch 'one hour photo' w/ robin williams in it. it was good...kind of oddly scarey. so i went to bed at 4 and was woken up by the sound of my dads voice tellin me that me and my mom were leavin in a half hour to go see chicago at the movie theater. yea so i just got back from that. it was a movie musical. i really liked it. kinda sketch but good. so yea now im eatin some girl scout thin mints and watchin myself type. would you like some chubby grape soda? mwah

13 March 2003

man this break is goin by realy fast. it seems like i havent been able to just sit down and relax at all...baltimore/new york/baltimore again/burg at the farinos and then aaron came over and we went to get icecream and hung out for a bit/virginiabeach to hang out w/ the girls, and saw my grandparents/ back to the burg but straight to church and then hung out w/ brandy/today i am goin to cnu to hang out w/ some more friends maybe hit up some thriftstores. i mean i like havin alot of stuff to do but i know that that will make the week go by faster and i dont want that either. i dont want to go back to skool. i just keep tellin myself that there are only 6 weeks left after i come back. i gg spend time w/ my Jesus. mwah

11 March 2003

this past weekend was great. thursday night my mom came and picked me up and we drove up to baltimore. one of my teachers from highskool just moved to baltimore and we had been talkin about takin a trip to new york together. so got to her house around 10 or so and we just chilled that night had some hot tea and talked bout our lives. friday morn we got up pretty early to get started on our day. we went to two museums in baltimore and then at night we went to the aquarium. there was a special sea horse and sea dragon exhibit there that was sweet. we were out all day so when we got home we were so tired. but before we went home we went to this diner for dinner. i wasnt really hungry cuz i just had a caramel frap from starbucks. but it was still fun cuz the diner was cool. saturday we got up and left baltimore by 930 to drive to new york. we got there and went right to our hotel. we followed the navigation system on our car so it took us like this weird way thru the city and we got in traffic a bit but it was all good. as my mom said "we are on an adventure" . so we got to our hotel...our rooms were 2x2 ft big but hey good enough for me..we werent in there that much anyways but to sleep. so that night in new york we went to dinner and then we went to the metropolitian art museum. this was one of the main reasons that i wanted to come to new york. b/c there was a leonardo divinci show there. it is one of the rarest shows the have had. it was like 6 rooms of his drawings from his sketchbooks, his studies and stuff. it was amazing. it was stuff from 25 different galleries and plus stuff that had never been released from the vatican. before we went and saw all that tho me and my mom went thru some of the other sections of the museum...the impressionists, modern art, surrealism, and this one photographer..thomas struth who was really good too. after wards we went to this italian new york desert place called venieros. if youre ever in new york find this place! it rocks so much. so yea we got to ride around on the subways alot which is definately my favorite part of new york. sunday we went to this museum chelsea that was really cool. we went to a pizza place to eat and then we went to a modern dance show by paul taylor. which was good. i didnt think that iwould like it but it was very modern. so yea then we went back to our hotel and then drove back to baltimore...i stayed up till 3 w/ my teacher looking at old pictures of her and her husbands families. and then monday morn we drove back home and now i can relax on my break. im goin to virginia beach today w/ some friends they are pickin me up in a few...gg. mwah

03 March 2003

me and the girls at my church decided to start a page dedicated to our poems and songs and stuff that we write. and also stuff that the Lord is speakin to us about. we will eventually have a site that all our artwork will go on too.

daughters of zion
We remain faceless to give Glory to God; we have come together for one purpose: to see His face; when we are in his presence, the living God speaks to us; here is our testimony of the goodness of God.
[the link is on the right. click away and go see.]

02 March 2003

this weekend was fun. friday night we all went over to nicoles for like her going away party and we all brought like poems or songs w/ had wrote and we all shared. it was great. [there are pictures on my picture page if ya wanna see them:: the link is over the right w/ my other links] then saturday my family picked me up and we went to dc. first we went to the mall and i bought some new shoes. they are cute. then that night we went to see the wizards vs. bulls basketball game to see michael jordan play. it was a good game. jordan wasnt on tho he only made like 11 points. but im glad i got to see him b/c this is the last season before he retires. it was a great weekend just hangin out w/ my family too. i am so lucky to have them. i love them alot. now its time to work on art projects..arg

28 February 2003

Jesus definately helped me out on my woodshop sculpture. we had two weeks to do it and since i didnt get anything done last week i had to complete the whole thing this week in class in 3 and a half hours. which believe me, when you are workin on somethin like that it is no time at all. and praise God i finised it and it looks pretty sweet. someone told me it looks like modern sculpture. so im happy w/ it. i have to paint it tho and we'll see what happens w/ that. eek. one step at a time.
so if you didnt notice. i went back to my old blogger skin. i was pumped about the other one but after lookin at it enough i realized that it didnt look like "me" so i went back to this one that i really like alot too. so yea. i need to go to 711 and get some tea

26 February 2003

mornin. so today was great. i got up and went to the fingerpainters meeting. then i went to mcv campus w/ abi to go see trinity. and so i got to talk more w/ trinity. and she is really cool. she is definately serious about the Lord and it is amazing and i am excited about friends that the Lord is bring into my life. so then me and abi went to get lunch before takin the bus back over to art history at 1. i had ribs once again :-) i was pumped to ride the campus connector too. we sat in the middle rotator part. eee. art history i fell asleep. and we got early and i walked over to logos [a christian bookstore right on campus here] and i bought the new audio adrenaline cd. its good. and vicky and me traded and she burned me a copy of the new switchfoot. i am listenin to it now and it is really good too. at 4 i met christina and some of her friends for dinner. it was fun. we are gonna start eatin every wednesday. im glad cuz both of our scedules are really busy so we dont get to see eachother that much. then at 530 we had a prayer meeting. ha. it was awesome. God is moving on this campus. im so excited. oh shoot. i got another praise report! the Lord blessed me w/ a new beanie today. im surprised cuz all i have been doin is complaining about losing mine. but today abi just threw one at me and said i could have it. ahhh. im so excited. thank you abi. you rock. dude ya know how i was complaining about woodshop. well today i was complaining once again about it and my friend said dont worry...Jesus was a carpenter...ha. ill receive that. and He will help me out! Jesus will do my project!
yay i found my beanie. not my original one but my brown i lost it for a few days. i was sad. but i found it behind my trunk. its safely next to me on my desk now. so this week has been awesome so far. God is just teaching me and showing me so much stuff its crazy. i love it. i love loving Him.even tho it is hard and frustrating sometimes ... it is so rewarding. as you all probly know. i am off my fast. i gave up meat, sweets and aol instant messenger for 40 days straight. it was really a time of growing for me. by the end i was definately ready to be done w/ it. so yea midnight of saturday night was the official time it ended. i got to taste the sweet taste of nerds candy and reeses fast break. and my friend joy was fasting tv and movies so we stayed up and watched 'sweet home alabama'. then sunday when we went to see my grandmom for her bday i got to eat some yummy veal and drink the oh so missed sweet tea! [i love sweet tea]. monday was the meeting where you could go and talk to the department heads in the art departments. me and kat went and it wasnt what i thought. basically you went in picked up the applications and left. this whole stressin out about applyin for departments is annoying. i shouldnt be stressin out and really i am not. i just like to say i am b/c i am lazy and dont want to even apply. much less go to skool at all. but i know the Lord wants me here. so after that i went back to my dorm and then went to eat before art history. me and kim talked the whole time about rotten.com. [dont go there if you have a weak stomach] then after that me, kat,erica, and iris went all over town. we went to river city first, then to the bank, then to krispy kreme, then to the mall to old navy and target. i had a gift certificate from old navy that my gmom gave me for xmas. i killed it. i got a sweater, some fleece pants, a headband bandana, and this cute tank top w/ white hearts. that night i had bible study. that is always awesome to meet w/ my girls and talk about the Lord and what He is doin in our lives [monday nights at 7 if you want to come email me...sorry boys...this is girls only] tuesday. today was great too. first of all. i got myself out of bed early to go eat breakfast so i could eat some bacon and syrup. oh how i missed that. then design class i looked thru magazines all class for stuff for my journal book. then lunch =ribs and baked beans. the number one hibbs combo ever! 2nd studio was like 20 minutes. and then left. then i was gonna go to carytown but i ended up not. at 7 i hung out w/ nicole for a while and then at 9 i went to kristens bday party. everyone was there so that was fun and then a few of us went to hibbs after that. it was just a great night. thank you Lord. and right now im chillin. fingerpainters meeting tomorrow morn. art history and lots of work to do for my thursday studios. but i am lookin forward to the prayer meeting tomorrow. being in His presence is what i love the most. especially when i am w/ all my friends too and we are praising Jesus together. im so blessed.

22 February 2003

so i remember that i was gonna write about something but i was too lazy to do it before. friday i hung out w/ lillian and then we did this experiment for one of her friends where we had to take caffeine pills. and they effected me really weirdly and i think today i was even still feelin sick from them. but eh. today my fam and me and my sisters boyfriend went to virginia beach to see our grandparents and to see my uncles brand new baby girl. she is precious. she was born yesturday. after that we went out to eat and then i went to circuit city to get a new memory card for my digital camera. then we went by barnes and noble cuz joy and michelle were there and i wanted to see michelle b/c she is home from jmu this weekend. now im at home workin on some homework but im takin a break. my scarf that i started knitting is about 4 inches long now and i started it last tuesday. its fun but not. i duno if ill ever get into it. i think that anything that causes work i end up steering away from fast. im in williamsburg this weekend. last night i went by church and saw everyone... and then me, joy, stephanie and abbey went to red hot and blue and ate. mark came and hung out too. and then we went to abbeys and hung out till like 230 in the morn. it was fun. then i spent the night at joys. she played me some songs on the piano cuz she is just learning how to play. she is gettin good. i really want to learn how to play too. so tonight at midnight i can eat meat, sweets and talk on aol instant messenger for the first time in 40 days. i am so excited, i am goin to eat a whole cow. but to add to my experiences in life..i can now tell ppl that i was a 40 day vegetarian. ppl tell me that if they didnt know me then they would think that i was a vegetarian. is there a certain look that vegetarians have? hmm. so tomorrow after church my fam is goin to have dinner w/ my dads side of the family for his moms bday. that will be interesting. aight kids...two hours left. ill be back. mwah

21 February 2003

i got my new vintage izod lacoste red raincoat today. your jealous

20 February 2003

we are doin this project in one of my art studio classes and we are workin in wood shop. it is really hard workin w/ wood and i have no idea what to even make. i really do not want to do it at all. class today i walked around watchin everyone basically finish their whole project and i cut some wood and then the only fun part was me and my friend hannah played w/ the wood sander and made huge pencils..then i almost sanded my nail off on accident, it is so close to the skin but didnt bleed or anything. if it was any closer i would have gotten the biggest skin burn ever...eesh. it feels cool to touch. and the best part about workin w/ wood.... i have to lug around 20 lbs of it back and forth from my dorm to woodshop. i have been gettin so slack b/c of have a 5 day weekend this week. i dropped my psychology class too b/c i hated it. i dont know if the Lord approved of me doin it. i feel bad about it now cuz i could have done good in that class if i wanted to but ...i only need one social science requirement and i didnt want to spend it on that. i thought that i was gonna like it better then i do. i undo. i get so frustrated w/ skool sometimes. but Jesus is helpin me thru each day. with out him life would suck for real

19 February 2003

God is so good. i love how he does things...even little things that are such a blessing. like today i went to ghetto pride grocery store to buy some sweet potatos and i was walkin to emilys for lunch and one of my friends drove by and asked me if i wanted a ride. he might not even know how much it blessed me and that God uses little things like that to just totally make my day great. it is like the Lord told me..."i just wanted you to know that i was thinkin about you" . also i was just online today lookin at one of my fav bands websites [mewithoutYou] and i was readin their journals and one entry that he wrote about really spoke to me and i wanted to share it on here w/ one ever might read it. i know whoever is suposed to read it will:

"Since you call on a Father who judges each man's work impartially, live your lives as strangers here..." (1 Peter 1:17)
.probably one of the easier verses for me to obey...another line in an old Bob Dylan song goes, "I'm a stranger here, no one sees me; cept you."  we probably all know the feeling of being out of place or misunderstood.  there are things we'll never admit even to ourselves, let alone tell anyone else;  how can we expect to be understood if we're lying all the time??  but God knows the state we're in, and I pray that he'll be patient with us.  "For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver and gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from 
your forefathers, but with the precious blood of Christ."  (v. 18-19)and how empty our way of life, the things we still use to fill our time!  to spend ninety nine percent of our time on these perishable things, and to expect to meet God in our few minutes of prayer as we fall asleep, our weekly trip to church ; something has gone wrong.  I hope I'm overstating the 
point, but a night like tonight it seems that everyone in the world is hurting real bad (and that if they're not, they should be)

so besides all that... i learned how to knit last night. im pumped. i started to make a scarf since i guess that is the manditory startin off knitting asignment. so im on my way. ive only done like a few inches. seems like it will take an eternity. but hey i got it. another excitement in my life today was i dropped my psycology class. my dad released me too. i was so glad that he let me b/c for real i just wasnt into it at all. my expectations were so different then how it turned out. and the best thing about my day! my dad sent me pictures of my puppy bella. i was so excited. i freaked out and showed everyone around me. she is the most precious puppy ever. i will put pictures on my page for you all to be blessed with by seeing. aight. so tell me about yourself. i also had mock chicken fried rice for the 4th time this week tonight. it was great once again topped w/ 5 fotune cookes :) [hey if you are lookin at this site right now and want me to put a link to your site on here then just give me a link in my guestbook or on my chatter box thingy. k? k, good. peace]

18 February 2003

so there is a rumor that they arent plowin the roads b/c virginia doesnt have anymore snow money to spend so they cant hire ppl to do it and they are only puttin down salt. well i dont really care. i mean yesturday skool was canceled which i didnt mind but i kind of wanted to have class b/c i only have one class on mondays and we were gonna get our tests back and wanted to see what i got. but instead me and mike walked around town in the snow. went to panda garden, ate some mock chicken fried rice, stole some fortune cookies, went to this one art gallery and then just walked down broad for awhile and back. the snow is really fickle. it is soft like your walkin on clouds in one spot and it is hard like ice in another spot. then other parts it is really slushy like water and any second a car could drive by and splash it all over you. a snowflake has no idea what its destiny is before it hits the ground. it could be at the bottom bein smashed and covered and hidden by other millions of flakes or it could be a fresh one on top on the front lines ready to be stepped on by the next snow boot... today classes were canceled up till 11 which i was really happy about b/c i didnt want to do my design homework. so i slept in till 12 and then was on my way walkin to class and i ran into a girl that is in my class and she had already walked there and she told me that our second class was canceled. so yay. no skool today either. so i turned right around and went to the hibb got some goods. i am really pumped that hibbs dishwashers arent workin and now they have to use all disposable stuff. b/c of my boycott of using hibbs trays now it is so much easier to just find the nearest trash can. and if i wanted to i could just walk right out w/ it. it is like a bonus extension of take out hibbs. the breeze thru wont get any business for awhile if anyone is smart. so yea besides all this i have been spendin hours workin on this new skin on this here blogger. i am really gettin a hang of the whole html thing. hmm. aight kids. well tell me if you cant read my blog or if anything is wrong w/ it. oh yea. there is a part where you can put a picture logo in the top left corner and i was all excited and i made one in photoshop that rocked but it wont work. boo. so yea talk to me on the chatter box on the right. peace

16 February 2003

i went to a conference this weekend in north carolina w/ my church. it is called 'campus harvest' it is a conference that ppl come from all over the world for. like 70 colleges were represented there and 30 nations. it was insane. there was like 1800 ppl. and my church is in the morning star international, so all their top pastors and founders and prophets were there. it was really awesome. satan was really tryin to attack me from the start and i was really havin a hard time pressin in but God broke it off me and by the end of the weekend it was awesome and Jesus is amazing. it was really good time spendin time w/ all my girls. today was insane. there was a huge ice and snow storm in richmond and a bit south so we left at 1030 in the morning to come back to richmond to try and beat it. we didnt get back until 630 pm. when we got to like petersburg it was gettin slushy so we were drivin slower. then all this stuff happened we had to get air in one of our cars tires and then one of his windshield wipers broke off cuz of the ice. all of us from our church were coming home driving four cars and we were all following eachother back. then the biggest attack. we got in a 3 car wreck. but praise Jesus his hand of protection was totally over us. what happened was. our car that i was in was in the lead. we hit some ice and spun out and ended up hittin the bumper on the rail gaurd. it wasnt bad. our 2nd car was fine he just pulled right over behind us. our 3rd car. she freaked out and slammed on her break and ended up horizontal in the lane on the interstate. and our 4th car was headed right for the passenger side of that car infront of her and at the last second missed it and hit the tire. no other cars on the interstate hit us at all. it was a miracle. not one person in all of our 4 cars got hurt a single bit. so we got the two other cars onto the side of the road and we all piled into 2 cars to wait. police came and we sat there for like half hour and then finally we all went to 711 by takin two trips w/ one of the cars that was ok. we had to wait there for another car to beable to take us all home cuz we couldnt pile 15 ppl into 2 cars. so we hung out at 711 for like an hour or more. it was fun tho. so we finally got home. praise God. we know satan must be scared of us tryin to get us in a wreck like that. wow. so we are so thankful that God got us thru all that safely.

12 February 2003

glad my art history test is over. i studying all last night and today and i think that i did so good on it. it was multiple choice so that helped me alot. i got a 'b' on my quiz so i want to keep the streak going.

announcement: if anyone is interested. we started a christians artist group. we are called 'the fingerpainters'. we are going to be doing collaberative peices w/ musicians, dancers, artists, and acting. we are looking for all of the above but musicians the most. if you are interested and you feel like this is something that God wants you to be involved in then email me. peace

11 February 2003

takin a break from studying for art history. i have my first test this semester tomrrow. i did really good on my quiz that i took last wednesday. i thought i failed it w/ a double f but i got a 'b' on it. so i was pumped about that. i feel like i know this information pretty well in general. doz ate for the first time today. ever since i got her she wouldnt eat anything i put in her bowl. but i bought this betta food off my roomate that she had extra and it is like this shrimp bone or something. and she likes that. she ate two peices. i thought she was gonna never eat. i just fed her again. she loves that shrimp. good girl loves meat just like me. so today i almost missed class cuz i was lookin on the blogskins site tryin to find a new skin for this blogger. i always like to change the look of it for some reason. i really like these colors but i just get bored after awhile. i didnt find one that i really liked tho. so im stickin w/ this look. but i did get something new. a tagboard. it is cool. you can just write right off my page instead of havin to click the link to sign the guestbook and everything. so i am suporrting your laziness. so now all you have to do is scroll down a bit and type in and all done. ill be expecting many more ppl to write me now. ok im gonna stop procrastinating now. peace

10 February 2003

there are pictures of doz the fish on my pic page. check her out. she was a good model

09 February 2003

hey kids. i got a fishy. this will me 4th attempt. if it goes like the first 3 then i feel bad for it. it ya didnt know already. the first 2 fish i got died w/in a week. and the 3 fish that me and my roomate got last semester died w/in 6 hours. i hope this one lives. she is precious. it is actually a male fish but im saying its a girl. she is beautiful. she has a white body w/ a green,red, orange, and blue tail; and she has green eyelids [i just noticed that a minute ago actually and i like her even more now]. i named her doz. she is staring at me right now. i think she is mad at me cuz i got her suck a small fish bowl. but i liked it. it is cute. and i drew black outlined stars all over it. i tryed to put little arm men in her bowl so she wouldnt be lonely but all they did was float on top and she got really angry and tryed to beat them up. so i took them out and i will glue them to something another day. tonight was sallies bday party. it was really fun. we all crowded into her apartment. there was probly around 60 ppl there at one point. the catch was...you had to dress up as a character from a movie or tv show or you could be a prop. it was cool seeing everyone. i dressed up as punky brewster. ha. ill have pictures on my pic page soon. i made sallie this heart out of cardboard. after i finished it i really wanted to keep it cuz i liked it so much. arg. but it was my present to her and she liked it so i am glad.

send out a search team...i lost my fav black beanie that i just got.
good night kids. Jesus- i love you.

07 February 2003

tonight went great. we did a speghetti dinner fundraiser at our church for the conference that we college kids are going to. we set it up into an italian theme [the best]. and we served the ppl and everything. it was from around 5:30-8 and we made about 420 bones. split between everyone was around 40 bones a peice. it was really fun and the speghetti was good. i have pictures on my picture page of the night if you want to see them. the link to my picture page is over on the right. peas

06 February 2003

yea. so the other day i was in the thrift store in williamsburg and i found a sabrina ward harrison book. now her books are amazing. she does art journals. every single page is amazing. the cool part. i was on a run of findin good books that day. i ended up buying like 6. her book i bought for 3 bones! when the normal price is 22 bones. i was so pumped. and i love it. i have a link to her page under my links on the right. check her out. please
yea so we had a meeting for the house some of us girls are gettin next year. we got a tour of the house and got to ask the landlord lots of questions. it was awesome and im so excited. there are lots of details. maybe ill write about them later. did i tell you im going to add yarn dreads to my head? yes..burgandy and dark gray ones. and i think that i want to go get stickers made. if i do im goin to get them from [stickerguy.com]. i have on a green sweater today. i dont want to go to c&p. i might see 'the ring' tonight at byrd theater. cheetos are good. i used to eat them everyday in middle skool and i got sick of them and didnt start eating them again until this year. im excited about it. you have to eat them one by one and suck the cheese off each one and then after youve killed the bag then..and only then can you lick your fingers. and by then there is suck a layer of cheese it feels like you got 2 more cheetos. did i tell you that i went to 929 the other night and my favorite sticker grafiti artist was there selling his prints and stickers. i got lots of free stickers and i bought 3 of his prints for 20 bones which is really good. i was pumped. so yea i have a candle that is a pilgrim..so what? time for class. can i tell you a secret? ....youre cool if you sign my guestbook....

31 January 2003

today was interesting. well last night i was lookin online on the knotty boy dread site and i found out there was a place in richmond that sells their products. it is actually the only one in virginia and it is 4 miles down the road. it rocks. me and mike went there. it is called ellwood thompson, it is a organic and all natural product store. i bout some knotty boy shampoo and mike got some tea. after that we went all over town to 8 different places tryin to get stores to sell knotty boy stuff. we went to -the african house, the ghana house, picasso moon, urban artifacts, look salon, kristopherjon's salon, and a bead shop. the first place we went we got the biggest shaft ever. she didnt even give us a chance to talk. but the rest of the places were pretty open and are gonna call knotty boy. so it was really fun bein fake reps for them and hopefully we will get a place around here that will sell it so i dont have to order it offline anymore. plus if someone does start sellin their stuff then i will get free stuff. eee. so we will see. if you know of a place that might sell their stuff then tell me. [www.knottyboy.com] also today i got some wooden beads for my hair. they are sweet ones w/ different patterns.

30 January 2003

God is so awesome and faithful. yesturday i was readin in ephesians and i saw in eph. 4:1...paul says "lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God." that really spoke to my heart. so often we dont feel worthy of what God has called us to do and so we get frustrated and let the devil come in and make us doubt what God is doing in our life. we need to walk in the assurance of Christ b/c his calling is final. we will walk in the calling and the will of God whether we take the long way to get there or the short way by living a life worthy of our calling. man.
[eph 3:18 and 19 says..." and may you have the power to understand, as all God's people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love really is. may you experience te love of Christ, though it is so great you will never fully understand it. Then you will be filled with the fullness of the life and power that comes from God."
that is so powerful. God's love for us is without measure- I want as much of it as i can get. holy, holy, holy is the Lord.

29 January 2003

Jesus help me. please Lord. i love you

27 January 2003

hiya. yea i had a good birthday. i went home for the weekend. and i got to hang out w/ my family and friends. my family took me out to dinner and we went to see 'stomp' at chrystler hall. it was an amazing show. i definately recommend everyone to see it. thanx to everyone who made my day so good.

23 January 2003

mornin. i took a shower. you should congradulate me. so today was freakin cold. it was like 14 degrees or something crazy like that. my face fell off like 6 times. so im two weeks into my second semester. i think that i am going to like this semester alot better then last. my teachers seems alot better and my classmates i like alot better too. i actually talk to more then two of them. the kids in my classes last semester were all really shy and never talked. i have a great time w/ these kids this semester. this weekend i get to see 'stomp' i have always wanted to go to one of their shows. i am excited. also this weekend i am gettin my dreads worked on. they need some help. i want them to lock already. k i really have nothing to talk about so i need to stop. mwah
i made a duck taped striped sleeping bag out of paper grocery bags

21 January 2003

Lord i thank you that you are glorified my weaknesses. in my weakness is where your strength comes through. Jesus- continue to break me and draw me closer and closer to you. im so glad that you showed me that even in my immaturity you still like me and you think that i am beautiful. i am dark but lovely.
'worth it all'
by rita springer

i dont understand your ways
but i will give you my song
and ill give you all of my praise

you hold on to all my pain
you hold on to all my shame
and with it you are pulling me closer
pulling me into your ways

now around every corner
and up every mountain
im not looking for crowns anymore
or the water from fountains
im desparate in seeking
frantic, believing
the sight of your face
is all that im needing....i will say to you
oh, its gonna be worth it
its gonna be worth it
its gonna be worth it all

19 January 2003

im at jmu. i came up here on thursday. it has been a great dandy time hangin out w/ the girls. i always love coming up here so much. another thing that i love is that i dont have skool on fridays. woot [as claire would say] so i still got one more day here. i really dont want to leave. but i am glad that i know that where ever i go Jesus comes w/ me.

15 January 2003

hi. havent talked to ppl online in a whole two days. it is hard but i know the Lord will reward me for it. I am enjoying learning more and more about the Lord and his love for me. this sacrifice is nothing compared to the life of sacrifice that i should be living for my Jesus. i am reading the book of Jeremiah in the Bible. and it is really powerful. i am tryin to read one chapter per night. and really meditate on it. i am really beginning to see the jealousy the Lord has for his people, his bride. He is so in love with us. so tonight was my first psycology class. the teacher strolled in in his leather biker looking jacket. and then he started talking and seriously didnt stop for 2 hours. he must be genious. he seriously only stopped to think only one time. and he was talking like a thousand words per minute. so fast. but i am interested in it all. i think that it will be a good learning class. and a good excuse not to take notes is that he talks so fast it would be impossible. that is the lecture class. tomorrow night is the psycology lab. i wander how much different that is going to be or what we would learnin there compared to the lecture class. we'll see i guess. today i also got to have lunch w/ my dad. he came up to visit me :) i was excited to hang out w/ him. we went to panda garden. i put a sponge bob poster on my sealing last night. there is a close pin on the side of my moniter. i hope that it doesnt snow thursday b/c i am going to JMU this weekend. well im plannin on it unless i get snowed in. and im pumped there there is no skool monday. martin luther king jr is a cool guy. he deserves a shout out...and a holiday too. i need to bleach my hair again. if you want to talk to me email me please. and dont worry bout me not writing you back. i will probly get back to you as soon as you write me or short after. plus if you write me an email then i will feel popular. sponge bob salutes you.

13 January 2003

back to skool.back to skool
so today was my first day back to skool this second semester this freshman year. i only had one class. art history. my teacher seems hard but she seems cool. she actually talks to us and like interacts w/ us and asks us questions and stuff. she said that this semester we are going to pretend that we are art historians. and we are going to learn what to do as a art historian. should be interesting. for a few minutes i was thinkin bout droppin the class and pickin up another one at another time b/c yes she is goin to have lots of pop quizzes and 3 exams and a museum critique.eeesh. i got my books today and chilled w/ my ppl and hit up the hibb. tomorrow starts the second day of this second semester this freshman year. yea you get the point. so all of the art foundations program is going to be in this new building. well actually it is a parking deck. but on top of the deck is where we are gonna have all of our classes. which is cool but .well we'll see. i went to see the locker gallery [50 B] it was really cool. and some other gallery downstairs of the painting and printmaking building [yea that huge art building] and there were some sweet paintings in there. the girl who does the cool shirts that i like. the screen printed ones. yea she had 2 paintings in there. and i want to go back and take pictures of them cuz they rocked my face. k thats all for now. peas

09 January 2003

hey kids. man sorry i have been so unfaithful in writing. well i have been tryin to stay offline for these past few days. ive been spendin time w/ the Lord and listening to tape series teachings and soaking in all that i can of this man Jesus. i want him more then anything and everything. i long to just know his emotions and thoughts and to walk in such a close relationship w/ him. Lord extend my mind capacity to beable to receive your love for me.

03 January 2003

i just got back from kansas city yesturday. all i can say is. wow. Jesus is doing so much amazing things there. he revealed to me so many things about himself. there is a 24 hour prayer there [international house of prayer] and it is like nonstop prayer and worship. it has been going and has never stopped for 3 1/2 years now. there is such an anointing and an open heaven. i am falling in love w/ my first love once again, my Jesus. i am lovesick. i just have to know Him more. i want to be known as a friend of Jesus.