12 October 2002

today was awesome. my parents came down to visit me on their way to d.c. we went out to eat at strawberry cafe. it was really good restaurant. very cute. it was great spending time w/ them too they are really fun to hang out w/. im so blessed to have them as parents. so after that..when my parents left i went back to my dorm and i chilled for awhile b/c today is saturday and i liked just being lazy. so i worked on my 'used book'. i also did my laundry for the 3rd time since i have been in college. impressive huh? at 6 i met the girls for dinner and then we went to this reJOYce in Jesus service. it was rockin. it was this black church that rocked. i didnt even know that it was a church. i didnt really know what it was but we wanted to check it out. and it ended up bein great. we had to leave early tho b/c also tonight there was the 'LIVE Alive in Christ' in the commons underground. it was awesome i was also predominately a black church...which i love. i love black worship i love black people . they are just so passionate about the Lord. but it was cool..there were alot of ppl there and they did some worship, some food, some skits, some praise, some prayer. it was an awesome night with the Lord and also coming together with the christians of VCU. awesome. so now i think im gonna go read for awhile...talk to yous lata

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