19 November 2002

new look for the site as you can tell. well anyways. this week has been so great. it has just been really relaxing. i didnt have any homework in any of my classes except one. so i have been able to do nothing and not worry about anything. i have been slowly finishing my portfolio for english that is due on friday. im not really worrying bout not passin it. i think that i will do good. and to top off this week is two of my favorite bands concerts. wednesday night [tomorrow] is the 'saves the day' show. im really pumped about that b/c i have never seen them live before and they are amazing. i have been listenin to them for a few years but this year was actually when i really started likin them alot. and then thursday is the 'juliana theory' show. now i have seen them before live last year. and they were so awesome. i cant wait! so basically these next 2 days are goin to rock my face. besides the total of 6 hours of drivin we are goin to be doin between the two days...it will be so worth it. kim is drivin tomorrow to norfolk so i get a break. cuz i have been drivin to the past 3 shows in norfolk then we went to. k so there is my update. get back at ya lata. back to my paper and chillin to some fleetwood mac. peace

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