17 October 2002

last night bible study was awesome. we had a tea party..cuz lilian had the idea for bringin in all her teaset. we were celebratin anna's bday...well we were gonna..but anna couldnt come. but Nicole talked about team work and our gifts. how the Lord has made us all different, and if we were all the same ..like if we were all elbows..then we would just be a huge monster. she talked about how all gifts are equal to God. i always look forward to wednesday night bible study. just b/c i know the Lord does something new everytime and he is continuously knitting all of us closer together.

so what should my topic for my research paper be? i need one by tomorrow. and it is gonna be a 5-6 page paper [which means i will only write 5] man im glad friday is tomorrow. another week almost over. but not lookin forward to the weekend. i have to prepage a paper for the art history midterm and study for the art history midterm...good news is that the midterm is entirely multiple questions..well except for the essay..but still..that is awesome.

besides that..this weekend im doin alot...on friday im goin to see some of my friends plays...the freshman discovery projects. then after that i am probly goin back to williamsburg..b/c on saturday my friend emily is selling all her work in starbucks from 1-4 [the starbucks on monticello] you should come and suport her...check her work out maybe buy something. then sunday my church in richmond is havin a college kid cookout...im definately pumped about that.

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