27 October 2003

eph 1:17
asking God the glorious father to give me the spiritual wisdom and understanding, so that i might grow in knowledge of Him.
how that by revelation He made known to me the mystery by which, when i read, i may understand my knowledge in the mystery of Christ

17 October 2003

15 October 2003

Lord this weight i feel i cary-
in reality is only the deception i have
of the weight which i dont actually have
because your blood Jesus
has already covered it and taken its burden
Lord stain me forever so that the best of launders
can not remove your hand upon my life.
grip me with ruin
to never look back or think about return
for how can i say that the life before was better
than a life of wonder and mysteries divine
wash away all of me until what remains
is the countenance of the fullness of you

14 October 2003

the mystery play
by Lauren D'Auria

Jesus the behind the scenes you
stands behind the curtain
with but a rip down the center
and uses us as your mouth and your body
the controller of the strings smiles
as people applaud our elegance
when yet we are only a tool
to show the radiance of you
there is no intermission in this play
the play continues
every act in the mind of the writer
scenes are seen beforehand
and played and replayed in his head
the title of the play
does not reflect the finale
did you read the program?

09 October 2003

determined sacrifice
by Lauren D'Auria

nothing i desire compares to you
not my lasting longing ability
to understand you
because it is your vast ability
in grace that trumps it all to allow.
just let me position myself
to receive and to be set free.
i want to meet your four fold love.
its the knowledge of the way
you Jesus feel about me
that will be my recovery.
when i stand fascinated by you
i remain spiritually safe .
i want to encounter the deep depths.
the word that comes to mind
about you Jesus is speechless,
Lord you are priceless
Jesus you are worth
all the time i don't have

06 October 2003

the cobwebs of the earth are being torn down
it is done by the seperate
not the separate from but the seperate unto
unto the Lord we are.
every breathe let it be a prophecy
agreeing with the wind
representing and standing in the gap for life
feeling and being the unseen
we cant see the wind
but we can feel it so we know its real
we cant see you
but cant deny the reality of you either

04 October 2003

its the knowledge of the way Jesus feels about you that will be your recovery.

God loves you as much as God loves God [john 15:9]