10 October 2002

oh im so glad that today is over. last night i had these two projects that i offcourse waited until last mintue to do. one that i have had 2 weeks to work on and then this other one that was pretty easy. but the 2 week project i really like how it turned out. but today was so long. cuz well i have my studio classes and man they seem like forever. but its over. praise God. and i found out that the project i did a few weeks ago..the collage thing..i got an 'A' on it and she wants to keep it, among others, and put it in a gallery or a show or somethin. so that rocks. other exciting news for the day! i got a new discman!!! yay. well my friend steven was like 'you wanna go to walmart w/ me' and i said sure...and i didnt think i was gonna get anything but then i remembered that i need a cd player and i have been wanting one for my studio classes to help them go by faster and so i can better concentrate on drawing. and so i can put them on in art history and sleep :) wellllll maybe not..but still im pumped about it. rockin!

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