18 October 2002

yea so this stinks. my bike got stolen. yea im pretty sure its definately gone. i duno...im upset about but then im not. im mainly upset b/c i know my dad spent a lot of money to get it fixed up for me to take to skool. i guess im gonna walk up to fantastic thrift and buy a new one. im sorry dad. i duno how it happened. i went to the discovery plays tonight at around 715 and i know i rode my bike there b/c i wanted to catch dinner before and dinner ended at 7 so i rode my there so i could catch it at the last minute...maybe get the cold left overs [which ended up being my favorite chicken parmesaen and this awesome vegitarian lasagna] but anyways...after the plays i talkin to some ppl then i was gonna walk over to the business building to see 'mr. deeds' the movie and then i was like oh yea ill get my bike and ride it over there...but yea..when i went to get my bike it wasnt there so i ended up walkin anyways...i guess i knew that it was gonna get stolen eventually. i mean i wasnt hoping it would or anything..but i duno ive just been wanting to get a u-lock and they never have them so i hadnt gotten one yet. so yea i will definately get one now once i get my new bike. so anyways...'mr deeds' was a good movie. i hadnt ever seen it before so i took the free showing as a good opportunity to see it. they showed it in the business building auditorium and it was nice big screen [not as good as byrd but good enough]. so that ended around 11 ..so i walked home alone..w/out the company of my purple bike and my pink bell ..and my quick release basket holder...and the black old skool bike waterbottle i never use....and my kryptanite bike lock. ill miss my bike. ill never forget you, bike. i hope that you are in good hands. hopefully it is a nice theif atleast. good night world.

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