08 September 2002

its sunday so that means i went to church today. it was good...i met shannon and we walked over for the 11 oclock service. it was my second time goin. we met some more ppl and sat down..worship was really good. i really like worship there...but i just love worship. and for the 'serman' today it wasnt a serman...some students shared testimonies and then we watched this short clip of this dvd thing called 'red pills' it basically talks bout major topics..and they are gonna go into the schools and show them...that is what i think they were for atleast. but basically we talked bout college and stuff.it was cool. so then afterwards this guy was walkin around givin out flyers bout a cookout at his house. so i thought...'hey free food..that rocks and maybe i can meet some more ppl'. so me and emily walked back to her apartment and i got to see it for the first time..it rocks..i wish i had my own place..but eh.i will soon enough i guess. but anyways...she changed and then we walked over to courtneys place and we drove to this other girls house named lilian. [lilian is really cool..her personality is just funny and she is really outgoing...she seems like someone i will hang out w/ maybe alot...we'll see i guess] so when we got there we basically dropped off courtneys car and took lilians car to this guys house where the cookout was. he lived way out in the middle no where but his house rocked so it was cool. none of us knew anyone there except a few ppl but it was still cool. we jumped right into eating..the burgers werent ready yet but there was chips and drinks and stuff...so we got it and then we went out on the porch and sat on the floor. [i like sitting on the floor] so then we walked down to the "river"...more like a creek after a few minutes. we got there around 3 and left around 430 i guess. but i also was talkin to this other girl who has dreds. i was askin her how she got them and stuff...cuz i definately want dreds..she was tellin me she got them started at a salon and she works at one so she can do them for me...she said that it is pretty expensive but if i do them for a class and i am the person they do it on then it will be cheaper..so that rocks. it is at this place in carytown called 'look' so i will prolly definately do that. so we finally left and in the car we were all talkin about the Lord and just different things about holy spirit and about our church and stuff..it was fun..it was good hangin out w/ some christians b/c i really havent since i got here. that is what i miss the most about williamsburg the most i guess is i dont really have any christian friends here. but i know that the Lord is gonna put some awesome ppl in my life...i just have to keep tellin myself that "it is only the third week...calm down". so yea...now i have to finish writing a paper and finish another project and at some point between today and tomorrow spend 2 WHOLE HOURS drawing trees...yess i know that is boring and i dont have that kinda time that i need to spend sleeping..but hey i am a big college student now

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