10 September 2002

its weird cuz i feel like i dont know anything that is goin on in williamsburg..and its like i am bein forced to become a part of richmond..its weird to call richmond my home...its weird to call my new church my home. i went to a prayer meeting tonight and it was awesome. there was only like 6 of us there..and i didnt know alot of the things and ppl they were prayin for...but it was good to just get in the presence of the Lord. and get the direction and heart of the church for the city and morning star ministries. but i felt at home being w/ the church intersessors. i love being w/ the intercessors..b/c they are so intune w/ the spirit of the Lord. in the meeting i was just over in a corner..where you will usually find me in prayer meetings... just talkin to the Lord and singing..i want to walk hand and hand w/ the Lord. i want the Lord to beable to trust me and want to use me. i long for intamacy w/ the Lord. [im sorry Lord that i ever wanted the things of this world..im sorry that i ever thought about giving up] Jesus-i need you more every day. help! that is my prayer. Lord i dont want to go another season living off of past experiences..i dont want to go another day tryin to make it thru on my own. Lord i want to be living out of an overflow of the spirit..out of the overflow of my close relationship w/ you Lord. Jesus make me desperate for you father. i want to beable to say 'Jesus is my bestfriend' and really mean it

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