09 November 2002

last night was the further seems forever, something corporate, finch, new found glory show in norfolk at the boathouse. ive been lookin forward to this show for awhile but it didnt turn out as good as i thought. well we left around 430 for a two hour drive and we went to dumours for dinner..this barbeque place that we are gonna go to every show from now on hopefully. its just like go in...sit at the stools....barbeque sandwiches...lime aide....and leave....it is an old rollar skate to your car kind of restaurant . i really like it. so yea we left there and we tryed to figure out our way to the boathouse. when we got there it was a long wait to get in and we parked and by the time we got in 'further seems forever' had already played so that was really depressin cuz i really wanted to see them again. next was something corporate. they were really awesome, i have been wanting to see them live for a long time and they played my favorite some 'cavanaugh park'. next was finch. i didnt really like them at all..i duno i dont like screamin bands like that i guess..so i was just walkin around the boathouse looking at ppl, noticing how the place was filled w/ middleskoolers...or so it seemed...then new found glory played. i was thinkin they were gonna be better then they were for some reason. but eh they played for way too long. the whole time they played i was hangin out w/ my sister and her boyfriend nik. it was great hangin out and talkin to them cuz i dont get the chance that often anymore since skool started. so yea i got the guitarist from further seems forevers autograph and i got the lead singer of something corporates autograph. so that was cool . i also got a futher seems forever shirt for 10 bones...its really huge but my friend kim can make it smaller for me. so last night we got home around 1 and i was so tired but ididnt end up goin to bed until around 2 and i had to be up the next morn at 830. today i went to a seminar on 'purpose, passion, and vision' it was really good...lots of good things she spoke on. that got out around 4 and i came back here and slept until 530. and i just got some hibbage and im really full...which means i might go sleep it off...i need to be workin on skool stuff tho..boo.

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