30 September 2002

hey kids...long time no write. man im sorry i havent had any updates in awhile. ive been really busy lately...and i actually am right now too but i just wanted to give ya somethin to read...since i know everyone checks my site daily...[ha] well i had an awesome weekend. i drove back and forth between richmond and the burg 4 times. i went home thursday night cuz we had a surprise goin away/birthday party for michelle. i got there and met joy, her, and brandy at starbucks to get her away from the house. it was great..she thought i came all the way down to go to starbucks w/ her... well anyways..around 7 we took her back to her house to be surprised...and surprised she was. it was great seein everyone. i also got to go to brandys volleyball game. then i went back to michelles party and chilled there all night and spent the night there. the next morn my parents let me skip english...so i stayed the day in the burg...hangin out w/ michelle cuz she had to get her shots for costa rica and had to do some last minute shoppin..then we went to lunch and talkin for awhile....that night was gen church at clc [i was suposed to go to this place in shockoe bottom to see kents band play and chill w/ lilian, abbi, and anna...but i forgot about it...there was also a sleepover for the girls at harvest...ahhh i cant believe i missed it. im sorry everyone...please still love meee] . there another surprise was awaitin michelle..all her 9 roomates from jmu came down to see her. she loved that. so after church a bunch of us girls went to see 'sweet home alabama' the new reese witherspoon movie. it was actually really good. so that night i decided to go sleep in my own bed. the next morn i got up early and drove back to richmond to get my DREDS. from 11 to 4 i sat in a chair gettin them. it was worth it tho..cuz they rock my face. right after that i drove back to the burg. i hung out at my house w/ my fam and then later i went to the farinos to hang out w/ michelle cuz she left sunday morn at 4 in the morning. me and joy ended up watchin 'legally blond' another reese witherspoon movie...and michelle went to bed early. i got to help her duck tape her suitcase and pick out pictures for her picture book. it was sad sayin bye to her cuz she is gonna be gone for 3 months in costa rica...but i know the Lord is goin to do a lot in her and in costa rica. pray for her if ya ever think bout it..or right now. so sat night i spent the night again in the burg and got up early to drive back to richmond for church at harvest...then there was a leadership meetin and free lunch afterwards. then i came back to the good old dorm to stare at a monitor

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