27 August 2009

human of the year

Outside the cars are beeping out a song just in your honor.
And although they do not know it,
all mankind are now your brothers.
And thus the cathedral had spoken, wishing well to all the sinners.
And with a sigh grew silent.
Until next year's big human winner.
Outside the cars are beeping out a song just in your honor.
And although they do not know it all mankind are now your brothers.
All mankind are now your brothers.


19 August 2009

August 20-23, 2009
Best Friends Day started in 2001 with a group of 40 kids celebration their friendships at the end of the summer at Hadad’s Lake. Over the last 8 years, the weekend has grown from one day to four and has included a scavenger hunt, many of bands, as well as an assortment of other weird fun.


Best Friends Day 7 from Dan Nelson on Vimeo.

16 August 2009

true blood

the best intro to a show that ive ever seen

13 August 2009

the imaginarium of doctor parnassus

12 August 2009

other lives- other lives

soon i will no longer walk down these congested streets
the monument will no longer be my guiding point
the collected history will no longer be at my fingertips
the capitol building will no longer silhouette the skies
a new city is on the horizon

"We are shaped and fashioned by what we love."
-- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

From the producer of Paris, je t'aime

11 August 2009

this is the next book i recommend you to read. hopefully you have already read 'a million little pieces' and 'my friends leonard', if you haven't- go buy them both now. (and yes i know opera bashed james frey and started a huge controversy about how 'a million little pieces' shouldn't have been labeled as nonfiction- but it doesn't really matter bc it was one of the most amazing books I've ever read. not only just the content but his writing style is unique and a lot different then any other author I've read. he really knows how to hold your attention and lets you into the depths of the characters minds. as you read you really feel like you know the people and feel for them. this is his first novel. it is all about Los Angeles, almost written into a ton of short stories. it follows 5 peoples lives closely, but goes into depth about facts and faceless stories of how the city developed to what it is today.

10 August 2009

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09 August 2009

02 August 2009

the decemberists- hazards of love

iron and wine- around the well

why?- eskimo snow

cocorosie- coconuts, plenty of junk food

Muse- The Resistance