17 November 2002

what a great a story to tell....personally i think its halarious...claire on the other hand is depressed and bumbed out. ok well tonight claire [my roomate] went to walmart and she discovered a sponge bob fish tank. which rocks by the way. so she got it and just went ahead and bout some fish too. she got a black puppy fish with big eyes..this albino/goldfish and a algue fish. they were named in that order: ashes, burnt, and grosso. so anyways...we set the tank up and plugged it in w/ the oxygen bubbles blowin for awhile. then we put the fish in their bags in the tank to get used to the water. then we put them in the water. they were bein blown around my the bubbles but were chillin and swimin around...after awhile we realized that they were chillin too much....yea so they were barely moving and we didnt know what was up. so grosso is definately dead, burnt is basically dead and ashes is still swimin around but strugglin. we unplugged the oxygen bubbles and we are gonna see what happened by the morning. we lucked out cuz there is a 78 hour warenty on the fish. so yea tomorrow walmart will have a visit and im sure will laugh at us. to sum it all up....our fished died within 6 hours. that is a record! yea i dont have good luck w/ fish at all. salute the dead [ashes, burnt, grosso....rest iin peace...in the sewage system] ...if you want to see these fish. there are pix on my pic page under the ppl category.

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