21 October 2002

im mad cuz i thought i was in honors..and im not...cuz well i thought ya had to have a 3.5 gpa in highschool and you would automatically be in honors..and i had a 3.8 so this whole time i thought i was in honors..and today when i tryed to scedule my classes it wouldnt let me..and i went to the honors building they said that i had to have atleasst a 1270 SAT score. and i dont have that.so i cant scedule my classes for 6 weeks now. well i dont really care. i just had my hopes up i guess. cuz i have my scedule all ready and its perfect. i just wanna know i can get these certain time slots..but now its not gauranteed. so im not havin the best day today. but ill get over it and ill probly get the classes i want..im just overreacting. Lord help me. hope everyone else has a good day

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