12 October 2002

last night turned out so good. the Lord really came thu...if ya read the entry i wrote before this you will see that i was havin pretty much a bad day. well after i got back to my dorm i just got on the computer..to take a break from lookin for the magazine. i just said to the Lord "thank you for finding me the article" and a few hours later. my dad calls me and said...'i called 'more' magazine and they are faxing me the article.' now how amazing is that? my dad rock and the Lord got me the article. then a later too my mom called me and said 'i found the actual magazine. haha. also last night was girls night out w/ all the girls in my bible study. we all went over to nicoles house and we played lots of games, talked, had pizza, and watch the matrix. it was awesome. we had such a fun time and laughed the entire time. so..thank you Lord for turning around a day that i thought was gonna stink into an amazing day. i love you

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