06 December 2002

it snowed wednesday!!! whoo so much fun. basically the whole skool was outside playin in the snow in monroe park. i was out until 2 in the morning. and when i went in there was still like atleast 100 ppl outthere. i was first out there w/ my roomates and then i met up w/ meaghan, kat, mike and meaghans roomate. i had fun takin pictures and attacking ppl to the ground, putting snow down the hole in mikes pants, snow angels in the middle of the road, watching ppl pelt the plow trucks w/ snow balls, drew a pig in the snow on a cop car...and then stood there saying "look someone drew a pig on a cop car, oh my gosh!" drew out our names in the snow in a big empty untouched parking lot, kicking around a lost shoe. it was great. usually i dont play out in the snow cuz there is nothin to do except goin sledin down the same old hill in my neighborhood but this time it was different...there was actually ppl older then the age of 10 to hang out w/. when it was too late, meaghan told me that i was suposed to move my car under the roof in the parking garage.. so we went to see my buggy and it was covered...the next day when we went to see it it was frozen over w/ ice...so i pulled it under the roof to maybe help it thaw out...im glad there was a spot like really close by under the roof b/c i couldnt see anything. oh yea and by the way...if ya didnt figure it out...skool was canceled on thursday [there.snow.skool]. i was so excited but not. i was b/c i didnt do my homework for drawing studio but i wasnt b/c i really wanted to go to c&p class. last night i spent the night at kats house b/c i didnt have any classes today either b/c english last day was wednesday...i want to see if i can move into rhoads dorm. my pink converses got wet in the snow and so i wore my moms duck boots. yea im tired and happy there was sweet potato pie at lunch today.

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