04 October 2002

last night was awesome. me and lilian drove 2 hours to virginia beach to see the hillsongs worship team b/c they came over from austrailia to lead worship last night. hillsongs has one of my favorite worship teams. their worship is just so good. they write all their music and man it is anointed. so my cuzins were on the alter ministry so they got us seats right in the 3rd row which was a blessing. and it was also good seeing them b/c i havent in awhile. so the night was awesome. i got to see lots of ppl from williamsburg too b/c they all went. it was worth the drive. plus me and lilian had fun hangin out , talkin, and worshipin in the car. oh yea and on the way up before we went to the church..cuz we got to virginia beach early. we went to pollards chicken for dinner! we used to eat there all the time when comin to see grandmom but we havent in forever so we ate there and it was great. the puffs are the best!

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