23 November 2002

so today was a good day. i got up and went to english. we got out at 1035 instead of 1050 which was good and bad. good b/c each minute in that class seems like an eternity and bad b/c lunch doesnt start until 11 which means i have to go all the way back to my dorm and come back to hibbs or sit there for a half an hour and wait. so yea i went back to my dorm. i ended up just eating a hot pocket. then i studyed for art history a bit. then i went to sleep for a few hours and woke up at 3. then i chilled for a bit and then went to dinner at 4 w/ kat, meaghan, and mike. then we all went back to rhodes and hung out there for a bit. [by the way...did i tell you bout these cool oragami stars i found in my c&p class yesturday...well now ya know. and yes i looked online for directions and tryed to make one. but it didnt exactly work] at 640 we left to go see the 'frida' movie about the life of frida kahlo. that was a really good movie. kinda sketch but very good. when we got back around 930 i sat here bored out of my mind until now. i did talk to joy for a bit tho. and all day since yesturday night i have been rockin out to the 'me with out you' cd. it is so good i cant stop listening to it. what else...well me and claire decided to clean our room since we havent in a very long time. and our suitemates mom is here from puerto rico. so now its time to go to bed. good night world. i just scanned a bunch of my friend kats pictures so they will probly be on my site soon.

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