15 October 2002

guess what! i won the two new waterdeep cds. anyone who knows me probly got an email from me about waterdeep...a link where you could go and listen to them on the internet. well i sent that to 144 people. count yourself lucky if you got one of those 144 emails b/c you helped me out by just having an email address. i was in the top 3 of sending the most emails out....so i won both the new waterdeep cds for free. rockin! so now i dont have to buy them...which was gonna be like 35 bones that i dont have....and i feel special cuz my name was in the waterdeep mass email. whoo hooo im cool. also...i did find the funniest site ever created on the internet...mark told me about it. the link is [http://maddox.xmission.com/] it has a lot of cussing in it..but i serious am rollin when i read this. seriously..on the floor crying im laughin so hard. i love this site. yay lunch time...peace

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