24 November 2002

today was actually productive...well i mean i actually did stuff the whole day all back to back..it was great. well i got up around 11 to a singing puerto rican boy. i then got up and chilled for a bit before going to hibbs. i saw vicky there so we ate together. after this i met lillian and kent on broad street in the 1708 art gallery. there was a photography show that kent wanted to see so i met them there and we ended up goin to 3 other galleries too. after this i went to rhodes and hung out w/ kim for a bit. she sewed my shirt and my sisters shirts smaller for us. rock. thanx kim. after that i went back to my dorm for a bit and worked on my english portfolio due monday. then went to dinner at 6:05 to be exact...with kat, meaghan and mike again. and julie came too. thennnn i met vicky, alisha, and her friend...sorry i cant remember your name. and we went down to shockoe bottom to the shockoe expresso cafe. kents band 'the offering' was playing there. so we chilled there from 7 until 11. all the girls from my church. it was so much fun just chillin and talking and we were all drawing eachother and sallie,lillian and abi were knitting. it was just great. i love hanging out with those girls. i got a caramel frap too thanx to abi and i was sad to leave to come back to the good old dorm. to sum it all up...great day. thank you Lord

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