08 October 2002

new look for the site. i like it. its chill. and the theme pretty much rocks. i get brain cramps a lot here in college. so anyways how ya like it. sooo tonight i hung out w/ anna and nate and met some other guys there..but yea... we went to this thing called 'open mic night' its where random ppl go and sing and play acoustic guitar and jembes...well thats what they played tonight atleast. but there were 3 different bands. it was cool. i love live music. speaking of live music...last night i saw 'dashboard confessional'. they rocked my face. the first 3 bands were aight. i wasnt really that into them. i duno they didnt really catch my attention at all. that part was great tho cuz me and kim..durin the first 3 bands..just sat upstairs and made fun of everyone .so the show was at the norva...which is a pretty good venue. i like it cuz it just looks cool. but really it blows b/c unless you are in the front or a tall person you cant really see. there are a few spots that i discovered that is a good veiw but still...eh. well this was my second time seeing dashboard. i think that the last show was better cuz it was at the boathouse...another venue in norfolk...which i like alot better. cuz where ever you stand you can see the whole stage...and its cool cuz its right on the water and if ya go outside you can like stand and look over the water...but anyways. this show chris played alot of good songs but he also played alot of new stuff. his new stuff is pretty good. there is this one song that shannon told me about that is on his website [www.dashboardconfessional.com] and he played that. it is a really cool song. it is very different from all of his other stuff. it really tells a story and it sounds like a southern jig ho down song or somethin. but yea the highlight of the night was the closing song he played hands down and bitterpill together. he does this thing live where he sings pretty much all of hands down and then you think its over and he just flows into bitter pill. and bitter pill is the best song live cuz he really just gets into it and they just flow in the intruments alot. but yea so then at the end they go back into hands down. and its just rocks. so yea the show ended around 11 which i thought was late for a show...but i guess there were 4 bands. but we did have to drive 2 hours back to richmond and drop kelsey off in the burg on the way. but it was cool. me, kim, and shannon had a fun time drivin back just talkin bout stuff and..well they are always cool to hang out w/ anyways. but yea...i gotta go cuz i reek of smoke from 'open mic night' cuz this chain smoker guy was sittin at our table....eek i cant breathe...get the smell offffff!

top 11 teezes at the dashboard show [and details]
1- get a room girl [ok this one girl was dancin w/ her boyfriend during ash and yea this wasnt just dancin...this was SICK! she was like all up on him like yea. i was about to throw up but i couldnt not watch cuz they were right in front of me....eek.ok lets move on the next teeze please]
2- fat girl that cant stand up [ ok this girl was in the crowd too. she was right in front of kim. kim was about the beat her up b/c the bouncer guys were like passin out water to ppl and this girl was drink some and like leanin back on kim. like i duno why but kim kept like pushing her and it was like the girl didnt even notice b/c she kept fallin back on kim. once dashboard started kim was gonna take her out but she didnt get the chance or i duno.
3- hat boy [ok this boy was right in front of us in the crowd too. he had a hat that said 'sweat more, bleed less' basically kim like hated it and wanted to rip it off and throw it in the audiance b/c she said "he isnt hardcore just cuz of his hat, any hardcore guy wouldnt wear a hat like that"
4- drunk girl [now this was funny. ok i moved away from the get a room girl cuz basically we were standing right in the middle of a crowd being smashed into everyone around you...like no breathing room, i was sweating even tho i wasnt even moving, well wait that sweat was prolly the sweat of the ppl touching me...so anyways. i left the crowd and went on a search to find a spot where i could see the stage. i finally found a spot standin on the stairs. and i was just mindin my own business singin along and these two drunk girls walked by. one was much more drunk then the other so i will focus on her. well she couldnt walk at all! she like was tryin to get to the stairs and even more funny...tryin to walk up the stairs w/out falling over. her friend had to pull her and help her up. it was great. i just laughed at how much of an idiot she is]
5- $1 water [kim was just mad bout how it cost one dollar for a cup of water...not a bottled water but a cup. i mean they shouldnt charge for water at a concert ]
6- grafiti my clothes please boy [this boy was just too weird to even explain..who knows what he was thinkin or how dark the room was he got dressed in]
7- old men by the stairs [these guys were cool. they were just two old guys chillin at the top of the stairs. i duno why they were even at the show. b/c they acted like they werent even listening..they were just talkin along...and were there the entire show]
8- 10 year old boy club [all these little boys were there. just walkin around. where ever you look you saw a 10 y/o boy in eye view...one even had poochy nipples]
9- no digital cameras aloud [now this blew. b/c i brought my camera. i got it in and i thought all was good. and i was thinkin...do you think its safe to take a picture now. cuz we pushed our way into the crowd so that i could w/out it gettin taken away by one of the gaurds. and it wasnt even dashboard yet but i took a picture of the lead singer of ash. and all of a sudden....:tappidy tap tap: on my back. a gaurd caught me. i gave it over w/out sayin anything cuz i mean i guess i knew it was gonna happen ..even tho i was mad cuz i could have waited till dashboard and then gotten a picture of them....but yea at the end of the night when i got my camera back..they had deleted the one picture that i did take off of my camera....so that really stinks. but anyways....next]
10- whoa i almost drown in my shirt boy [this boy was part of the 10 y/o boy club. he had on a huge button up shirt. kim commented put words in his mouth... "im cool cuz i like pacific sunwear" . but to the point..his shirt was so huge i just blirted out the words "whoa i almost drowned in my shirt" and hey look...it made it on the teeze list]
11- coat dress [coat dress was like this trench coat but looked more like a dress. and he had on a white collared shirt on underneath and he put the white collar onto of the black collar...and he just looked like the biggest flame ever]

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