28 May 2002


this is the address to my new picture page. i can fit around 400 pix on this page. im not gonna put all the pix i had on my last page on here but i will add new pix that i take. there are a few on there now. and there is a mailing list. im not sure how it works. i think that if i add your email address it might send ya updates of when i add pictures. so if ya wanna be on the mailing list then tell me.
my email address is counter7culture@yahoo.com and my sn on aim is ubfccc

27 May 2002

i bleached my hair finally but it didnt get white and i kept my bangs brown...it looks cool tho. if ppl look at my like im ODD then i know its perfect

23 May 2002

sandy skoglund is my new favorite artist. check out her site and her work


hmm. its almost been a week since i have wrote in here. but prolly nobody reads it anyways.
today i went to dc on a feild trip. it was fun and i saw alot of awesome art and i took alot of pictures. if ya want to see them then ask me and then i will know if anyone reads this page..arg

19 May 2002

aight after only 7 hours of sleep last night which is better than i thought but still was tired. yes i did get up and drive up to richmond w/ some friends to go to the y101 birthday bash. we just missed something corporate but we did get to see abandoned pools, remy zero, pete yorn , and cake. i got some free something corporate stickers and saw some friends there i havent seen in awhile. my legs really hurt from standin up 5 hours straight and there was this blocked off section for VIP and there was free red bull! i asked this guy for some and they were out and he went back to find me some but he never came back. but its all good. now its time for bed and my clothes from today reek of beer and smoke. eek.
ok i didnt end up gettin my hair bleached yet but the definate date is on thrusday. and yea tonight rocked
after prom was tonight and durin the whole night ya have to play games and gamble to get lots of fake money b/c at the end of the night they do an auction to win real stuff. and me and my friend renee wanted to win a microwave for our dorm next year and we ended up makin 522,000 moneys. sooooo we won our microwave! we were so pumped that we got it. yayyy. and yess right now it is 530 in the weee morning and im goin to bed

18 May 2002

today will be a fun day. im goin to get my hair bleached today. when i went to charlotte there was a girl there who got her hair white and she told me the bleach kit to use so today i am gonna see if i can get it white. thennnn im goin to see star wars tonight. i was excited but my mommy told me that she heard it was horrible. so we will see. thennnn afterprom is tonight. well prom too offcourse but im not goin cuz im "so punk rock" as mark says...no really i just dont care if i go or not. afterprom is the fun part and im plannin on winnin lots of fake money for the auction. b/c i WILL win everything so yess. thats my day. we will see if it can top yesturday.
today was a good day of thriftin. i had a lot of good finds. a old squool nags head sweatshirt that i have on right now, a denver nuggets shirt, 'life is a beach' shirt, a ronal mcdonald shirt, and 2 pairs of shorts. one pair says 'dude' on it...nice. oh how i love the smell of a thrift store..

take the emo quiz.created by jessi

basically i dont know what all that means..but its pretty halarious. basically i found out what the deciding factor of the quiz is...your favorite color. my fav color is yellow so im a peep. but with all the same answers but black as my fav color then im SUPER EMO...oooohhh aaaahhh

15 May 2002

1st annual birthday bash for richmonds y101 new rock

sunday may 19 in shockoe bottom in richmond

$ 5

starts at 12 pm

2 stages 12 bands: something corporate, remy zero, pete yorn

sugarcult, cake and more


also friday there is an all night sponge bob house party....on the one and only nickelodeon
poem written by the one and only shannon inspired by the clif

I Love your clif
Makes you cuter
We can fix it
Right up
Bad haircuts
Fixed by moms
Make better friends

Actually its more
Of an
Ooooooooh than an

14 May 2002

"God loves weak and immature kids b/c those are the only kids he has" -jack deere
ok...the nose pickin page is up...http://www.picturetrail.com/fngrnnose
ok im gonna have 4 pages soon
a one w/ my art, random pictures, this one, and a nose picking page

ill have the nose pickin page up soon....yay

13 May 2002

my picture page link is http://www.picturetrail.com/nonalcoholicsebastion i dont know how long that will be up...ill have to go thru a process of deleting pictures of there b/c they want to charge me now to use their site. so i can only have 36 pictures...we know that wont work...so i started this and i have another picture page of my pictures that i took when i went to charlotte north carolina at morning star this past weekend.....http://www.picturetrail.com/ubfccc....i might be just puttin up the latest pictures up to 36 so they wont beable to stay up for long...but anyways...
my new page..i dont know where this is goin to go but ill post stuff...my thoughts or whatever..if i wanna just say something or share or im bored...my picture page is bout to die so until i can figure out how to post pictures i will just write stuff...what the hey..