23 October 2002

the juliana theory
Thu. 11/21/02

Fredericksburg, VA
Great Hall - Mary Washington College. Ages: 18+. Doors open at 7pm. Call 757.463.1940 for more information. TBA

man today was good. for so many reasons i cant really explain them..[shout out to nicole, you are just amazing, thanx for just being so obediant to the Lord]. but one thing was i got a new bike. i heard bout this old guy who sells bikes on floyd street so i thought id check it out and he sold me this pretty nice huffy for 30 bones...which is real good. so i have a new friend. i got a ulock too...so im cool now...but its hard bein cool...this ulock is annoying. man the sacrifice for keepin your bike from gettin stolen. also today me and kim roamed around richmond takin pictures of my shirt and her tie for class. and i found some rockin 'refuse to be smart' stickers [im gonna start collectin his stickers and posters...so far i have 3 stickers and one poster] but then we went to plan 9 and i got shannons bday present and i got the new dave cd for myself. thennn i went to bible study and that was awesome too. i am left standin in awe....God put a smile upon my face.

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