15 September 2002

hi...so yea this weekend i went home to williamsburg. a guest speaker named tommy tenney [he wrote the book 'the Godchasers'] was at clc on sat night and sunday. it was good to be home. i really miss it. i didnt ever think that i would ever ever miss williamsburg. and for years all i have wanted to do was get out of there..but now that i am i wanna go back so bad. i just miss all my friends and my church...its hard for me to go back b/c i dont want to leave. so...i went and picked lilian up from her house and we started our journey to the burg. as soon as we got back in town we went over to marks house to hang out. we hung out there for awhile until he had to go to work and we had to go to church. we stopped by my house first to say hi to my parents ..they were leavin to go to my dads work party so i got to see them for only a minute. but i loved it..i loved seeing them and bella was so precious w/ her new haircut. so dropped our stuff off and went to church. we got there and there wasnt that many ppl there yet so we got 2nd row seats. worship was so awesome and when tommy started speaking, in between he would call his wife up and she would sing. she had an amazing voice, and there was also this violinist guy who played and he was freakin good! so tommy spoke untill like 11 and it was like the quickest 4 hour service i had ever been in cuz every word he says is just so good. he is just so anointed. so after the service we went over to farinos. we hung out there..there was alot of ppl there...all michelles friends from jmu and all the farinos and me, lilian, and mark. so we stayed there till like around 1 hangin out..played some ping pong. ...drove home, slept, got up early to go to breakfast before church w/ joys decipleship group at crackerbarrel, went to get lilian and went to church, and tommy preached again. it was an awesome word, we went to peking for lunch w/ the crew. i got to see marna..i was excited cuz i hadnt seen her in like 5 weeks and i missed her! then we went to the farinos again and hung out there till like around 4. we played some more ping pong...[double ping pong is pretty fun..i had never played it before. but you have to like switch off w/ your partner every hit...its hard]...i talked to michelle and joy for awhile...then i went home for about a half hour to see my parents before we left to come back to richmond. we eventually left around 515 or so. but we still didnt get to leave cuz mark called me and told me ernie was at his house. so we went by his house so i could see ernie..cuz i hadnt seen him in forever. we stayed there bout 20 min and then left...when we finally got on the interstate my car beeped at me tellin me that i didnt have any gas left in my car almost...so we drove for awhile and got off to get gas. then we finally made back by around 7 or something. we decided that we were gonna go by this 'see you at the pole' rally to see if it was over yet cuz lilians boyfriend was there. and we walked in and worship was still goin. they were singin a song called 'breathe' and man...it was anointed. so we stayed for the speaker and then i left around 830 to come back to my dorm. [it was great hangin out w/ lilian this weekend. she is a really awesome person. im glad she decided to come along w/ me] so when i got back to my dorm i had a nice warm welcome of "You have to clean the bathroom!" so i did that [ and i was so excited...sike] and now i can relax ...i wanna just go to sleep but i cant cuz of skool stuff... [Jesus i love you..thanx for always bein there..you are amazing to me even thru all my crap...help me abba]

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