21 November 2002

saves the day show was tonight. it was awesome. the opening bands were 'circle and square', 'something like spitting', 'ash', and then 'saves the day'. we left to go to the show at 330 b/c we were gonna meet ernie at doumars for dinner b/c he is movin to florida...but guess what. he didnt show up. which doesnt suprise me at all. so yea we ordered the normal- 2 barbeque sandwichs and a limeaide. then we drove to the show. it was around 630 and i got the best spot. i was up on the balcony straight infront of the stage....so i watched the whole entire show... every band and every set change. it was interesting watchin them set up and break down each band. so the first band was pretty good but their guitarist was really annoying. 'something like spitting' was very very good. i really liked them alot. i hadnt heard them before tonight. i got a shirt and kim got the cd. and we got free stickers. 'ash' i dont really like at all. but they do have a girl guitarist which is cool and they are from ireland which is cool too. but i dont like their style of music. so yea...saves the day was amazing. i had never seen them before in concert so i was so pumped. everyone up on the balcony was just standin there the whole time and i was the only one rockin out. it was cool bein up there and watchin the crowd too tho b/c it was like a moving ocean and i saw all the pits form and all the crowd surfers and the bouncers grabbin the crowd surfers out of the crowd. it was just great. so i think saves the day is one of my favorite bands live. i would definately love to see them again. i like them b/c they play songs all back to back so they play more songs instead of messin around and talkin inbetween each. and i was pumped b/c they played my favorite song..'nightingale'. so anyways. yea i got to sleep on the way home..i was excited about that. oh yea did i mention i got a saves the day shirt too? eee

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