27 June 2002

tomorrow i am drivin up to new york with some friends for a nation wide prayer gathering. there should be thousands of ppl there. the last one i went to in DC on sept 29 2000 there was over 400,000 ppl there. we are believing that God is goin to have a major impact and new things are goin to be released in the spirit on saturday as we pray and just give the day to Him. revival is coming to our land! i will tell all about the day when i get back on sunday.

22 June 2002

here are all the lyrics to lauryn hills new cd. they are soooo good i cant get over it. i know nobody will prolly ever read them but here ya go

lauryn hill mtv unplugged 2.0
disc 1

-its a new day
-these songs are very much about what ive been goin through and what ive been learning alot of wonderful life lessons that arent easy to come by but your very blessed after you realize why you had to go thru what you had to go thru"
-i used to be a performer and i really dont consider myself a performer any more...im sharing the music ive been given

see the road to hell its paved for good intentions
cant you tell the way they have to mention how they helped you out
your such a hopeless victim
please dont do my any favors mr intentional
all thier talk is seasoned to perfection
the road they walk commanding your affection
they need to be needed deceived by motivation
an opportunity to further sittuation
why their so imporant is w/out explanation
please dont patronize me mr intentional
we give rise to ego by being insecure
the advice that we go desprately searchin for subconcious effort to suport our power more to engage in denial to admit we're imature validating lies mr intentional
open up your eyes my intentional
stuck in a system that seeks to suck your blood
held emotionaly hostage by what everybody does
counting all the money that you give them just b/c
exploding ignorance in the name of love stop before you drop
b/c thats just they way it was
please dont justify my my intentional
oh one deminsional
mr intentional
dont you do me any favors
wake up youve been sleeping
take up your bed and walk.
stop blaming other ppl.
for its nobody elses fault
except that youre about you...
you know that live goes on w/out you
your expensive miss invention.
disguising your intentions
dont worship my hurt feelings
mr intentional
see i know that you cant help me
mr intentional
the only help i need to live is unprofessional
the only wealth i have to give is not material
and if you need much more then that im not available
please dont entertain me mr intentional
for i dont need your sympathy...stay away from me
so one deminsional
mr promotional
mr emotional
mr intentional

-fantasy is what ppl want but reality is what they need and ive just retired from the fantasy part

adam lives in theory
tryin to turn stone into bread
mascorading like hes got it figured out
cut off from the sunshine only smart in his own head
leaving his descendents to hope and doubt.
left to his devices
those worthless sacrifices
praying to the alter of his self
making pilgrimages
thinking he's religious
like he's got all the light and noone else
he takes the unsuspected
cuz he knows their not connected
and he shows them how to be just as he is
virtually real
and comercialy appeal
to the lust of all the ppl where he lives
eve was so naive
blinded by the pride and greed
wanting to be intelectual
drifting from the way
she got turned down one day
and now she thinks shes bisexual
caught up in emotion
burning up her devotion
to the king of exploitation in a field
she handed him her virtue
cuz he told her i wont hurt you
so she layed w/ him to see how good it feels
now can you tell me what what we gonna do now
where we gonna go now
what we gonna say now
now after the sensation
end empty fornication
she brought effection home into her bed
quickly muliplying
now the three of them and dying
by the poison she perceived to be good bread
now eve and her husband
are perverted in their judgement
cuz everything appeared to be the same
they intertain sugestions
next time just use pertecton
desiring to cover up their shame
but much to their demise
for the sin had closed their eyes
to the very anctatote to their delima
burning in their lust
both of them adulterers
destroying their original agendas
praying to the sky
in order to maintain light.
they exausted every posible conclusion
they cant even entertain
their solution in their brain
our filled w/ vain information and polution
hiding from the truth
he provided an excuse
to explain away his desperate situation
when confronted blamed his wife
giving birth to carnel life
refusing to ecknowledge what he'd done
now if we cant agree
w/ who created us to be
who says we're guilty
everyone before his eyes
make it no exception
since the day of all conception
predisposed the hate and truth alone in lies
can you tell me what we gonna do now
where we gonna now
what we gonna say now
stop walkin in pride
let the theif be crucified
unlearn everything and open let Him teach you
line upon line
and precept upon precept
say goodbye to this decaying social system
he wants to know
how far we're willing to go
if we love him like we say we do he'll try us
just you dont regress
and step into hopelessness
once he's satisfied
his love it wont deny us
then He'll tell us what what we gonna do now
where we gonna go now
what we gonna say now
im tellin you He's gonna tell us

-i had created a public persona this public elusion and it held me hostage like i couldnt be a real person b/c your too afriad of what your public will say and at that point i just had to do some dying and realy except the fact that look this is who i am and i have to be who i am and all of us have a right to be who we are and whenever we submit our will our, b/c our will is a gift our will is givin to us, to someone elses opinion a part of us dyes.
-some miraculous things have happened in a short amount of time
-God doesnt lie and i know that he knows how to talk to the hearts of ppl better then anybody else..whatever he relates to whomevers listening that whats suposed to be understood at that time

oh jerusalem
realizing that there no place else to go and theres nobody i know that can help me
text book solutions are so improbable cuz everybody else is just as empty
naked as the day as i was born i try to hide behind educaiton and philosophy
hopeless explanations indescribe a situation i cant see b/c the worlds on top of me
a wretched man that i am He will deliver me from the body of this death
free me from doubts and superficial trust of an enemy that cease to take my breath
failing to connect
cuz im moral defect
by reason of the God inside my head
causing me to see only what pertains to me
believing im alive when im still dead
limited to earth
unable to find out my worth
b/c i cant see past my own vanity
if im not included
then ill just have to remove it
from my mind
b/c it has to be in sanity
a wretched man that i am He will deliver me from the body of this death
can i even factor
that ive only been an actor
in a staged interpretation of this day
focused on the shadow w/ my back turned to the light
to intelegent to see that its me in the way
what a peradox
having God droped in a box
all this time professing to be spiritual
naturally pretending
that im actually defending god thru my fasad only material
oh jerusalem
wash thy hearth from wickedness
that tho mayest be saved from thy deception
how low shall thow fake those lies w/in thee
oh jersulem keeping thee from perfection
submit to truth
leave the deception of thy youth
so we can walk in the council of authority
forget the proof
our generation is so aloof
only followin the steps of the majority
trust in the lord w/ all thy heart
and lean not on to thine understand in all our ways
acknowledge him and he shall direct they paths
be not wise and anolize that you cant follow him
we judge and condemn
just as ignorant as them
who religion tells us that we should ignore
perpatrating we're in covanent w/ him
exposed by the very things that we ignore
we grin and shake hands
then lay ambush for the man
who has a different point of view then us
infuriated b/c he doesnt understand
bringin up the things we dont want to discuss
wise to do evil we dont know how to do good
walkin onto darkness runnin from the light
led to believe b/c we live in neighborhoods
tellin us whats goin on will be alright
oh so repressed
so convinced that i was blessed
when i play w/ my gay mom monopoly
or to sugest
that my life is still a mess
would reveal a pride
of hiding is whats stoppin me
oh jerusalem
wash thy heart from wickedness
that tho mayest be saved from thy deception
how low shall thow fake those lies w/in thee
keeping them from perfection
abide in me and i in you
as the branch can not bare fruit of itself except in the vine
i am the vine you are the branches he that live in me and thy in him
bore much fruit
for w/out me you cant handle nothin
oh jerusalem
your traditions have deceived you
ive chosen you
you havent chosen me
what so ever you ask in my name i will give to you
but in vain they call my name
teachin doctrines just the same
justified among themselves
but god knoweth the heart
what man esteems is smart
isnt about the nation to emanuel
just repent
turn from selfish motivation
so iniquity will not cause your demise
make you a new heart
and a new spirit for why would he die
oh jerusalem please tell me why
i have no pleasure in the death of him who dyth
says the lord god therefore turn thyselfs and live
its not the talkers but the walkers in his word
are the only ones the father will forgive
oh jerusalem
wash thy heart from wickedness
that tho mayest be saved from thy deception
how low shall thow fake those lies w/in thee
oh jerusalem provideing you no protection
oh jerusalem

-i used to go tour id be a prisoner
-the more i focus less on myself the more a realize i can be used to spread a message

everybody knows that thier guilty
resting on their conscience eating their inside
there is freedom time now
tell them to get free
dont give your selves up now
there is a war in the mind
over territory for the dominion
who will dominate the opinions
skisms and isms keepin us in forms of religions
conformin our vision to the world churchs decision
traped in a section
submitted to committee election
moral infection
epidemic lies and deception
inserection of the highest posible law to distort
in our tape recorders from hearing like under water
beyond the borders
fine desendin disorder
bound by strategy and sysematic depravatiy
heavy as gravity
head first in the cavity w/out a bottom
of fate worst inside him
whats got him drunk off the spirits
truth comes we cant hear it
now youve been programmed to fear it
i had a vision
i was falling in indecision
apalling calling religious
a program on television
how could dominate wisdom be recognized in the system
of antichrists and the majority rules
inteligent fools
phd's and ilusion
masters a mass confusion
bachelors a past ilusion
now who ya chosen
the head or the tail
the blood shed of the male or confidence in the vail
conferences at yale
discussing doctrines of bail
causing ppl to fail
keepin a third in jail
his word has nailed everything to the tree
severing all of me from what i used to be
formless and void
totally paranoid
enjoyed darkness as Lord
keeping me from the sword
blocked from mercy
bitterness sercy
hungry and thirsty for good meat
weve been eatin and still dyin at the table of deceit
how incomplete
from confrontation to retreat
we belong in true enemies defeat
destitute and necessity
causing desperation to get the best of me
punishment till there was nothin left of me
realizing the unescapable death of me
no options in the valley of decision
the only doctrine supernatural circumsision
inwardly only water can perge the heart from words
the firey darts thrown by the workers of the arts
iniquity shapin in
theres no escapin when
your whole philosophy is paper thin
in vanity the wide rollers in sanity
could it be all of humanity
picture that
scripture that
the origin of a mans heart is black
how can we show up for an invisible war
preocupied w/ a shadow makin love w/ a whore
achin in sores
babalon the great mystery
mother of human history
system of social sorcery
our present condition needs serious recognition
where theres no repentance there can be no remision
and that sentence more serious then vietnam
the atom bomb and sedam and minister faracahn
whats goin on
whats a priority to you
bout what authority do we do the majority hasnt a clue
weve majored in curses searched the chapters checked the verses
recaptured the lamb
removed the mark from off our hands
so we can stand in agreement w/ his command
everything else is damned
let them w/ ears understand
its freedom time now
im gonna be who i am
everybody knows that theyve lied
everybody knows theyve perpetrated inside
everybody knows their guilty as
resting on their conscience eating thier insides
get free
ppl your suposed to be
i said its freedom time

-we are no bigshots in reality we are all in the same boat dealin w/ the same issues same problems same stuff. dont even buy it the enemy is doin the same thing to me that he is doin to everybody else
-the only way to get out is thru confrontation see we always thought it was retreat..run away im tellin ya ya gotta confront it
-if we arent suposed to turn around then why does a car have a stearing wheel are we suposed to crash in a wall..no ..we are suposed to reverse

i find it hard to say
that everything is alright
dont look at me that way
like everything is alright
cuz my own eyes can see
thru all your false pretenses
but what you fail to see
is all the consequences
you think our lives our cheap
and easy to be wasted
as history repeats
so fawl you can taste it
and while the ppl sleep
to confotable to face it
his life so incomplete
and nothing can replace it
and while the ppl sleep
to confotable to face it
your lives so incomplete
and nothing can replace it
fret not thyself i say
against these laws of man
cuz like the bible says
his blood is on their hands
then what i got to say
is rebel
while today is still today
choose well
and what i got to say
is rebel
it cant go down this way
choose well
and while the ppl sleep
to confortable to face it
your lives our so incomplete
and nothing and noone can replace it
oh no
and what i got to say
is rebel
the day is far too spent
wake up and rebel
we must destroy in order to rebuild
wake up you might as well
are you satisfied
why dont you rebel

moving down the streams of my lifetime
pulls a fasination in my sleep
cooling off the fire of my longing
boiling up my coal w/in is ease
bouncing the down the walls of inhibition
evaporting all of my fears
baptising me into complete timition
desolving my condition w/ his tears
its just like the water
i havent felt this way inyears

causing through my senses hes prevailing
floating thru the space of my design
drowning me if find my inside sailing
drinkin in the mainstream of his mind
filing up the cup of my emotions
spilling over in to all i do
if only i could get lost in his ocean
surviving on the thought of loving you
its just like the water
i havent felt this way in years
batheing in a fountain of his essence
he causes my expression to remain
humbled on a mountain by he presence
washing my intentions w/ his name
sealing all the floodgates of his passion
saving all his liquid for his own
moisturizing me to satisfaction
in my imagination all alone
hes pooring out his soul to me for hours and hours
drawing out my nature w/ his hands
yearning im so thirsty for his power
burning to be worthy of his land
hes just like the water
i havent felt this way in years
cling to me
hes perging me
and moving me around
hes bathing me
hes cleaning me
and moving me around
washing me
cleaning me
moving me around
hes perging me
hes been cleaning me
and moving me around

-what i am is what i am and i cant be afraid to expose that to the public
-im tired of frontin
-god is faithful

i just want you around
thought that id lost you
i could hardly make a sound
when i thought i couldnt hold you
knew the world had let me down
shoulda took the time to told you
you keep my feet on the ground
id hoped you could hear me
cuz i know its not profound
i just want you around
i just need you around
when i thought i was w/out you
i got used to being down
was my fault i used to doubt you
that aint mean next time around
please believe me when i tell you
cuz all my words are bound
this is my cross now let me bury it
i was lost now i am found
i just want you around
i just need you around
took this love for granted
kept my feelings underground
should of watered what i planted
should of known what i had found
im not used to being lonely
i dont like how it sounds
your the only one i know
who dont turn my upside down
i just want you around
i just need you around

i gotta find peace of mind
he says its impossible
but i know its possible
he says theres no me w/out him
please help me forget about him
he takes all my energy
traped in my memory
constantly holding me
i need to tell you all
the pain hes caused
i need to tell you why
im undone b/c
he says its impossible
but i know its possible
to finally be in love
and know the reason of
a lasting relationship
not based on ownership
i trust every part of you
cuz all that you say you do
you love me despite myself
sometimes i fight myself
i just cant believe that you
would have anything to do
w/ someone so insecure
someone to immature
you inspire me
to me the higher me
you make my desire pure
just tell me what to say
i cant find the words to say
please dont be mad w/ me
i have no identity
all that ive known is gone
all that i was buildin on
i want to walk w/ you
how do i talk to you
touch my mouth w/ your hands
i want to understand
the meaning of your embrace
i know now i have to face
the temptations of my past
please dont let me disgrace
will my devotion last
now that i know the truth
now that is no excuse
keeping me from your love
what was i thinkin of
holding me from your love
what was i thinkin of
you are my peace of mind
that old me is left behind
he says its impossible
but i know its possible
he says its improbible
but i know its tangible
he says its not grabible
but i know its havible
cuz anythings possible
please come free my mind
please come be my mind
can you see my mind
wont you come free my mind
i know its possible
anything is possible
free your mind
oh its so possible
im telling you its possible
get free now
Youre my peace of mind
that old me is left behind
He's my peace of mind
what a joy it is to be alive
to get another chance
everydays another chance
to get it right this time
everydays another chance
what a merciful God
what a wonderful God

disc 2

-everybodys in the same mess we all are. ill be the first to tell you im a mess. that god is dealing w/ me everyday.everyday im tryin to learn how i can be less of a mess
-he showed me go to problem im gonna show you how your causing the problem and now i want you to be the solution
-thats what all these songs are about is problem-cause-solution
-we all think that the gospel is joinin a church building and that deception. the real gospel is repent which means let go of all that crap thats killing you
-life is supossed to be a pleasurable experience not torment
-when i realized that i was tormenting myself before it was about my lusts it wasnt things that i needed it was just all these security blankets
-the more i aquired i became more of a prisoner
-thats what praisin god is all about. is doin your passion. its not useless worthless ritual. the manotanous ritual and cant wait to see the game. its doin your passion..fulfilling your passion.
-im glad that i dont have to slave anymore. music was my love and b/c of all that i thought had to accompany my music it became my burden. it just got stolen from me. i understand that it was b/c i was measuring myself or trying to compare myself to a standard that wasnt reality that wasnt the standard at all
-there is a scripture that says we compare ourselves amongest ourselves. thats not the standard. you already are the standard. what are you tryin to fit into a standard for? we were each created to be individual standards and we are tryin to fit into A standard it doesnt make any sense.
-after all that im just ready to be me and its alot to work thru b/c all of us have hidden in these boxes purposefully b/c of parts of ourselves that we were unhappy about and we didnt love and its b/c we didnt understand b/c there is all this social doctrine that says the infinate god w/ all his expresion who created every single one of us absolutely different on purpose wants everybody to fit into the same suit. thats deception
-ppl need to see reality
-reality is good cuz that means everybody can just exhale, let your belly out, and chill. ppl get mad at me when i say look lets stop frontin and im sayin thats the blessin now we can go around and look at eachother and say oh you got one too? and be free
-we want to defend the curse and ill tell ya..thats not fun
-the real you is more interesting then that fake somebody else. i just want you to know that
-you cant get it from the outside in. you got it from the inside out
-true healing is from the inside out. we have been told to protect out outerman while our innerman is dying
-just give them reality from the door b/c love your gonna attract love and the one that really loves you and then you dont have to pretend and falsify and keep that posture
-anything thats not growin is dead
-the money is not changin me god is changing me. im changing b/c thats a natural part of life. we're all suposed to change. who wakes up and is the same way tomorrow nobody is. let the experience teach out and be real. and there is gonna be warfare involved b/c there are some ppl that prefer deception. they say i dont like this new expresion and i say what you want 2/3 of me to stay outside.
-we always talk about spiritual warfare. we didnt realize that it was in relationships. its emotional warfare. being able to tell the ppl we love the most the truth about ourselves. and when they say hey that doesnt fit in our box for you then i say i aint in no box. dont try and put me in one

its the mystery of iniquity
its the mysery of iniquity
its the hystery of iniquity
when it all falls down
telling you all it all falls down
children eat your bread
cuz it all falls down
yall cant handle the truth
in a courtroom of lies
pergers to jewlers witnesses and spies
crooked lawyers
false inditement puplicized
its entertainment
the eramists the supinas
high profile gladiators in blood thirsty arenas
into the dragon black robe crooked balance
souls bought sold and perolled for 30 talants
court reporter
catch the circus on the paper
filed in the system
not ecknowledged by the maker
swearin by the bible
blatantly blasphemous
publicly perpetratin
that in god we trust
cross-examined by a master minipulator
the faster intimadator
receivin the judges favor
deceivin sabors
doin injury to thieir neighbors
for status gratus apartatus and legal wavors
see the balif representing security
holding the word of god
soliciting pergury
the prosecution
political prostitution
the more money you pay the further away solution
legal actors
babylons benefactors
mascorading as the agency for the clients
hypocritical giants
moraly noncompliant
orraly armed to do bodily harm
poluted recruited and suited judicial charm
and the defense isnt makin any sense
fakin the confidence of escapin the consequence
now the defendent is dependin on the system
totally void of judgement
purposly made to twist them
emotional victim
blackmaled by the hinchman
framed by intentions
and inventions where by they lynchman
into the false witness
slanderin the accused
plantin the seed
openly showin hes bein used
to discredit edit headin for the aledged
smearing the individual
fearin the unsuspected
expert witness
the paid authority
made a priority to deceive the majority
of disinterested pears
dodgin duty for years
hatin the process
waitin to return to their careers
do we expect the system made for the elect
to possibly judge correct
properly serve and protect
materialy corrupt
spiritually amuck
oblivious to the cause
prosperously bankrupt
blinder then the blind
guilty never defined
filthy as swine
a generation pure in its own mind
legal extortion
blown out of proportion
in vain deceit
the truth is absolete
only two positions
victimizer or victim
both end up in distructions trustin this crooked system
my feel w/ diplomas
keepin us in a coma
tryin to own a peice of the american corona
the revolving door
insanity every floor
sky scrapin
paper chasin
what are we workin for?
empty traditions
reaching social positions
teachin ambition
to suport the family superstition
when the son of petition is commander and cheif
the standard is theif
brethern can we candedly speak
whoa to the men
trusted in the chariots them
leanin on horses
they run the intelectual sources
counterfeit wisdom
creatin the alusion of freedom
confusion consumes them
every word they speak it intangles them
outwardly white
internally they absent of light
intrapped in the night
in bondage to the cain in the night
under the curse
evil men waxin more worse
faxin the first
angelic being cast to the earth
its time for rebirth
burning up the branch and the root
the empty persuits
of every tree baring the wrong fruit
turn and be healed
let him who stole no longer steal
oh isreal
surender for jehovah is real
how long will you sleep
troubled by the thoughts that you keep
the idols you heep
causin the distruction you reep
judgement has come
find it and return to the one
abandon the flesh
self interest broad way to death
pride and the greed
hide and subdividing the seed
the knowledge of good and evil
is what caused us to lie
caused us to die
let your emotions be crucified
renounce all your thoughts
repent and let your mind be retaught
you found what you saught
was based on a deception you bought
a perception of naught
where the majority remains caught
loving a lie
not realizing in adam all die
its the mystery of iniquity
its the history of iniquity
its the mystery of iniquity
and it all falls down

i get out
i get out of all your boxes
you cant hold me in these chains
father free me from this bondage
knowing my condition
is the reason i must change
you stinkin resolution is no type of solution
preventing me from freedom
maintaining you solution
i wont suport your lie no more
i wont even try no more
if i have to die oh Lord
thats how i choose to live
i wont be compromise no more
i cant be victimised no more
i just dont sympathize no more
cuz now i understand
you just want to use me
you say love then abuse me
youd never thought youd lose me
but how quickly will you forget
that nothing is for certain
you thought id stay here hurtin
your guilt trips just not workin
repressin me to death
cuz now im choosin live yo
ill take the sacrifice yo
if everything must go then go
thats how i choose to live

no more compromises
i see past your disguises
blinded thru you thru my control
stealin my eternal soul
appealing thru material
to keep me as your slave
but i get out
oh i get out of all your boxes
you cant hold me in these chaines
i wont have a social bondage
knowing my condition is the reason i must change
what you see is what you get
and you aint seen nothin yet
i dont care if your upset
i could care less if your upset
see you dont change the truth
and your hurt feelings no excuse
to keep me in this box
pshycological locks
repressing true expression
subminting this repression
promoting mass deception
so that noone can be healed
i dont respect your system
i wont protect your system
when you talk i dont listen
oh let my fathers will be done
and just get out
just get out of all this bondage
these traditions killing freedom
knowing my condition is the reason i must change
i just excepted what you said
keepin me among the dead
the only way to know is to walk
then learn
then grow
faith is not your speed
or youd have everyone believe
that your the sole authority
just follow the majority
afraid to face reality
the system is a joke
youd be smart to save yourself
and escape this mind control
you spend your life in sacrifice
to a system for the dead
are you sure, wheres the passion in this living?
are you sure its God your serving?
obligated to a system
getting less than your deserving
who made up these schools i say
who made up these rules i says
animal conditioning
or to keep us as a slave
oh just get out of this social pergitory
these traditions are a lie
knowing my condition is the reason i must die

i remember when you looked into my eyes you saw right thru me
and i could not hide
i was exposed just like a child all of my heart you hold in your hands
im yours to command
i feel so humble
with you in my life
i remember when i looked into your eyes i saw a reflection of myself
and i could not lie
out of control to weak to deny
oh Lord my soul is naked before you
what can i do
there is nothin i can do
i feel so beautiful
with you in my life

they got so much things to say by now
ill never forget no way
how they crucified jesus christ
ill never forget no way
how they sold ?? for rice
ill never forget no way
hold they turned their backs on ??
so dont you forget no way
who you are and where you stand in a struggle
theyve got so much things to say right now
i dont come to fight flesh and blood
but spiritual wickedness in high and low places
and tho you fight me down
ill stand firm and give jehovah thanx and praises
i dont expect to be justified
by these laws of man
tho the wicked find my guilty
approve my inocence
cuz when the rain falls
it dont fall on a mans house top ??
they got so much things to say
but let them keep talking
cuz none of them walkin
and while their still talkin
im gonna keep walkin
im gonna be walkin
never forget no way
how they crucified jesus christ
none of you forget who you are
and where you stand in a struggle
cuz when there is rain
it dont fall on a mans house
theyve got so many things to say about me
they will have so many things tot say about you
they dont know me
they dont know me well
they dont know my father

the conquering lion
shall break every chain
give him the victory
again and again
the conquering lion
shall break every chain
give us some victory
we need some victory
again and again
you give us some victory
the conquering lion
he is gonna break all those chains
if you just let him

-if you give yourself up nobody can blackmale you
-we think thats god tellin us feel guily, gods sayin get free, confess, understand that everybody is goin thru the same stuff, the same issues
-life is too valuble to sit in these boxes all repressed afraid what we are really goin thru
-yea im crazy and deranged and im free
-when they think you crazy they dont mess w/ you. yall think thats a curse. thats a blessin

17 June 2002

i updated my picture page
i put up all my graduation pictures and some other random pictures from homecoming that i just got back and from squool

16 June 2002

NEW SCREEN NAME: thrifty italian
lots of new pix were takin today. since today i GRADUATED FROM HIGHSQUOOL! i have some on my digital camera but others that i have to get developed. they will be posted on my site soon

14 June 2002

graduation tomorrow! ahhh.. i cant wait to get out of this joint.

11 June 2002

awesome awesome show. it was a great night. we got there. i tryed to bring my camera in once again to this show but once again they wouldnt let me. i had an incounter w/ a porta-potty. we walked down the board walk on the beach w/ two of my best friends. perfect weather. that art show was up today but it was all down by the time we got there. we drove up around 7 and got there around 830. we found this disposable camera on a random bench on the board walk too. i was gonna take it and put it in my bra to take into the concert but it only had 6 pix left i didnt want to pay for a whole roll-so we took a picture of us 3 and left it for someone else to find. we went back to peabody's where the show was and we chilled..i bought some stickers and a button of juliana theory. and we had a perfect spot leaning up against this railing on a platform. since we are all vertically challenged it was very helpful. the show finally started around 930...and they played till 1045. their ancore rocked the hardest.
some of the songs they played were:
emotion is dead,
if i told you it was killing me, would you stop?,
into the dark,
is patience still waiting?,
this is the end of your life,
the ancore was an acoustic song i think from their first cd but i dont know the title and they ended the show w/ 'you always said goodnight'. that is the main song that i wanted to hear. we freaked out when they started playin it. this concert goes down in my history, ill put the ticket in my life book and now its time to sleep. night kids

10 June 2002

today i just got 200 bucks. we have this principals art award where the principal chooses a peice of art done by a senior that he wants to buy and buys it and then it hangs on the wall when you enter our squool for ever and ever w/ all the past and future years principal picked peices. my peice was the first 3d peice chosen. i did a paper sculpture of feet and mounted them on corragated cardboard. ill get a picture of it tomorrow if ya wanna see it.

09 June 2002

last night was the 96x fest. there were five bands but the only bands i wanted to see were our lady peace and dashboard confessional. we ended up gettin to the show around 9:30 b/c we got lost. the band that was playin there when we got there was...well i dont know who they were, but i didnt want to see them anyways so me and my friend marna went outside. the place where the concert was is called 'the boathouse' so it is right on the water. we were just chillin and talkin and then all of a sudden fireworks started goin off across the water. they were awesome fireworks too. there were even ones that would explode into smiley faces! so we wached the fireworks for like a half hour or maybe even longer. but anyways...i saw our lady peace in concert back in the day when they just started becoming popular. i think i was in middle squool. so i havent even heard any of their music since then. but they ended up being really good. i forgot even what kind of music they were. they kin of reminded me of juliana theory ((juliana theory is much better offcourse)). i liked their sound. but really the whole time i just wanted to hear chris. when they were doin the soundcheck we were just walkin around lookin for ppl we knew and then i saw ERNIE...we ran and attacked him and we hung out w/ him and his friend the rest of the night. dashboard didnt end up goin on until around midnight. he started w/ saints and sailors then i dont remember the order but some other songs he played were...screaming infidelities, hands down, again i go unnoticed, remember to breath, bitter pill, the best deceptions, shirts and gloves, a good fight and lots of other songs that i know but i dont know the titles of them. ((ill get back to you on that..so you can know all the songs)). Chris played w/ 3 other guys on acoustic, bass and drums, and piano. chris switched guitars like every song. but the concert rocked. dashboard only played for an hour tho and didnt have an ancore. so that blowed. i was mad about that but what the hey...i was just happy i got to go.

08 June 2002

dashboard tonight...ahhhh .chris i love you
Be careful where you walk - but if you dance - don't worry about anything!
im sitting here staring at a virginia commonwealth university school of the arts cup.

04 June 2002

govskool time capsule day
"dauria, id write something long, to profess my love like a ripe nectar in June- but i have to pee. peace." Bud

angela's profile
i got my gov. school time capsule in the mail. remember...
reapin' goods
till i puke day
hold my hand! look at me!
10 times do it again!
Left of July
the lake smell in the morning
mandatory fun

03 June 2002

Jesus you're calling me higher. higher than ever before.
and by faith i am goin higher. im not afraid anymore.
b/c where you are, is where i must be.
in your holy presence worshipping. your embrace is what i
long for. im in love, im in love w/ you my Lord. im in love,
im in love w/ you my Lord