07 September 2002

today i woke up at 1230...i duno how b/c i went to bed at 430 last night b/c i was up talkin to mark the whole night. i was so tired the whole day. but i met megan and her friend for lunch. after lunch when we were walkin out i saw my friend from highschool...jessica. it was random seeing her cuz she goes to cnu but she was up visiting someone iguess. it was good to see her tho b/c i hadnt seen her in a long time. after that i rode back to my dorm and worked on my journal for awhile until kim came over so we could work on our project for design class. that project is dumb and annoying..so we worked on it for awhile and then decided to take a break and go eat. when we got there we saw shannon and his "crew". me and shannon were gonna go to see spiderman for free in the business building but he decided to go hang w/ the crew somewhere..but its all good. so tonight i decided to do laundry for the first time since i moved in 3 weeks ago..so i brought all my clothes down and figured out i didnt have any quarters so i once again had to walk up and get some. so i put all my clothes in and sat around and called some ppl. then when it was done i put them in the dryer. then i went up to my room for awhile until i went back down to bring up the clothes when they were done...[no i havent folded them yet..im thinkin ill wait till tomorrow just b/c i can :-) ] so now on this wonderful lazy saturday night i might go to bed really soon...i might work on my journal before or read..but maybe not...eh

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