22 November 2002

what an amazing night. might have actually been better then last night. well tonight me, shannon, chris, and tony headed over to mary washington to see the juliana theory show. well i got there and it hadnt started yet and there were two bands before them. we met up w/ erik which was awesome cuz i miss him a lot. but anyways..the first band was just this band from mary washington...they were ok i guess. i didnt really like their sound that much. now the second band was amazing. i had never heard of them before...they are called 'me with out you' and erik was talkin about how everyone was really goin to see them play and not juliana theory so i was excited cuz i knew they had to be good. well yea...really really good. and it turned out that they were a christian band. they had an awesome show. like the lead singer was singing like with flowers...and they were everywhere..i duno you had to be there to really know what i was talkin about. but yea so after their show i went over to talk to them and buy their cd. i ended up gettin their cd and a poster, 2 stickers, and a button. i really just wanted to suport them as much as i could. they had some sweet shirts too but i didnt get one cuz i just got two last night at the saves the day show. but anyways....the guys from 'me with out you' they were the most humble guys i think ive ever met in a band. they were so sweet and just awesome guys. i got them all to sign my cd cover. so next was juliana theory. they played a good set but not as good as the last time i saw them live. they played alot of their new stuff which is good but i dont know if it compares w/ their old stuff that well. they were still amazing and it was really good seeing them again. i got a juliana theory poster too. so the show was over around 1030 and shannon wanted to hang out w/ his friend thomas and the other guys wanted to hang out w/ their friends...so me and erik went to 'the underground' which is like this hangout on campus and we sat and talked and drank coffee. it was great seeing erik again. he is so precious. but yea...awesome awesome night. and to all a farewell.

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