30 September 2002

ok so if you are wonderin where the background picture went... i duno...whenever i update my page it gives me a error that says "Error 503: Unable to load template file. We're working on this. Please try back later." so yea who knows. the picture that should be up is a new one. i know i have had that other background picture for a long while so i thought id put a new one up. it rocks so i hope it will load soon. well anyways...today was very productive. i actually got alot done in a small amount of time and now im left w/ an open night. i got done w/ skool at 11. i accidently slept in thru art history b/c claires alarm clock was lost so i set mine and i thought that i set my watch for when i was suposed to get up but i guess not. and i ended up wakin up late...[oops] well so i went to english at 10 and we have a new paper assignment. it blows...we have to write a 4-5 page paper of a 'letter to the editor' or an article. how the bleep am i suposed to do that...ahhh. so yea after class...so sum everything up .1. i went to my room and worked on my used book .2. i went to the comp lab and finished and printed out my design project .3. i redid my stoopid square project .4. i went to dinner w/ kim and colin .5. we went to colins room to look at his shoes for c&p .6. i went to the bookstore, got a coffee mug and free chai tea .7. road around town tryin to find the cheapest tube portfolio...and i ended up at main art. i got and art tube and b/c of student discount ended up gettin free rubber cement all for 17 bones. .8. i played rollarcoaster .9. i could have gone to a free sonicflood show in fishersville but i didnt cuz thats a long drive .10. i found out that waterdeep is playin at 'the call kansas city'....yessss i cant wait. .11. and here i am....hi
hey kids...long time no write. man im sorry i havent had any updates in awhile. ive been really busy lately...and i actually am right now too but i just wanted to give ya somethin to read...since i know everyone checks my site daily...[ha] well i had an awesome weekend. i drove back and forth between richmond and the burg 4 times. i went home thursday night cuz we had a surprise goin away/birthday party for michelle. i got there and met joy, her, and brandy at starbucks to get her away from the house. it was great..she thought i came all the way down to go to starbucks w/ her... well anyways..around 7 we took her back to her house to be surprised...and surprised she was. it was great seein everyone. i also got to go to brandys volleyball game. then i went back to michelles party and chilled there all night and spent the night there. the next morn my parents let me skip english...so i stayed the day in the burg...hangin out w/ michelle cuz she had to get her shots for costa rica and had to do some last minute shoppin..then we went to lunch and talkin for awhile....that night was gen church at clc [i was suposed to go to this place in shockoe bottom to see kents band play and chill w/ lilian, abbi, and anna...but i forgot about it...there was also a sleepover for the girls at harvest...ahhh i cant believe i missed it. im sorry everyone...please still love meee] . there another surprise was awaitin michelle..all her 9 roomates from jmu came down to see her. she loved that. so after church a bunch of us girls went to see 'sweet home alabama' the new reese witherspoon movie. it was actually really good. so that night i decided to go sleep in my own bed. the next morn i got up early and drove back to richmond to get my DREDS. from 11 to 4 i sat in a chair gettin them. it was worth it tho..cuz they rock my face. right after that i drove back to the burg. i hung out at my house w/ my fam and then later i went to the farinos to hang out w/ michelle cuz she left sunday morn at 4 in the morning. me and joy ended up watchin 'legally blond' another reese witherspoon movie...and michelle went to bed early. i got to help her duck tape her suitcase and pick out pictures for her picture book. it was sad sayin bye to her cuz she is gonna be gone for 3 months in costa rica...but i know the Lord is goin to do a lot in her and in costa rica. pray for her if ya ever think bout it..or right now. so sat night i spent the night again in the burg and got up early to drive back to richmond for church at harvest...then there was a leadership meetin and free lunch afterwards. then i came back to the good old dorm to stare at a monitor

28 September 2002

24 September 2002

sittin in a comp lab...design class...bored...waitin to scan a picture..thinkin...ok i got a 'c' on my first project and how i can redo it to raise my grade...but do i really feel like redoing it? good news...i got a 'a' on my second prject...rockin

19 September 2002

ok for some reason..blogger is goin really slow..it seems to be the only wesite that does that. alot of entries i have made havent worked and it takes forever to get in here. and yea ..Lauren quit whinin...anyways. today was cool. we rode early out to north lombardy and we ended up goin outside. we were scared we were gonna have to draw more trees but we didnt we drew this cool building called 'pleasands hardware' it is this old building that is now somethin else but it rocked drawin it. then me and kim walked down this alley and drew this little car b/c we didnt feel like doin a whole nother scene. so we walked out and everyone was gone...so we were like sweet, cuz it was only 11:30 and we were suposed to get out at 11:50. so we had awhile before our 1 oclock to eat and chill. in our 2nd class we started a new assignment were we are takin a portrait and makin a collage out of it. so that is gonna be fun but it is kinda hard. so yea...after that i chilled, i forget what i did before dinner...oh yea i went to this meeting and BSU[baptist student union] it was aight i mean different then what i am used to but it was still good to hear the word and worship. then i went to eat...then me and megan went to plan 9 and i had some good finds! i was goin there to maybe get the new waterdeep cd...i didnt think they would have it but i thought i would check..and megan was lookin for somethin cuz she had a gift certificate there. so i ended up lookin in the used cds while i was there cuz they have so many you are bound to find one good cd everytime ya go there. so i ended up finding four. the other night i went to this free show w/ steven and there was a band that played called 'mercy creek'. they were really good. and both of their cds were there! unwrapped for $3 each. and they had dave mattews band- under the table and dreaming, which i have been wantin to get cuz it is my favorite dave cd. annnnddd then i found 'coldplay- parachutes' now that rocks. so i had a good night at plan 9. and we walked back to my car which i parked up on the curb cuz its fun and everyone stares and points and laughs at you. so me and megan went back to my house and i looked at all her cds and she looked at all mine and we traded ones we wanted to burn of eachothers. so i just got 4 more cds. i got the double cd of dave live in chicago [which i am listening to right now], a ben harper cd, and fleetwood mac-dance, which i have also been wantin to get. i have been downloadin some of their stuff.. they are so amazing. so yea...i gotta go
WATERDEEP's new cd is out today! it is a new live cd... go to this link http://www.milkmoneypromotions.com/waterdeep and you can hear some of it. it sounds awesome so far..im definately pumped about buying it and hearing the whole thing. if ya didnt know waterdeep is definately my favorite band. if ya havent heard of them you better check them out. www.waterdeep.com go there. oooh today is a good day.

18 September 2002

tommy boy!!! yay i finally found it. well my roomate did. i have been lookin for tommy boy everywhere cuz i wanted to buy it and it came out on dvd and my roomate saw it and got it for me! yay im so pumped. i get to watch it on my comp and memorize all the lines. this is definately my favorite movie of all time. k just wanted to tell you that

16 September 2002

hola. today was short but became long. art history was nice. well we talked bout some of the chapter but then we watched a movie on egyptian pyramids so that equals= sleep in class. i miss sleeping in class. that was definately an everyday thing in highschool. so i fell asleep on kims arm and when i woke up my friend 'drool' was there. haha. so sat up whiped it off and moved on my life. well i did catch the end of the movie..it was funny. it was like an old informational movie...but some parts of it they would go into egyptian cartoons..that was halarious...[youd have to see it] so after class me and kim were gonna go to breakfast but i lost my pass so i had to go back to grace street theater to find it. i found it..thank you Lord. and then i went and got some fruit before goin to english. we had a substitute in english today. i didnt think they had those in college. but i guess so. so this hopefully means that our paper deadline will be pushed back to a later date. eek. well anyways..we got out early from english so that rocked...so i went back to my dorm and procrastinated for awhile and then i started writin some stuff for my paper. then i called kim a million times to get started on our project for design...[yes we already have another project for design] and she wouldnt pick up her phone...so i started on it. then i went and got the mat board and came back. kim finally called me and so we met outside to draw trees...we had to draw a tree for 3 hours....we were out there for about 20 minutes until we decided we needed a dinner break...so we blocked out the tree, drew the sections, and filled in where the shadows were...and we left to never return. [darn] so we went to my house..worked on design project, i finished mine, and now i am workin in on fillin in that tree. so yea...i must be going. :salute:

15 September 2002

hi...so yea this weekend i went home to williamsburg. a guest speaker named tommy tenney [he wrote the book 'the Godchasers'] was at clc on sat night and sunday. it was good to be home. i really miss it. i didnt ever think that i would ever ever miss williamsburg. and for years all i have wanted to do was get out of there..but now that i am i wanna go back so bad. i just miss all my friends and my church...its hard for me to go back b/c i dont want to leave. so...i went and picked lilian up from her house and we started our journey to the burg. as soon as we got back in town we went over to marks house to hang out. we hung out there for awhile until he had to go to work and we had to go to church. we stopped by my house first to say hi to my parents ..they were leavin to go to my dads work party so i got to see them for only a minute. but i loved it..i loved seeing them and bella was so precious w/ her new haircut. so dropped our stuff off and went to church. we got there and there wasnt that many ppl there yet so we got 2nd row seats. worship was so awesome and when tommy started speaking, in between he would call his wife up and she would sing. she had an amazing voice, and there was also this violinist guy who played and he was freakin good! so tommy spoke untill like 11 and it was like the quickest 4 hour service i had ever been in cuz every word he says is just so good. he is just so anointed. so after the service we went over to farinos. we hung out there..there was alot of ppl there...all michelles friends from jmu and all the farinos and me, lilian, and mark. so we stayed there till like around 1 hangin out..played some ping pong. ...drove home, slept, got up early to go to breakfast before church w/ joys decipleship group at crackerbarrel, went to get lilian and went to church, and tommy preached again. it was an awesome word, we went to peking for lunch w/ the crew. i got to see marna..i was excited cuz i hadnt seen her in like 5 weeks and i missed her! then we went to the farinos again and hung out there till like around 4. we played some more ping pong...[double ping pong is pretty fun..i had never played it before. but you have to like switch off w/ your partner every hit...its hard]...i talked to michelle and joy for awhile...then i went home for about a half hour to see my parents before we left to come back to richmond. we eventually left around 515 or so. but we still didnt get to leave cuz mark called me and told me ernie was at his house. so we went by his house so i could see ernie..cuz i hadnt seen him in forever. we stayed there bout 20 min and then left...when we finally got on the interstate my car beeped at me tellin me that i didnt have any gas left in my car almost...so we drove for awhile and got off to get gas. then we finally made back by around 7 or something. we decided that we were gonna go by this 'see you at the pole' rally to see if it was over yet cuz lilians boyfriend was there. and we walked in and worship was still goin. they were singin a song called 'breathe' and man...it was anointed. so we stayed for the speaker and then i left around 830 to come back to my dorm. [it was great hangin out w/ lilian this weekend. she is a really awesome person. im glad she decided to come along w/ me] so when i got back to my dorm i had a nice warm welcome of "You have to clean the bathroom!" so i did that [ and i was so excited...sike] and now i can relax ...i wanna just go to sleep but i cant cuz of skool stuff... [Jesus i love you..thanx for always bein there..you are amazing to me even thru all my crap...help me abba]

10 September 2002

its weird cuz i feel like i dont know anything that is goin on in williamsburg..and its like i am bein forced to become a part of richmond..its weird to call richmond my home...its weird to call my new church my home. i went to a prayer meeting tonight and it was awesome. there was only like 6 of us there..and i didnt know alot of the things and ppl they were prayin for...but it was good to just get in the presence of the Lord. and get the direction and heart of the church for the city and morning star ministries. but i felt at home being w/ the church intersessors. i love being w/ the intercessors..b/c they are so intune w/ the spirit of the Lord. in the meeting i was just over in a corner..where you will usually find me in prayer meetings... just talkin to the Lord and singing..i want to walk hand and hand w/ the Lord. i want the Lord to beable to trust me and want to use me. i long for intamacy w/ the Lord. [im sorry Lord that i ever wanted the things of this world..im sorry that i ever thought about giving up] Jesus-i need you more every day. help! that is my prayer. Lord i dont want to go another season living off of past experiences..i dont want to go another day tryin to make it thru on my own. Lord i want to be living out of an overflow of the spirit..out of the overflow of my close relationship w/ you Lord. Jesus make me desperate for you father. i want to beable to say 'Jesus is my bestfriend' and really mean it

08 September 2002

its sunday so that means i went to church today. it was good...i met shannon and we walked over for the 11 oclock service. it was my second time goin. we met some more ppl and sat down..worship was really good. i really like worship there...but i just love worship. and for the 'serman' today it wasnt a serman...some students shared testimonies and then we watched this short clip of this dvd thing called 'red pills' it basically talks bout major topics..and they are gonna go into the schools and show them...that is what i think they were for atleast. but basically we talked bout college and stuff.it was cool. so then afterwards this guy was walkin around givin out flyers bout a cookout at his house. so i thought...'hey free food..that rocks and maybe i can meet some more ppl'. so me and emily walked back to her apartment and i got to see it for the first time..it rocks..i wish i had my own place..but eh.i will soon enough i guess. but anyways...she changed and then we walked over to courtneys place and we drove to this other girls house named lilian. [lilian is really cool..her personality is just funny and she is really outgoing...she seems like someone i will hang out w/ maybe alot...we'll see i guess] so when we got there we basically dropped off courtneys car and took lilians car to this guys house where the cookout was. he lived way out in the middle no where but his house rocked so it was cool. none of us knew anyone there except a few ppl but it was still cool. we jumped right into eating..the burgers werent ready yet but there was chips and drinks and stuff...so we got it and then we went out on the porch and sat on the floor. [i like sitting on the floor] so then we walked down to the "river"...more like a creek after a few minutes. we got there around 3 and left around 430 i guess. but i also was talkin to this other girl who has dreds. i was askin her how she got them and stuff...cuz i definately want dreds..she was tellin me she got them started at a salon and she works at one so she can do them for me...she said that it is pretty expensive but if i do them for a class and i am the person they do it on then it will be cheaper..so that rocks. it is at this place in carytown called 'look' so i will prolly definately do that. so we finally left and in the car we were all talkin about the Lord and just different things about holy spirit and about our church and stuff..it was fun..it was good hangin out w/ some christians b/c i really havent since i got here. that is what i miss the most about williamsburg the most i guess is i dont really have any christian friends here. but i know that the Lord is gonna put some awesome ppl in my life...i just have to keep tellin myself that "it is only the third week...calm down". so yea...now i have to finish writing a paper and finish another project and at some point between today and tomorrow spend 2 WHOLE HOURS drawing trees...yess i know that is boring and i dont have that kinda time that i need to spend sleeping..but hey i am a big college student now

07 September 2002

today i woke up at 1230...i duno how b/c i went to bed at 430 last night b/c i was up talkin to mark the whole night. i was so tired the whole day. but i met megan and her friend for lunch. after lunch when we were walkin out i saw my friend from highschool...jessica. it was random seeing her cuz she goes to cnu but she was up visiting someone iguess. it was good to see her tho b/c i hadnt seen her in a long time. after that i rode back to my dorm and worked on my journal for awhile until kim came over so we could work on our project for design class. that project is dumb and annoying..so we worked on it for awhile and then decided to take a break and go eat. when we got there we saw shannon and his "crew". me and shannon were gonna go to see spiderman for free in the business building but he decided to go hang w/ the crew somewhere..but its all good. so tonight i decided to do laundry for the first time since i moved in 3 weeks ago..so i brought all my clothes down and figured out i didnt have any quarters so i once again had to walk up and get some. so i put all my clothes in and sat around and called some ppl. then when it was done i put them in the dryer. then i went up to my room for awhile until i went back down to bring up the clothes when they were done...[no i havent folded them yet..im thinkin ill wait till tomorrow just b/c i can :-) ] so now on this wonderful lazy saturday night i might go to bed really soon...i might work on my journal before or read..but maybe not...eh
john mayer concert
what a day! today was one of the coolest days in a long time. at around 1 after english class and lunch me and matt took a little drive down to browns island were we walked up to backstage..the gaurd nodded us in [which was cool b/c i felt like part of a band or something] and matt used his acting skills to get us into the show..on the guestlist and in for FREE. so we chilled around browns island after goin back to our dorms like 3 times to get my cameras. [my digital camera batteries died on me so that blew] i brought my cannon so i should get some awesome pictures. but anyways...we went back to the island just in time for john mayers sound check. that was cool. then we went and ate dinner at this place called 4th street diner. it was a cute little place on the corner. i had chili and cheese...yum. by the time we walked back we got right in line to get in to the show. it was 5:30 then and the doors opened at 6. there werent that many ppl there either but it seemed like as soon as we got in line..like a line formed a mile back behind us...so we got there in perfect timing. so next a radio station truck pulled up and was handin out tank tops and what looked like back stage passes. i got both. so when we were goin in...matt went to 'will call' and got our FREE tickets and we were bout to go in...they said no cameras aloud...so basically i tryed to ignore that coment and walk in hiding it in my backpack. they werent gonna let me in until this one gaurd said "no- regular cameras are aloud but video cameras arent...so in the mean time while they were fighting bout who said what and if what cameras were aloud or not...me and matt just walked right thru [with our cameras]...yesss. so we walked right to the front...and we saw megan and hali so megan had a towel so we sat down and chilled. me and hali went to walk around and she bought a 4 dollar lemonaide....eeesh then we went back..then me and megan went and walked arounnd and she got a 3 dollar slice of pizza, and i got a john mayer sticker. then we went back and the show was bout to start so everyone stood up. boo. the first band was called 'charlie hunter' they were a really good jazz band. i liked them alot. then 'guster' played. they were amazing. it was 2 guys on guitars and a guy on the drums and congas...he had his hands taped and he played them. he rocked my face. they reminded me of jars of clay for some reason. but i liked them alot more. so then john mayer finally came on like around 920. by then everyone was crowded up around the stage. the towel megan put on the ground would have been killed if she didnt pick it up and hold it for the rest of the show. but i was being smashed into God knows how many ppl and i definately couldnt see b/c of my height problem of 5'3". but the show was completely amazing. they just flowed...john mayer is amazing on the guitar...wow..when he goes off he kinda has a jazz sound to playing..i duno...but wow...i cant express how good the show was. it was one of the best live shows i have ever seen. so after the show we hung around and matt wanted to try and get one of the set lists or a pick or somethin...and one of the guys from guster came out so we got his autograph on our ticket stubs...then we walked over to the merchandise table and i got a guster poster..it rocks..it is like antique looking. so after we chilled and slowly made our way back to my car...definately in no rush b/c there was so much trafic. but me,megan, matt, and hali went out to eat at river city diner. this place rocked too. and we had so much fun. we basically laughed the whole time. it was weird.. it was like we were all so tired we were acting drunk. it was great. around 130 in the a.m. we walked back to my car in the straight ghetto and made our way back to drop megan and hali off at their car and made my way home after droppin matt off...and that ends my rockin day...wow arent you jealous?

05 September 2002

who knows how many ppl read this...if any. but hey if ya ever want to make me feel special and popular then see over on the left side you can sign my guestbook and go down in history of...signing laurens guestbook. ..ha...lucky you
back to the blog. this is where i like to come to every night and just talk. im sitting here looking at my favorite painting [monet- levar del sole], listening to john mayer. i finally finished my english paper that was due on wednesday. ok to quote myself for the day "i hate rubber cement". basically my whole art box got glued together today. my rubber cement can somehow mysteriously opened and emptied itself on my 200 dollars worth of art supplies. the good thing was that everything was salvaged. rubber cement has a friend named rubber cement pick-up. when rubber cement dries you can take this square of rubber and pick it up if you dont want it. and obviously i didnt want any of it in my box. so i emptied my box out and let everything dry. thru out my 3 1/2 hour c&p class i erased all the rubber cement off all my stuff. it gave me something to do but it definately took the whole class period. but besides that....that class rocks. today we learned how to transfer magizine pictures onto paper by using latex glass medium. it rocks. the first one i did didnt work but the second one i did came out perfect. and it is cool b/c it is like a transparent picture. and i put it in my "used book" over words. and in my other class [drawing studio] we drew still lifes for 3 hours. its fun to draw big. yea...so yesturday me and kim got bike baskets b/c of the long hall to north lumbardy. they are "quick release" baskets..which is good b/c we can just take them off and use as a basket and put them on whenever...but they are bad b/c we have to take them off b/c of the quick release...if it is so easy for me to quick release it ..it is just as easy for someone else to quick release it. so this morning goin to class we put our art bins in our baskets [yes that was the reason we got them] and we used kims strap portfolio to cary out paper, drawing board, etc. that was fun and we looked like cool artists on bikes.
punchline came out today too. that paper rocks [if you dont know..it is like a local made richmond paper i think made by college students and the best part...it is free] i think i am gonna collect them all. so far i have all of the ones that have come out since i moved in. they come out every thursday. they include random things that are fun to look at.
another interesting thing at vcu today was there was a pair of shoes...tied together at the laces thrown over a telephone line outside ...it was cool b/c it looked like shoes were floating right in the middle of the intersection.. all i could think was...'i wonder how long they stood there tryin to get them to stay there? and why?'
for dinner tonight i chilled w/ megan, her friend jamie, matt, and shannon. megan did her monologue for me which was very "motherly" [...ha] then she had to leave so me, matt and shannon hung out in the cafeteria way after everyone left. it seems like we do that alot...we are eating and talking and then i look around and there is nobody in there except us and they had cleaned every table except ours...when the evil eye of a cafeteria person comes we know to leave..
i love music, especially worship music. for the past week i have been listening to 'jason upton'. he is just amazing...he is totally obediant to the Lord. he just goes off and says stuff that just blow me away. i think that is how David in the Bible was. i would compare jason to him. everyone needs to go to jason's site and download his music http://www.jasonupton.com

03 September 2002

ok ..today was really my first day of real school. b/c last week was just sylabis week i really didnt get the feel of college yet. but today i felt the stress that is goin to come w/ art school. i know that i am goin to be really challenged in a lot of ways. i already am and it is the 2nd week. i am not really used to that b/c in highschool i basically got to do whatever i wanted. but it will be good for me ..that is if i make it thru. i got a 'b' on my first assignment in college. this was in my design fundamentals class. we had to make name tags turning our names in to represent ourselves in sertain ways...like as an acrobat or taxi cab driver..stuff like that. you prolly cant picture what im talking bout but basically it was hard. me, kim and colin stayed up until 2 in the morn doin this. the hard part was that we had to do each one 3 times. but i made it thru. and yes i had to wake up at 8 this morning. eek. so anyways...we were in drawing fundamentals class and we had to go outside and draw trees. that was aight...that is not my kind of thing but hey i did it. it was cool tho b/c the teacher came over to see how we were doin and he ended up like drawin a whole tree for me. so that rocked. so i moved on and drew a bench and kims foot and everything else except trees. basically we were just havin fun out there yellin "BFI" at the bfi trucks..ha..anyways...so after awhile i figured i should draw atleast one tree...so i went over around the side of the building and sat on this brick thing and drew this tree...it kinda rocked ...but what rocked even more was this lady pulled over on the curb and asked me if i drew children...she wants me to draw a picture of her daughter for her bday invitations...so i got a job already...i duno if she is gonna pay me or not but it was cool...i felt like an artist or somethin..ha. so she is gonna call me bout that i guess...and another cool thing...colin was tellin me that a homeless guy came up to him and told him he would pay him 25 bones to draw him ...but colin doesnt draw portraits..so he asked me if i did...so that would be another cool thing to do. we will see...
so..i upgraded my meal plan from a 10 meal a week to a 15 meal a week. which is good but could be dangerous. but i told myself that i am gonna stop eating so much carbs. so today i ate the same thing for lunch and dinner. i had roast beef...well atleast i think it was...it was some kind of beef that was really good. and then i had potatoes [not mashed but those little red ones] and peas and carrots and thats it. so im doin good so far..but we will see how long this lasts. tonight for dinner i hung out w/ shannon. he already had ate dinner but he said that he would go anyways w/ me to hang out b/c he had extra meals he wanted to get rid of i guess...but he ended up not even using one b/c we went in the cafeteria when someone else was coming out..so we got a freebee dinner ...cha-ching. but it was cool hangin out w/ shannon...he watched me try to eat my roast beef that wasnt cut b/c there were no knifes. ask him how embarrased he was...ha...but he was sweet- instead of sinking down in his chair tryin to hide..he went and got me some napkins..ha. so we chilled there for awhile and talked bout stuff. shannon rocks! he is like one of my best guy friends..im glad that we are at the same skool now b/c we used to only talk on aim and we never had even really talked in person until star day. we had been friends for almost a whole year and only hung out w/ him in person like one time.. but now we hang out all the time and we can go to all the concerts together. [rotton eggnog fo life]

02 September 2002

my whole 3 day weekend is over ALREADY. boo. i was lucky to get a 3 day weekend atleast tho b/c the other colleges my friends go to like william and mary and cnu both had skool today...so haha. but anyways. i had a good weekend in the burg hangin out w/ the farinos as always. last night- me, joy, shannon, and brandy went to see 'my big fat greek wedding' the movie. it was my second time seeing the movie but it was worth seein again and paying $7.25 for b/c it is a halarious movie. if you havent seen it yet then you must. but the main reason i like it is b/c even tho they are greek they definately remind me of an italian family. after the movie we went to go see brandy and marna's apartment. it was really sweet place. i wish marna was there but she wasnt cuz she had a soccer game. but me and brandy got to hang out which was good b/c i havent hung out w/ her in a long time. we watched the video that brandy taped of cnu's celebration service [this all worship meeting at cnu] . i really wanted to see marna sing b/c i didnt get to go. it was last thursday night and it was my dads bday. but i got to watch alot of it and marna sang so good. i give her big ups! and also april, mark, and nate did awesome too. it is awesome to see how the Lord is moving at every college. after we watched that video we watched the video of 'the call' that was awesome watchin that. alot of the footage was of us girls [me, brandy, marna, joy, and shannon] drivin around new york makin fun of everything and then there was like 10 minutes of 'the call' but still awesome. we didnt leave their apartment until 2 in the morning. eesh. and we talkin to marna on the phone in the car on the way home. we picked my car up at starbucks and then i went home to sleeeep until 12 the next day when joy called me and woke me up to go to lunch at crackerbarrel w/ her and michelle. so that was good i hadnt seen michelle in a long time. so we hung out and talked bout her goin to the benny hinn crusade...and how powerful that was. i wish that i could have gone but i guess i wasnt suposed to. butttt after lunch we went back to the farinos house and played ping pong. i started off good...i beat joy, michelle, and vinny, then i played derik and lost then from then on...i dont think i did very good...ha. i love ping pong tho...its the funnest game. PINg.....PONg

01 September 2002

hey kids. im homeee. i got back to the burg on friday night and i went to stop by church to see if i could catch anyone. it was like 945 when i got there so i knew alot of ppl werent gonna be there but i figured some ppl would be. so i went in and alot of my peeps were there. they all ran up and attacked me and were really excited to see me. so i felt special. so i chilled there for about an hour hangin out and talkin. after that i went home to my house, empty room, and my family...yay. my mommy made my bed for me so i dove right in and slept like a baby. i finally got to sleep in w/ no disturbances...i slept till around 11 and then i got up and called kristy. kristy is the girl that does my hair for me..[cuts it, dyes, styles it, whatever] so i called her and i had an apointment at 12 but she had gotten in early so i went ahead in at like 11:15.i originally went in to rebleach my roots that all grew out and we did that..but then there was a change of plans. she told me that if i want to dread my hair then i cant do it when it is bleached b/c its all dead and she was scared it would all fall out. so we dyed it black. it rocks tho. its nice havin it all one color again. now i can wear it down. i like my hair blond and i miss it but my hair rocks black too. sooo..next for my day of events. i went to joys house. we chilled and then we went to ukrops to eat lunch and it was rainin out so we wanted to just sit out in the rain and talk. so we went over to starbucks..i got my caramel frap and we sat outside under the overhang and watched the rain and talked bout stuff. it was cool..that rain rocks. thennn we went to the store and got brownie mix to make brownies and here is the fun part of my day. we didnt have any eggs for the brownies and we didnt feel like drivin back to the store again so i was like thinkin bout how in movies and tv shows ppl just go and ask their next store neighbor for some eggs. so i was like hey why dont we just do that...and joy was like "ha...i dare you"..so i was like "sure whatever...ill do it, it will be fun" so in the rain i ran over to the next door neighbors house. the first of three! the first house didnt have any eggs...the second house no body answered the door even tho i know there was somebody there and the third house i knocked on the door...this little boy ran up to the door-looked at me for a sec and then ran away- so i was thinkin...hmmm should i knock again or should i just wait to see if he gets his rents? his dad finally came to the door and was looking at me weird. i said "i was wonderin if i could have 2 eggs" he said "sure, hold on a sec" he came back with the eggs and didnt smile or anything just handed them over and i said "thanx alot" and he said "yea" and shut the door...so im thinkin..."i did not just do that!..ha..i rock" i walked back to joys house w/ the eggs and she was like "i cant believe you did that" so i felt cool...we made the brownies..i licked the bowl...and then when they were done i ate a brownie. so by this time it was around 9 or so. and joy was like..we shouldve rented a movie and i said...we should go to a movie. so we looked on the comp to see what was playin and we decided to see blue crush. i heard two different things bout the movie...one-it was cheese, two-it was really good. so i figured i would check it out. plus surfing is cool to watch. so me and joy drove to the theater and i was about to pay and the guy was like just go ahead in...so we got to see the movie free which was awesome cuz i didnt feel like spendin seven bones anyways. [reveiw on blue crush] ok it was pretty good. it was definately a girls movie. the surfing scenes were good except the main girl wasnt really surfing..you could tell that her face was digitally placed on someone elses body. other then that...there was a love story kinda sorta and yea in the end she surfed the big wave...the end. whoo hoo BOO. i prolly wouldnt ever see the movie again but it was good enough to see it for free. --aight time for bed...night my many veiwers...sike..you thats reading this right now...yup your prolly the only one...feel special