05 September 2002

back to the blog. this is where i like to come to every night and just talk. im sitting here looking at my favorite painting [monet- levar del sole], listening to john mayer. i finally finished my english paper that was due on wednesday. ok to quote myself for the day "i hate rubber cement". basically my whole art box got glued together today. my rubber cement can somehow mysteriously opened and emptied itself on my 200 dollars worth of art supplies. the good thing was that everything was salvaged. rubber cement has a friend named rubber cement pick-up. when rubber cement dries you can take this square of rubber and pick it up if you dont want it. and obviously i didnt want any of it in my box. so i emptied my box out and let everything dry. thru out my 3 1/2 hour c&p class i erased all the rubber cement off all my stuff. it gave me something to do but it definately took the whole class period. but besides that....that class rocks. today we learned how to transfer magizine pictures onto paper by using latex glass medium. it rocks. the first one i did didnt work but the second one i did came out perfect. and it is cool b/c it is like a transparent picture. and i put it in my "used book" over words. and in my other class [drawing studio] we drew still lifes for 3 hours. its fun to draw big. yea...so yesturday me and kim got bike baskets b/c of the long hall to north lumbardy. they are "quick release" baskets..which is good b/c we can just take them off and use as a basket and put them on whenever...but they are bad b/c we have to take them off b/c of the quick release...if it is so easy for me to quick release it ..it is just as easy for someone else to quick release it. so this morning goin to class we put our art bins in our baskets [yes that was the reason we got them] and we used kims strap portfolio to cary out paper, drawing board, etc. that was fun and we looked like cool artists on bikes.
punchline came out today too. that paper rocks [if you dont know..it is like a local made richmond paper i think made by college students and the best part...it is free] i think i am gonna collect them all. so far i have all of the ones that have come out since i moved in. they come out every thursday. they include random things that are fun to look at.
another interesting thing at vcu today was there was a pair of shoes...tied together at the laces thrown over a telephone line outside ...it was cool b/c it looked like shoes were floating right in the middle of the intersection.. all i could think was...'i wonder how long they stood there tryin to get them to stay there? and why?'
for dinner tonight i chilled w/ megan, her friend jamie, matt, and shannon. megan did her monologue for me which was very "motherly" [...ha] then she had to leave so me, matt and shannon hung out in the cafeteria way after everyone left. it seems like we do that alot...we are eating and talking and then i look around and there is nobody in there except us and they had cleaned every table except ours...when the evil eye of a cafeteria person comes we know to leave..

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