26 February 2009

the best compilation ive ever heard. and for a good cause.

Andrew Bird, Antony, Arcade Fire, Beach House, Beirut, Blonde Redhead, Bon Iver, The Books, Buck 65, David Byrne, Cat Power & Dirty Delta Blues, The Decemberists, Aaron Dessner, Bryce Dessner, Devastations, Dirty Projectors, Kevin Drew, Feist, Ben Gibbard, Grizzly Bear, Iron & Wine, Jose Gonzalez, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, Kronos Quartet, Stuart Murdoch, My Brightest Diamond, My Morning Jacket, The National, The New Pornographers, Conor Oberst, Riceboy Sleeps, Serengeti, Dave Sitek, Spoon, Sufjan Stevens, Gillian Welch, Yeasayer, Yo La Tengo

25 February 2009

new songs for 2009 ears

The Duke Spirit- Neptune

Chairlift- Does You Inspire You

Beirut- March of the Zapotec/Realpeople Holland

Sigur Ros- Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust

Little Joy- Little Joy

Bat for Lashes- Two Suns

Fever Ray- Fever Ray

Damien Jurado- Caught in the Trees

Department of Eagles- In Ear Park

17 February 2009

No More Bottled Water

Many people believe that bottled water is safer than tap water. The fact is that this is simply not the truth. If you are still using bottled water, please read this. It’s a great list of “12 solid reasons to kick the bottled water habit;” put together by the GoodHuman.com. (Thanks GoodHuman.com!)

• American tap water is among the safest in the world.

• As much as 40% of the bottled water sold in the U.S. is just [2] filtered tap water anyway. Be sure to check the label and look for “from a municipal source” or “community water system”, which just means it is tap water.

• By drinking tap water, you can avoid the fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, disinfectants, and other chemicals that [3] studies have found in bottled water.

• Tap water costs about $0.002 per gallon compared to the $0.89 to $8.26 per gallon charge for bottled water. If the water we use at home cost what even cheap bottled water costs, [4] our monthly water bills would run $9,000.

• 88% of empty plastic water bottles in the United States are not recycled. The Container Recycling Institute says that plastic water bottles are disposed of (not recycled) at the rate of 30 million a day.

• Plastic bottles can leach chemicals into the water if left in the sun, heated up, or reused several times.

• Production of the plastic (PET or polyethylene) bottles to meet our demand for bottled water takes the equivalent of about 17.6 million barrels of oil (not including transportation costs). That equals the amount of oil required to fuel more than one million vehicles in the U.S. each year. Around the world, bottling water uses about 2.7 million tons of plastic…each year.

• Bottled water companies mislead communities into [5] giving away their public water in exchange for dangerous jobs.

[5] • It can take nearly 7 times the amount of water in the bottle to actually make the bottle itself.

• On a weekly basis, [6] 37,800 18-wheelers are driving around the country delivering water.

• The EPA sets much more stringent quality standards for tap water than the FDA does for the bottled stuff.

• One out of 6 people in the world does not have safe drinking water, and about 3,000 children a day die from diseases caught from bad water…that we know of. This while Americans spend about $16 billion a year on bottled water

- Got2BeGreen - http://www.got2begreen.com -

06 February 2009


my early valentines day present!

05 February 2009

i woke up smiling

she keeps me young. she makes me excited about each day and what possibilities it could bring. just by asking the question, 'what did you do today?' makes me want to spend my hours adventuring enough to tell her stories. 7 months have gone by and every day is better. everyday i love her more and she loves me more. every day i am more comfortable with her. she makes me feel safe. she makes me laugh, she knows how to love me, how to make me feel special. she makes me want to be brave and be a better person. im so thankful, so lucky. im in love with my bestfriend. to me she is perfect. im in love with stephanie and our little family (Lady is the daughter i have always wished for).