30 July 2006

Don't let your mind get weary and confused
Your will be still, don't try
Don't let your heart get heavy child
Inside you there's a strength that lies

Don't let your soul get lonely child
It's only time, it will go by
Don't look for love in faces, places
It's in you, that's where you'll find kindness

Be here now, here now
Be here now, here now

Don't lose your faith in me
And I will try not to lose faith in you
Don't put your trust in walls
'Cause walls will only crush you when they fall

Be here now, here now
Be here now, here now

-ray lamontagne

01 July 2006

best of: mix ohfive

Clap Your Hands! -Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
wig 12 -odd nosdam
Waterfalls -Why?
boogie woogie man in a black dress -Gabby la la
luminious luminesence -Anathallo
hey now now -Cloud room
I Turn My Camera On -Spoon
galang -M.I.A. (XL)
fit but you know it -The Streets
The Zookeeper's Boy -Mew
Everyone's A V.I.P. To Someone -The Go! Team
Carbon Monoxide -Regina Spektor
Chinese Children -Devendra Banhart
The Moment I Said It -Imogen Heap
The Mariner's Revenge Song -The Decemberists
John Wayne Gacy, Jr. -Sufjan Stevens

alibi -David Gray
calender girl -Stars
fake palindromes -andrew bird
Fisherman's Woman -Emiliana torrini
Grass -Animal Collective
How You See the World No. 2 -Coldplay
It's 5! -Architecture In Helsinki
Little Flowers -Denison Witmer
major label debut -Broken Social Scene
missing -Beck
mushaboom -Feist
My Style -Black Eyed Peas
noah's ark -cocorosie
saeglopur -Sigur Rós
since youve been gone/maps -Ted Leo