26 December 2002

hi. my name is lonely.
written by me

in the midst of pain
a porkupine longs to be loved.
she longs to be hugged.
but to hug a porkupine only causes pain.
she cant recieve,
and she cant give.
thoughts of pulling out her quills
is what runs through her mind.
the porkupine seeks physical pain
to cure emotional pain,
because her quils only cause unintentional pain
either pain to others
or pain to herself.
"rip out my quils!
i just want a hug!
there is nothing i can do
because i was born this way.
to inflict pain
is the last thing i want to do.
why was i born this way
with these cursed quills?
what is my purpose?
i only feel worthless.
hi. my name is lonely"

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