27 October 2002

this weekend was so awesome. well after english was over. first off...me and abi went over to our house to try and see the inside but nobody was there so that didnt work out. but we will see it eventually. so right after that i left for 2 hour drive to jmu. and it was worth it. when i got there i met up w/ aaron on campus. we went to wendy's to eat and just talk bout things. then we went over to salvation army for a little thriftin. i found this rockin sweater that is like cream colored and brown sleaves and color. youd have to see it. i have it on right now :). well anyways...after that we went over to jessie, lissa, sarah, and pattys place. i had never been to jmu or their place before so it was all new area for me. but it was so great to see them. i love hangin out w/ these girls. i met them all thru my friend michelle and im not really close to them at all but i loved gettin to know them better. i know jessie pretty well from talkin to her on the net alot. the rest not really. but man it was so fun up there. friday night was game night for chi alpha at their apartment. it was really fun playin games and laughin a lot. i got to meet alot of other ppl who go there that are christian.so we stayed up till around 130 or 2 talkin and stuff. we saw this funny video of these guys doin all this random stuff infront of a tourgroup of highskool kids at jmu. ha. youd have to see it. i spent the night at their apartment too. so saturday was a chill day. i woke up aroun 10 or so and ate some brownies and a sticky bun. then i watched this jessie duplantis video. this guy was awesome. after that i fell back asleep till like 130. i talked to jessie for awhile and erin from gov skool came over. well i actually saw her friday night for a few minutes also. but it was great seein her cuz i havent seen her for like a year and months since gov skool. i got to meet her boy too which was cool cuz she talks bout him so much. so we all hung out at the apartment and listened to lauryn hill and played this game called 'mad gab' it is a game where there are words that you say...well i definately cant try and explain it but i just laugh so hard playin that cuz it either sounds like you are drunk or have a heavy accent. after that erin left and me and lissa went food shoppin for dinner. lissa is a really cool person. her personality is just chill and i duno if anyone knows jennie patterson...she kinda reminds me of her for some reason. so that was fun. then we came back to apartment and chilled till we had some yummy turkey chili. that rocked my face. after dinner i went over to the 'lighthouse' where a bunch of other girls live and where michelle will live when she gets back from costa rica. but i really wanted to see it cuz she talked about it so much and i wanted to see trang too. the house really is a dream house. i stayed there for a few..trang gave me a tour and then i went back to the apartment...talked for awhile and left for another 2 hour drive. i just was prayin and worshippin the whole way. it was a good time w/ the Lord. [prayer request: my moms half sisters' son got in a car accident and is in a comma and will probly die. we are believing for a miricle and for the Lord's power to be shown in this situation. what satan does for bad, the Lord turns around to use for good. thanx you Jesus ahead of time for how you are gonna use this situation. so just be prayin for him, his name is ian] . today is sunday and chip bueler, the speaker from our college retreat, is down and he preached this morning. it was called '20-20 vision' and how we need to start seein from God's perspective. "eyes that look are common, but eyes that see are rare" and now my parents and sister are comin to town to see me :) yayyyy im excited. i havent been home in awhile. i love when they come and visit. i love when anyone comes to visit [hint hint] :wink: peace

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