30 November 2003

b/c of thanxgiving break i couldnt pass out flyers so here is my flyer. tomorrow i am gonna be singing!! at a showcase. here is all the info. i am not gonna be the only one singing..there is also gonna be alot of poetry, songs that ppl wrote, dance and art displayed. please come i would love it.
here is the info:

tomorrow night [dec 1st]
the commons underground
starting at 7:30 pm

'inside the velvet ropes'
a christian group showcases this...talent.

FREE admission

19 November 2003

107 FM
by Lauren D'Auria

Jesus tune me to your station
so that i may hear your voice.
even if i am talking
please feel free to interupt
my ongoing babbling and clanging symbols
that i might add.
my rags of filthiness-
yearning to be depleted
by your full incarnation,
for the mystery to no longer be
but to be revealed through me.

09 November 2003

blerbs written by me. complete: i duno.

in reverence i come
i curtsy with a feeling of profound awe
of only you.
let me drink from the river
of your pleasure,
from the river of desire,
that i may serve you acceptably.
i will worship you with fear.
i long to be pleasing to you
and that only comes by faith;
may you longer be defamed
by my lack there of.
what does a mustard seed look like?
so i can find one and name it after you.
your grace is not an excuse
for my sin nature to thrive,
but is an empowerment:
the essence of power
behind a life of obediance,
the ability to follow through.
we are receiving a kingdom
that cannot be shaken
for my God is a consuming fire.
my heart can not beat fast enough for you.

put your hand over my neck.
filter the thoughts that come into my mind
so that all that goes through is only what you allow.
cover my mouth except for words you recall,
that are solely in your vocabulary.
i might mess up but let words that are heard
be only the ones you approve.
bleep out the rest that remain.
Lord i dont want to waste my time.
when ppl ask me questions i want to know the response
i want you to trust me enough with your words and your wisdom.
dont let me sit in truth and not reciprocate.
dont let me be so jealous of your love
that i dont share with those around