22 April 2009

i just got my bike upgraded. from 10 speed to coaster breaks. i love it. it is so much more simple and a lot lighter now. beautiful.



20 April 2009

last night i went to see Damien Jurado play, one of my favorite singer songwriters, or as he would say 'storytellers'- and to my surprise- Laura Gibson was opening up for him. We weren't even planning on getting there in time for the opening band, but so glad we did bc her voice was quite intriguing and the two guys that played w her were pretty amazing. they had the most perfect collection of instruments to back her up. including a saw and a melodica. this cd is definitely worth getting. and if they come through your town you should definitely go.

17 April 2009

(Paper Route)
Mariee Sioux- Faces in the Rocks

Soup & Skin- Lovetune for Vacuum

A Hawk And A Hacksaw- Delivrance

13 April 2009

'the missing photo'

funny how god works.
he always has little ways of showing me that he is thinking about me.

the other day i got a random message on facebook. they were writing me, from England, to say that they had bought a second-hand book on amazon.com and it was sent to them from the USA. the book is entitled 'Come to Papa' by Gary Wiens. They told me that my name was written in the flyleaf and there was also a photograph in the book of 'you with a good looking mum and your sister'.

this is a book that i sold at a yard sale a few years ago before my parents were trying to sell our house. so it somehow made its way from Williamsburg, Virgina to Denbigh, North wales, through who knows how many different readers, and the picture remained inside.

makes me think- if the readers took the picture as a sign that they were supposed to pray for my mom, my sister and i; if they just used it as a bookmark; if anyone else thought to contact me; and why they sold it again with the picture enclosed.

and how strange is it that in the book 'the shack', that i mentioned in the post below, that through out the entire book God is referred to as "Papa". and out of all of the books i sold at that yard sale, out of all of the books that picture could have been in, it ended up in a book entitled, 'Come to Papa.' God is always calling me to Himself. calling us all to Himself. to know Him.

its a small world.
i love how things work. things like this really make me smile.

03 April 2009

i just finished reading this book. my mom gave it to me, recommended by my aunt. she said that it was something i would really like. she was right. it was definitely something i needed to read. it was a story about God. but not what you think. it was different. it was one of the most nonreligious books I've ever read. it was about breaking ritual, about breaking the stereotypical views of who God is and how he feels about us. even the thought that God is an old man in the sky w a white beard. i learned that God is a God of verbs not nouns. that the word responsibility is never used in the bible. God loves us for who we are and will never make us love him or do anything for him except by our own free will. bc that's what a relationship is, that's what makes a friendship/a love relationship special- is bc its not forced. Christianity isn't about going to church or about 'doing what God wants us to do' its about Life and its about fullness of life in Him. He doesn't want us to set aside time for Him, he wants us to be 'in' Him. always.

read it.
this book brings clarity to those who already know him, about how he relates to humanity, and engage those who don't realize his presence.
The Bird and the Bee- Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future